The definition of patience

Tree climbingAsking your 10 year old to please not wear her new white top to eat tomato soup and then reining in your natural inclination to rage when she ignores you and spills soup down said top.

Then she wipes it with her hand and spreads it even further and you know you’re completely out of Vanish.

Staring in disbelief as your child moans about brushing their teeth and then because she’s trying to moan WHILE brushing her teeth she manages to dribble toothpaste all down the front of her navy blue school uniform.

Discovering the school jumper she’s just spilt toothpaste down is the last clean one in her wardrobe.

When your 13 year old loses an item of uniform/PE kit Every Single Week.

Trying to get your child out of bed, dressed for school and out of the door when they’re on the top bunk and there’s no bloody way she’s getting up until it’s right down to the wire and she’s got 5 minutes to do everything.

When you finally, FINALLY get out the house, drive off to work, drive past the back of the house and both kids have left their bedroom lights on.

Listening to a 10 year old retell a ‘funny’ event from school.

When your 13 year old leaves a trail of drinking glasses all over the house and every one of them leaves a ring on the table it’s left on.

Not flapping when you find blobs of yoghurt on the living room coffee table. And the sofa. And the TV remote. And the rug. How, just how?

Fighting every fibre of your being that wants to rage when your 10 year old drops the white board rubber on the floor in her bedroom and the months of ink on it transfers itself to her cream carpet.

When you ask your rugby playing son to ensure his dirty kit is by the washing machine so you can wash ready for tomorrow’s match. Then finding he’s left a vital part of said kit in the bottom of his bag and it’s soaking wet and muddy and you’ve ALREADY PUT THE WASHING MACHINE ON.

When you slave over a meal and one or both of your kids whine about how they didn’t fancy that for dinner tonight.

Discovering Tippex on grey school trousers and not losing your cool.


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15 Responses to The definition of patience

  1. Yes, yes and yes! All of the above. They really do try our patience at this age, don’t they?
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Roaccutane: Feeling the fearMy Profile

  2. Kim Carberry says:

    Yes! I deal with some of these issues everyday!
    I find myself counting to 10 a lot just to fight the rage x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Weetabix Protein – Review!My Profile

  3. Mama Elsie says:

    When on that ONE day that you get to deflect all parenting responsibilities to the other parent, your children decide this is the day to fight, squabble, leave clothes all over the floor, moan about the food prepared, ignore the dirty dishes, sulk when they’re not allowed on the computer because we have family over, cry about the trainers they have to wear to school – tomorrow not today(!?) – so much so that the other parent gets angry, shouts, sulks and turns on the footy (cue more moaning from the children) so I have to get up from my sofa and cuppa to cook and placate and organise. Sigh… maybe next year!

  4. I felt my stress levels rising just reading this.
    Midlife Singlemum recently posted…A Kibbutz SchoolMy Profile

  5. Expat Mum says:

    Ugh, I hear you. I nearly exploded this morning at the snail’s pace my 12 year old was moving at. I have never seen anyone take so long to put a pair of bloody socks on. And then take them off and turn them inside out because there’s something jabbing his toe. And he’s worse than me for walking into a room and forgetting why he’s there. He walked out the front door this morning with no school bag!

  6. Nina says:

    Patience is … When your 13 year old son’s PE top is now three times smaller and he looks like he is wearing a toddler’s top. He lost his top, for the 3rd time, and this is the replacement the school gave him. If only I could upload a picture!! I think I will just let him wear it for the rest of the term!! lol

    Love the post.
    Nina recently posted…Give Someone A Hug Today – And Feel Better!! GET RID OF THE ANTS! Take A Little Bit More Control Of Your Life – Today!My Profile

  7. chickenruby says:

    all very familiar, but no longer my worry since all my kids now have to do their own washing, since leaving home

  8. Louise says:

    All of this resonates with me!! Especially the last languishing piece of kit rotting in a bag

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