How to tame a teenager

When your kids become teenagers you despair a little.
Did I say a little? You despair a lot. Here are a list of the things you will say on a regular basis:
Please get off your phone.
No phones at the dinner table.
You can’t watch the movie and message your friends at the same time.
Life doesn’t revolve around that damn phone.
Get. Off. Your. Damn. Phone. Etc etc etc.

Here are the responses you’re likely to get back:
One sec.
I’m just checking out what homework I’ve got.
Really, just one sec.
I’m hardly ever on it.
I’m not on my phone (said phone is under the hoody next to him on the sofa and he’s surreptitiously checking it out every now and again and I can totally tell as the screen lights up his face. Dope).
One more sec.
I’m reading
(Snapchat totally doesn’t count).

So if ever they get the chance to go away on a school camp you grab at that opportunity by the scruff of the neck and with both hands and don’t let go.
Because that means either there will be no phone signal or phones aren’t allowed.
WOO HOO. Nirvana!

So Dan went on a three-day camp and didn’t use his phone once.
I’d even given him permission to get it out to take some photos for me, but it didn’t leave his perfectly packed rucksack (it wasn’t perfectly packed by any stretch of the imagination).

But I wanted to take some photos to show how much he’s grown as I haven’t featured him much on here at all lately. And he’s so different!
And also we were sent this awesome pair of Salomon walking boots from Millet Sports for him to wear during the camp and it was a great excuse for a bit of a photo session!

Here’s the problem with teenagers, well, my teenager anyway. Everything has to be pre-approved. Vetted. It has to be ‘cool’ or he’s not going to touch it with a barge pole let alone actually wear it.
He will say the words “you don’t expect me to wear that do you?”. Emphasis on the THAT and with the sort of distain you’d expect if you produced something from the 1800s with a ruff.
I wasn’t holding out much hope for the boots. They also needed to be light, versatile and withstand never been looked after ever again. Because, you know, teenagers!

However, he poured over the website and picked this pair of Salomon X Ultra Mid 2 GTX and he absolutely loved them. They’re lightweight, waterproof and pretty much teen proof. Toe bumpers because they never pick their feet up and I’m told they look pretty cool too. So there you go, high praise indeed!

So he made it through camp and now we’re hurtling towards Bronze Duke of Edinburgh. Let’s just hope his feet don’t grow too much or I’m hoping Mia likes them just as much as Dan does! #handmedowns


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  1. Susan Mann says:

    Well done him. I can’t believe how grown up he’s getting. Sounds like a wonderful experience x

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