Inside the Atlantis the Palm, Dubai

The first thing I always want to know when going to any hotel is, what is it like inside? I mean, what’s it REALLY like? Not the same old corporate images you see trotted out in every brochure, I want to see the ‘real’ inside. The one holidaymakers see. I want to see if the brochure images match up in any way to visitors’ images.
So this is me showing you the visitor view of Atlantis the Palm, Dubai!

It’s a pretty amazing hotel.
Sat right at the top of the iconic Palm Jumeirah Island, it has views over the Arabian Gulf and, I mean look at it! It looks pretty amazing!
We travelled to the hotel as a family with older kids. You know, the sort of kids who need to be entertained constantly if you want them to put their phone down and a kids club just isn’t going to cut it any more.

One of the reasons we chose Atlantis is because it has it’s own water park literally next door, which was a huge tick in the box for us. But it also has a beach, pools, activities to join in with and flexible dining.
AND it’s in a place in the world we’d never travelled to before.

Atlantis the Palm Dubai: The interior

So what can you expect when you visit the Atlantis?
The interior is lavish to say the least. A stunning blue and green glass sculpture by artist Chihuly dominates the lobby area, as it climbs from floor to ceiling in a mass of writhing, beautiful glass.
The rest of the hotel is beautifully decorated in an underwater ‘Atlantis’ theme, and at one end it houses a magnificent aquarium which dominates the whole of the wall – a giant water feature which marks the start of the Lost Chambers Aquarium, another free feature here at the hotel.
They really don’t do anything by halves here.

The rooms

Considering how lavish the hotel is, the rooms are surprisingly basic. They’re perfectly OK and comfortable, I’d just say they’re nothing special.
We stayed in the Imperial Club room with a window overlooking the front of the hotel and the sea beyond.

The pools

There are two pools – a sit round and chill out pool (Royal Pool) and an active, get up and join in pool (Zero Entry Pool). Obviously the kids loved the active pool and spent hours at the basket ball hoop, underwater with the GoPro, throwing a ball to each other (seriously, if I’d said ‘entertain yourselves by throwing a ball to to each other . . . ‘)

The best thing for me? There was always a great lounger to be had and plenty of shade. Which was vital when we were there as it was so hot (elbowing 50 degrees celsius) there was no going on the beach unless you wanted the soles of your feet resurfacing.

The water park

We visited the water park pretty much every day. A couple of hours here and there and everyone was happy. It is literally a 5 minute walk away. You can access it via the hotel or by walking along the beach front. And it’s FREE to anyone at the hotel.

The location

While it does look out on to the Arabian Gulf, there is an awful lot of building going on around the hotel so it does hamper the view somewhere.
This image below, however, was the lovely view from the beach front in one area – you can see the famous Burj Al Arab there in the distance.

However turn 90 degrees and the view changes to cranes and building sites, with that lovely cityscape in the background.
By the way, that mist is the heat, as while we were there it was touching 49 degrees Celsius!

So what else do you need to know?
We actually had a fabulous time here. If you’re looking for small and personal, this isn’t the hotel for you. It’s big and flashy and extravagant and aims to WOW.
It’s hellishly expensive BUT there are ways around that (more of that to follow). However it has to be said, it kept us happy for 10 nights and the kids didn’t moan once – and that’s some going for a teenager and a pre-teen!

Have you been? Let me know what you thought.

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4 Responses to Inside the Atlantis the Palm, Dubai

  1. Clare says:

    Hi there,
    Loved reading about your stay at The Atlantis, we are going shortly with our 2 children and would love to read about any tips you might have on how not to spend a small fortune when we are there lol!

    Many thanks,


    • Tara says:

      You will have such an amazing time Clare. It really is a perfect place for families and the water park is fabulous. I have got lots of tips to share so will try and write it up as soon as possible so you can use them when you’re out there!
      Tara recently posted…Inside the Atlantis the Palm, DubaiMy Profile

  2. Patricia says:

    Another Atlantis feature worth mentioning is the Dolphin Bay ( At Dolphin Bay you can choose from a range of dolphin experiences suitable for all ages and swimming abilities. Children, in particular, love the experience of touching, hugging and playing with these wonderful creatures.

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