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And the title of this post is ‘bloody proud’

I’ve stood on a rugby pitch sideline for many many years now. I’ve braved biting cold, hellish winds and sleet which takes the top layer of your face off to watch my boy play. I’ve moaned and cheered and jigged more »

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How to be a rugby mum

I’ve stood on cold rugby touchlines for more than five years. I’ve done my time. I  have experience in the field, so to speak. I have groaned at the thought of hauling myself out of bed early on a Sunday more »

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The Photo Gallery 209: Being a parent

When you move into the pre-teen years, being a parent changes. Really quite radically. You can’t get away with ‘because I said so’ ever because they want to know exactly why you say so and if it’s unreasonable they will more »

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