7 photos that show you have a teenage boy in the house

teenager on phone
1. This is your primary view of them.
I know the back of my son’s hand better than I know his face these days.

Balls under the bed
2. There is a ball under Every. Single. Surface in the house.
Including your feet while you’re cooking, when you’re walking through the house precariously balancing a pile of ironing in your arms or when you’re sat on the loo. I’m not exaggerating.
This photo was me literally lifting up the duvet to reveal under his bed.
LOOK at how dirty that one rugby ball is . . .  *grimaces*

3. You have to navigate the fug of Lynx spray to get in to their room.
It’s preferable to the fug of teenage boy body odour, let’s be honest.
And how many years has Lynx Africa been going? Is it some kind of right of passage for teenage boys to use it?

teenager on xbox
4. Your TV is neither big enough or close enough for any game on the Xbox.
If you ask him to take a few steps back because, you know, that’s a bit too close, he looks at you like it’s the craziest idea you’ve ever had.

teenager in fridge
5. You constantly run out of food as they raid the fridge mere minutes after they’ve eaten a full English roast dinner. A meal that was the same size if not bigger than yours.
My food bill is huge. I never ever seem to have enough food in the house. Ever.

trainers trainers laces done up
6. They own the world’s supply of trainers, which they spend hours researching and coveting. And not a single pair of them are clean and not a single pair of them have their laces undone. Ever.
Does it really take THAT much time doing up and undoing laces?

Skinny Jeans super skinny jeans

7. How many pairs of skinny jeans does one child actually need? Is it a uniform?

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23 Responses to 7 photos that show you have a teenage boy in the house

  1. Iota says:

    My comment wouldn’t publish. I tried about half a dozen times. I wondered what was wrong. Tried out that comment as a test. It worked. I went back to my original comment. It wouldn’t publish.

    Maybe I used a word that is blocked for some reason.
    Iota recently posted…Christmas after cancerMy Profile

  2. Iota says:

    What I was trying to say, which isn’t very interesting really, is that the dressing gown photo made me laugh. Yes, indeed. All those clothes, and all that laundry, and then so many hours that the teenager slopes around in a dressing gown.

    And I think those trainers look pretty clean!
    Iota recently posted…Christmas after cancerMy Profile

  3. Iota says:

    If I was doing this post, I would add a photo of a radiator, with a hoody and a trackie bottom on it. Why can’t someone invent those items of clothing in a quick-drying fabric?
    Iota recently posted…Christmas after cancerMy Profile

  4. Iota says:

    And now I will shut up.
    Iota recently posted…Christmas after cancerMy Profile

  5. Fi says:

    The multicoloured trainers with the laces ALWAYS done up made me laugh, soooo true and my son is only 8!? Great post.

  6. Kate Holmes says:

    Don’t have all of these as my son is not at all sporty but if Lynx can get rid of that particular teenage boy odour, I want shares in that company
    Kate Holmes recently posted…Olverum Bath Oil reviewMy Profile

  7. Expat Mum says:

    Left a comment on your FB page, but I will also add that it changes very dramatically almost as soon as they are no longer teenagers. In fact I may do a spring-board post of the same with a 20 year old boy. It won’t be pretty. Off to find my camera!

  8. Trish says:

    This did make me laugh. I have had years of Lynx fog which has now thankfully been outgrown. At 20 the dressing gown is still a favourite as are the skinny jeans. But, at university now, he can wash them himself now, which is a bonus.

  9. Wait… what? Last time I checked Dan was about eight years old… *insert Facebook’s new ‘shocked-face’ emoji*.
    Jacqui @ Mummy’s Little Monkey/MLM Life & Style recently posted…WIN! PEACE OF MIND BOOK & KARM SCENTED CANDLEMy Profile

  10. I was wondering when they started smelling. Mine are not quite there yet – except the food part.

  11. And don’t forget they can be as angsty as a teenage girl. lol
    Jason Cruickshank recently posted…rocketlanguages.com – Rocket Chinese Premium Plus: Download!My Profile

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