9 harsh truths about being the mother of a teenage boy

They seem to go from your cute baby to a lanky thing that’s all limbs and taller than you in a matter of weeks.
It creeps up on you. Blink and you’ll miss it. Before you know it you have a darn teenager on your hands with a deep voice and hairy legs.

Seriously, the summer holidays? Prime growing season.
They come out of their bedroom one morning and you’re suddenly shoulder height and having to look up at them.
It’s quite a shock.
So what do you need to know when you become the mother of a teenage boy?

  1. The smell
    If it’s not teenage boy sweaty smell, its a fog of Lynx you have to fight through just to get in his room.
    You either have one that never washes or one that is in the shower ALL THE TIME. I have the latter and spend all my time moaning about wet towels being left on the floor, so don’t go assuming I’ve got the winning end of the stick here.
  2. The clothes washing
    They put everything in the wash basket even when it’s been worn for 30 seconds. “I sweated lots in it” Really? Did you run a race against Usain Bolt because if you haven’t there’s no way you’ve sweated enough to warrant it going in the wash again. I’ve pulled a freshly balled up pair of socks out of the wash before now because it seems to be easier to dump them in the wash basket than back in the drawer.
  3. Social media
    Listen, I get it. It’s my job, I LOVE social media. However it’s 24-7 it never stops, they never switch off. He struggles to watch the TV exclusively without checking in on what’s happening on line. When you ask them to put. the. damn. phone. down you’re greeted with “one sec”.
    It’s never one sec.
  4. Family time
    We just don’t spend as much time together as I’d like. Granted I want us to do EVERYTHING together and granted I want him to be independent and spread his wings and go out with his own friends too…
    But still, a family walk wouldn’t hurt. WITHOUT the phone.
  5. Food
    There is literally never ever enough food in the house. Ever.
    I cannot believe how much money I spend on fresh food only to have the ‘there’s no food in the house’ whine.
    I swear he inhales food it goes so fast. WHERE does it all go, he’s skinny as anything.
  6. Holding hands is now social suicide
  7. Crap
    You thought plastic toy crap was expensive? Pft, this has gone up another level. I’ve just had to spend £45 on a T-shirt. A T-SHIRT.
  8. Attitude
    I love that he’s feisty and questioning and willing to stand up for himself. BUT if he could just not do that to me that would be great!
  9. Growing Up
    One day they will have to learn how to shave and right there you can see your baby boy slipping away from you! Prepare for it now or it will hit you hard.
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13 Responses to 9 harsh truths about being the mother of a teenage boy

  1. Louise says:

    I have 3. I’m going to be bankrupt with the shopping bills. The “can I have a snack” straight after dinner is already happening.

  2. Kara Guppy says:

    This made me chuckle and is oh so true. My older boys are now 20 and 17 and both tower over me. The washing basket thing isn’t exclusive to boys……..my daughter is brilliant at putting freshly laundered, ironed and folded clothes back in the washing basket as she cannot be bothered to put them away :/

  3. I have two of them and agree with every word of this. So glad to read that it’s not just mine!
    I do think teenage boys are ace though. They may not be the most sociable creatures (with their families), but they’re funny and I wouldn’t have them any other way.
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…What not to get a boy for his 14th birthdayMy Profile

  4. Helen Wills says:

    Oh the shaving thing – I think I will cry all week when that starts.
    And I’m with you on the washing. I swear my daughter just takes her clean clothes pile up to her room and dumps it straight in the linen basket!

  5. Susan Mann says:

    Oh I am not looking forward to this at all. My oldest is going to be 11 this year, so I am not that far away. I’m already stressing about him going to high school. These are great tips and ones that I will remember to look at every so often. Hugs lovely x

  6. Marylin says:

    We’re fast approaching this stage… Zack is 12 and I chase him into the shower every day when he comes home, LOL! He’s not yet at the stage of being embarrassed to say “love you” to me in public yet though… yet. I’m enjoying it while it lasts!

  7. Deborah says:

    It’s funny how we all secretly assume it won’t happen to us – well, it won’t happen to me as I’ve got two girls as you know… but when I started my blog nine years ago, I somehow assumed my girls would be small forever. I still think that, btw… Lil’ L will be nine soon and the Pea is five already. How did that happen???

  8. Flyingkids says:

    Great article! Every parent whose kids are approaching the teenage years should read this.

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