The British Red Cross, their vital new app and cute rapping babies

I’m one of those parents who spent quite a bit of time pacing the waiting room at A&E when my son was little.
Thank heavens he didn’t actually ever do anything that required major intervention from a doctor, but as an active and very curious little man we troubled the staff at our local hospital with enough giant egg-shaped bruises to the head to turn me into a nervous parent.
That’s when I knew I should get myself some first aid training, because honestly I couldn’t cope with the stress of it all! Learning how to deal with emergencies – however small – are a vital part of your parenting arsenal.

Because here’s the thing; sure accidents can happen when they’re babies, when they start to crawl, when they learn that ooooo if I put this TV remote in my mouth it tastes kind of nice . . .
But what about when they’re older and want to climb trees, test what’s in that interesting bottle of liquid, run everywhere, try to fit ALL the sweets in their mouth at the same time?
Then all that knowledge you learned when they were tiny, or even while you were still pregnant, has gone. First aid is not like riding a bike, you need to keep learning, keep up the knowledge. Just in case.

Would YOU know what to do if you walked in on your child licking at a bottle of bleach? Or had an asthma attack? Or if they burnt themselves badly?
I’m writing this in conjunction with the British Red Cross because they are keen to let parents know the importance of keeping up with your first aid knowledge.
In a recent survey, they found that sleepless nights and knowing what to do in an emergency first aid situation are the two skills parents wish they had learned before having kids.
And so to that end they have produced a fantastic free app under the banner of the #rappedup campaign, which means you are only ever a few clicks away from knowing exactly what to do if something happens and you need help straight away. Now THAT is an app you need to have. And that is an app I am delighted to have on my phone.

British Red Cross app

It’s free, it’s packed with useful videos, information and animations and at the heart of it, it provides simple and easy to follow advice. The British Red Cross Baby & Child First Aid app is available for iPhone and Android.
Plus you get to watch this adorable video which helps to bring the message home. In rap form 🙂 Take it away babies . . .

This sponsored post has been written in conjunction with the British Red Cross.

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