6 reasons why every family should have a dog


All you need is love. 
And a dog.

Just over four years ago this gorgeous creature came into our lives.
He nudged his wet nose into our laps and that was it, he well and truly in our hearts too.

We agonised over whether to bring a dog into our busy lives. Were the kids old enough? Would Mia literally love it to death? Would I get fed up of having another ‘child’ to look after? Would I resent having to look after it once the honeymoon period was over and no one wanted to walk the damn thing?

But he came and he changed our lives.
Now I’m a big big believer that kids growing up with a dog in the house can be happier, healthier and less stressed.
Why? Because they have a best friend at all times who listens to their every problem (even the boring ones), who will encourage them to be outdoors and who will just sit with them for hours on end when everyone else has given up and gone to watch paint dry.


Our dog is awesome.
Here’s why (and no he’s not supposed to be on that bloody sofa!):

  1. I can talk to him like a baby now my kids don’t allow it any more. Even the husband does it and he didn’t even do it with the kids!
  2. When I walk in the door from a shitty day at work he is utterly delighted to see me and I feel like the most important person the world. When I walk in the door after emptying the bins he is utterly delighted to see me. What can I tell you, he has no sense of time; I didn’t say he was clever!
  3. He saves me the effort of getting the vacuum cleaner out when I’ve had a little accident in the kitchen. He also eats the ends I cut off the red pepper, carrots and broccoli. It feels like our little secret.
  4. He’s complicit when I’m eating a sneaky bar of chocolate in the pantry. Doesn’t tell a soul.
  5. We share beautiful things. Sunrises, nature at her finest, frozen canals, the early bird, the changing seasons. Now my kids won’t allow me to photograph them so much I take a million photographs of said moments. He never ever complains.
  6. He taught us how to love life. He sits in the back of the car with the window down with a look of pure joy on his face as his chops flap in the wind. He runs with gay abandon. He is beyond excited when you put your shoes on. You say his name and joy lights up his face.

IMG_4051 IMG_4359

IMG_1612I’m sharing my love of our gorgeous boy over on the Monster Pet Supplies website as their guest blogger this month.

Take a look and then tell me your doggie story!

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5 Responses to 6 reasons why every family should have a dog

  1. Iota says:

    I think you know I have had my struggles with our manic cocker spaniel. But 4.5 years down the road, I can echo what you say.

    Yes, I still resent the way I have to organise my day round exercising him, feeding him, etc. Yes, I resent the expense for boarding when we go on holiday, and that his haircut costs more than mine. Yes, I cringe with embarrassment when he jumps up on strangers, and I’ve had to learn to smile sweetly when other dog owners give me advice about how I could train him out of bad habits (like those parents who give you tips when your toddler is screaming in the supermarket trolley, because, oh-my-goodness, you’d never have thought of the fact that he might be tired). BUT… I truly believe that our lives would be the poorer without him. I love the little secrets he and I have (carrot ends off the chopping board that I pretend I’ve dropped by mistake because it’s a rule not to feed him outside his dinner times – I recognised that one!) I love how he can play “hunt the treat” and learns the places I put the treats… till I change them -haha! I love his smell (even though it is totally vile). I love the sheer unadulterated joy that he experiences on a walk, and, like you, I feel it teaches me to live in the moment and enjoy life to the full. And I know that he makes all the difference to my children (especially one of them) when they’ve had a bad day and need a friend. If you’re going to be obsessed with something in your teen years, a dog is not a bad object.

    I was SO ridiculously proud when his dog walker told me that he’s got a bit of a fan club among other dog walkers, who stop him and chat to him. They think he is talking to them when he barks in response to their questions – though I know that he’s really just annoyed to be stopping the walk, and the bark is a bark of impatience. But how cool to be the owner of the dog with the big personality and the ability to converse! I kind of feel like he’s won the class prize or something.

  2. Iota says:

    Sorry, very long comment!
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  3. And having a running companion when no one else is around is pretty awesome, too 🙂

  4. Arthur says:

    I have been taking care for a little Chihuahua for some months now. She is not my dog but it feels more and more like she is mine and we grow fond of each other more and more. At the beginning, she welcomed me with a fearful high tune barking every time I entered home. Now she loves snuggling with me. Because of the mutual trust, it is almost futile using a leash when I take her for a walk.
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