The only way to barbecue with friends

bbq 2A barbecue in the back garden used to be the most stressful chore known to man when my kids were little.
There was none of this romantic bunting hanging in the trees, fancy marinades on the meat, beer cooling in a tin bath filled with ice.
There was just me, stressed out to the eyeballs because there was OPEN FLAME around my babies.

Fast forward a few years and we still don’t do the bunting thing. Or the marinades.
To be honest, barbecues for us are quite simply an excuse to get together with friends. The emphasis being on getting together with friends. The food is almost secondary!

When the sun pokes it’s head out for an extended period over a weekend, it’s a quick phone call, rush to the supermarket, the local butcher, or raid the freezer (hello, frozen onions to sling in a pan and warm up for the tops of your burgers BEST INVENTION EVER).
It’s not about being fancy or showing off or ‘ooo look what we can do’ showboating, it’s about socialising, chatting and doing the minimum cooking required to ensure one person isn’t stuck getting a red face over the grill while they cook all the teriyaki-based chicken wings.

So this is our barbecue. Someone brought the salad, someone else brought the pudding and we all converge on the host’s house with packs of kids and chill out.
Thanks Ester for hosting this time!

bbq with friends bbq salad

bbq onionsHowever, all those early years of biting my bottom lip and worrying about chubby little hands grabbing at the grill haven’t left me completely. I fret less as my kids aren’t curious little munchkins wondering what that pretty red flame is and ‘ooooooo, I must touch it’. These days it’s more likely to be a ball careering directly towards the coals and a clumsy pre-teen determined to make the catch of all catches, despite the heat coming from the red hot pit. Pre-teens just don’t think 🙂

So, barbecue safety. It basically consists of this:

1. Don’t grill where the kids play ball/a tree overhangs or the ground beneath your feet is uneven.

2. Don’t pour anything on the coals to speed up the process and get the flames going. Just don’t. It’s tempting I know ‘just chuck some petrol on, it’ll go up in no time’. Yes, but so will your eyebrows and half your hair. It’s really really not worth it. Plus who wants their food to taste of petrol?

3. Use long-handled tools for obvious reasons.

4. One of my favourite things cooked on the barbie is fish. In little foil parcels. Yum. BUT be very careful when opening said parcels and the steam escapes and burns everything in it’s path.

5. Always make sure the barbecue has extinguished when you leave it. And never ever ever leave young children playing around a still-hot barbie.

I’ve teamed up with More Than to write this post and help promote safety around the home.
For more information about how to prevent fires in the home you can see their interactive video here, with clever little pauses in for you to stop and pick up valuable information.

This is a sponsored post and was written in collaboration with More Than. 

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  1. MeinCupcake says:

    There really is nothing better than a good barbecue with friends. My kids also love to have barbecue and to be around the grill. So, barbecue safety is very important to us. Thank you very much for that post!

    Warm wishes, Susan

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