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Go Ape with teenagers

Your children get to a certain age and they pretty much don’t want to do anything with you. Because it’s: Lame. Or boring. Not with their mates. Or ‘are you joking?’ After years and years of days out together I’m … Continue reading

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How to tame a teenager

When your kids become teenagers you despair a little. Did I say a little? You despair a lot. Here are a list of the things you will say on a regular basis: Please get off your phone. No phones at … Continue reading

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Lenco USB Direct Recording Turntable review. Or, that’s Christmas sorted then

As a child of the eighties, my musical background lies in vinyl. And that vinyl now sits in a cupboard, gathering dust and quietly whispering to me to stop ignoring it and pandering to the ‘modern’ outrage that is downloads. … Continue reading

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