On celebrating the ordinary


I was having a conversation with a friend at work recently, who has a two-year-old son.
We were talking about making memories with your children and how when they’re little you fill their spare time with extraordinary things; visiting wondrous places, experiencing fabulous things, inspiring them, hopefully making them go ‘wow’ every once in a while.

Much like my friend, our memories consisted of family walks to beautiful places. We encouraged them to climb trees, to go on nature treasure hunts, to experience the wonders of Mother Nature for themselves.
But, I told my friend, BUT here’s the thing, they don’t remember. They really don’t!
My son is elbowing 14 and often I’ll reminisce about things we’ve done and he’ll say I really don’t remember that! How bloody sad!
And there was me thinking I was creating a magical childhood!

Well, as it turns out, rather thankfully, I’m wrong.
For while they don’t remember specifics, our family traditions are well and truly ingrained.
They have a great love of the outdoors, they love adventure and they are inquisitive and active.
And best of all, they have adopted our most favourite post-day out habits of curling up on the sofa together and watching TV.

The sofa is the heart of our home.

Everyone has ‘their’ seat – which we all squabble over – their favourite cushions and a cosy blanket or two.
I absolutely LOVE this habit we have.

dfs-sofa-sophia And now winter is on our doorstep we intend to do it even more. Movies, boxsets of Modern Family or The Flash and a hot chocolate or two.
So when an email arrived in my inbox asking if we’d like to try out a DFS sofa for winter snuggling I snapped their hand right off! It’s a campaign with us written all over it!

We’re in the process of remodelling our home to make an open-plan kitchen, dining, living space and have been casually browsing new furniture to fill the space, so this was perfect timing.
We visited our local DFS store, which turns out is just 15 minutes up the road, and argued for a good half an hour about which sofa would suit.
Sometimes you can have too much choice! I wanted the French Connection stylish number in petrol blue that was utterly gorgeous but wouldn’t go with anything we currently own so we’d have to buy everything else new to go with it.
I was totally up for that *ahem*.
Then we went home and remeasured (which wasn’t easy because we’re measuring off architect plans and imagining how it ‘might’ look when the work is all finished).

dfs-sofa-cosy dfs-sofa-collage dfs-sofa-review So here’s the one we opted for – it’s a House Beautiful Sophia in Stone. We’ve always opted for leather sofas in the past (feral kids, a dog, mucky pint-spilling husband) so we were delighted to have a cuddly fabric sofa this time.
The day before it was due to be delivered I also spotted this dog cushion at Marks & Spencer and fell in love; it’s a perfect fit for the sofa AND it looks just like my lovely boy (although if he ever tries to sit on said sofa he will no longer be my lovely boy!)

dfs-sofa-for-families It’s even more fabulous than I imagined and perfect for this family.
Now I just need to decide which is ‘my’ seat and stake my claim . . .

Note: As we’re not entirely ready for our new sofa because the house renovation hasn’t started, we’ve had to move our current sofa into the conservatory for safe keeping #dontjudgeme


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11 Responses to On celebrating the ordinary

  1. It’s so true. When I think about my childhood I remember the house, the rooms and watching tv together. Playing in the garden, shopping with my mum, and other ordinary things. I know we drove across Europe and camped by Swiss and Italian lakes but I have to dig deeper for those memories.

  2. Love the sofa and especially love the dog cushion. We also have blankets in our lounge which my two fight over, even though there is enough for everyone.

  3. Sofa is faaaaaabulous! We completely love ours too. OH has moaned that it’s a bit smaller than our previous leather corner sofa, so now I’m just going to HAVE to buy the matching footstool. *fake sigh* #HeLeftMeNoChoiceButToShop

  4. Becky says:

    Oh thats really nice. When I was a kid our sofa was orange velvet with a tropical print. And we also had a purpple swirl carpet. I remember them vividly
    Becky recently posted…Stunning Christmas home decor under £30My Profile

  5. lorraine says:

    Hope you are still enjoying your sophia sofa and it is wearing well. Looks fab in your room.
    I am having the same one delivered tomorrow in the same colour, can’t wait !!
    The heart cushion has caught my eye, can you tell me where you purchased it from please ?

  6. Kate Evans says:

    Hello Tara, I must say you have a nice house. I love that dog cushion most. It is something different I never seen before. Thanks for sharing such a nice blog. Keep posting!

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