She’s always right. Just like her mother


The husband and I are rowing. Over something insanely trivial no doubt.
I’m not going to give any examples of what it might have been because, well, as I said they are insanely trivial and someone will point and laugh and say ‘you daft pair, what are you 15?’
Yes we are daft. We’ve also been together for more then 24 years so it clearly works for us.
But there’s hand waving and tutting and lots of head shaking and ‘I said, you saids’. You know the scene.

So items are being slammed down on tables, kitchen cupboards are being closed much louder than they really need to be and the dog is hiding in his bed in the pantry because he hates raised voices.
It’s really quite childish.

Also, the incident we’re rowing about was so trivial that I can’t actually recall right now what it was about.
But needless to say, we’re snipping away at each other totally obliviously to the world going on around us.

Then from the next room this little voice pipes up, filled with the authority of someone speaking from a position of total and utter knowledge:
“Stop rowing you two. What’s the point? You’re both right and you’re both wrong, so you might as well stop it now.”

And right there you realise your 10 year old really is going to be OK out there in the big wide world.

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11 Responses to She’s always right. Just like her mother

  1. Over a Cuppa says:

    Fantastic, totally love it and yeah she is right! She looks very much like you too, what a beautiful girl with a lot to share with the world just like her mother x

  2. Nice job there – well done!
    Muddling Along recently posted…It wasn’t children but my colleagues that killed my careerMy Profile

  3. Suzanne says:

    This is exactly the thought of thing my middle child says, all holier than thou (remember she is the one who rows with me ALL the time!). She also adds in ‘you’re just so childish’ if she hears us arguing. Hilarious aren’t they? *cough*
    Suzanne recently posted…Your Child and AlcoholMy Profile

  4. Mwa says:

    That’s lovely!
    We have just emerged from one of those bickering phases. They’re horrible. I’m never quite sure how they start, and I’m never quite sure how they stop. Making up is fun, though!
    Mwa recently posted…BetterMy Profile

  5. Kate Holmes says:

    Gorgeous girl inside and out by the sound of things. I also admire you for confessing to rowing. I get heartily sick of all the folks who pretend marriage is just one straight line of bliss.

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