Girl in a tree

girl in a treeLast week I read a beautiful post from Laura at Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy  about getting it right.

I never feel like I’ve got it right when it comes to parenting. Especially with this one pictured here. I feel like I fail her all the time and make all the mistakes I swore I’d never make.
I beat myself up for my horrendous lack of patience, for not understanding, for understanding all too well, for her not being like me, for her being just like me.
I wish she’d do this or not say that. I question why she’s not more like me and why she’s so difficult. I forget she’s her own person, then I beat myself up about that too.

And we took the dog for a walk to our favourite haunt and she climbed a tree.
No big deal, just put her foot up on the first branch, hoisted her body up and stepped up to the next branch.
Like it was the most everyday, natural thing in the world because that’s what we’ve always done when the kids go for a walk in the woods.

Then she stood in the branches and looked out over the woods and smiled. Not at anything in particular, just at being up high and having achieved something and, I like to think, at being content.

And right there I felt like I’d won at parenting.

We don’t often get these highlights so grab then while you can, revel in them and recognise that there are countless other parents out there going through exactly the same agony/ecstasy every single day.

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  1. Liveseygirl says:

    That’s how I feel about my eldest. Thanks for sharing.

  2. She looks very sophisticated up there. (I did read the whole post but I have nothing to add – it’s a perfect post.)
    Midlife Singlemum recently posted…The Wandering LaptopMy Profile

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