Lenco USB Direct Recording Turntable review. Or, that’s Christmas sorted then


As a child of the eighties, my musical background lies in vinyl.
And that vinyl now sits in a cupboard, gathering dust and quietly whispering to me to stop ignoring it and pandering to the ‘modern’ outrage that is downloads.

Now I have a teenager of my own, the majority of the music I listen to is his music. It comes via a radio station I feel way too old to listen to or understand and various downloads sites I daren’t ask about.

But my heart lies in vinyl. Those days of saving up my pocket money to go into town, to the big HMV and buy the latest chart single. 12 inch if I’d saved up enough.
My first album was Human League’s Dare and I felt SO COOL coming home with that in my plastic bag.

I have my old record player still, which I treated with kid gloves and gave The Look to anyone who dared mistreat the needle. But it too is now gathering dust because, to be honest, it’s such a faff to set up with the whole pre-amplifier thing.

Then I had an email asking if I’d like to try this Lenco USB turntable. Would I like to bring my vinyl back to life, they were asking? Hell YES I would.
And here is said record player straight out of the box.


It literally requires you to plug it into any speakers (we’ve plugged ours into the TV surround speakers so it’s right there front and centre in the living room, ready for a Christmas par-tay).

It looks the absolute business, has all the features of my ‘old’ record player – eject button, 33/45 RPM button, lever to lift the arm, auto return, centre replacement disc for vinyl without a centre to fit. I absolutely love it.



Since receiving it, I’ve embarrassed the kids by playing Duran Duran full blast and dancing a la Baptist Church Disco circa 1985.
I’ve done the ‘oh my lordy, do you remember THIS one?’ as I rifle through my alphabetically-ordered collection, to anyone who will listen. Finally, finally my vinyl collection is getting a new lease of life.


The technical bit

The Lenco L-85 comes in a choice of 6 colours and costs £119.99.
Direct MP3 encoding means you can record your vinyl collection to a digital format via the USB and the built-in pre-amplifier means you simply connect to any speakers, plug in and go.
Many, many thanks to Lenco for sending me this; it’s an absolutely perfect early Christmas present.

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4 Responses to Lenco USB Direct Recording Turntable review. Or, that’s Christmas sorted then

  1. John Adams says:

    Alas, I only have a small part of my vinyl left, but what I do have is pretty good and no turntable. Being able to burn your tunes on to USB is such a good idea. What a great concept and seems well priced too.

  2. Tara Cain says:

    My vinyl collection is quite large and the husband CURSES every time we more or have to move them from one part of the house to another. He’s loving it now though! Have to say it’s a great bit of kit; hadn’t realised vinyl had become a ‘thing’ again
    Tara Cain recently posted…Lenco USB Direct Recording Turntable review. Or, that’s Christmas sorted thenMy Profile

  3. Which reminds me of my younger years, that kind of instrument before tapes and CD’s. Feels old.Uh-huh.
    Albert Nesmith recently posted…firstinhermind.com – Shelley’s Instant Attraction Generator PackageMy Profile

  4. Steve says:

    This reminds of the old classics days. I will surely buy this and add it to my record collection.

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