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The truth about being a mother

The truth is . . .  the truth is . . .  well, the truth is it sucks being a mother much of the time. You spend a lot of time bemoaning the drudge, the hardships, the lack of SLEEP. more »

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6 reasons why every family should have a dog

All you need is love.  And a dog. Just over four years ago this gorgeous creature came into our lives. He nudged his wet nose into our laps and that was it, he well and truly in our hearts too. We more »

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Lenco USB Direct Recording Turntable review. Or, that’s Christmas sorted then

As a child of the eighties, my musical background lies in vinyl. And that vinyl now sits in a cupboard, gathering dust and quietly whispering to me to stop ignoring it and pandering to the ‘modern’ outrage that is downloads. more »

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