Missing my dog

Hungarian VizslaI miss this face. Every single day.
Now I’ve gone back to an actual office and am no longer working from home, there is no resting his head on my hand as I sit at my desk and try to move the computer mouse around. There is no standing in the doorway of my office staring at me until I crumble under his steely glare. There is no sitting on my feet, bringing me his scraggy toys for me to throw for him or trying to manoeuvre his huge bulk onto my lap because he has no concept of just how large he is.

When I walk through the door at the end of the day he greets me like he hasn’t seen me in a week. He runs in circles, whips me with the ferocity of his tail wagging and sits down in front of me with his head bolt upright like some well-drilled soldier because he know that’s where the scratches under the chin come from.

Ronin has been my work companion for three years. And I really really miss him now I’m office based.
It’s been quite a tough transition for all of us; me trying to get up and actually get dressed every morning while herding the kids to school. The kids getting used to mum not being at their beck and call. The husband having his wife collapse in a heap on the sofa every night.
But I’m so happy. I love my new job. Love it. I don’t mind being tired because I’m happy.
And then I get home and that face looks at me all “It’s you, it’s you, it’s you, it’s you. I thought you’d left me. I missed you. Where were your feet to sit on?”

I’m lucky that my mother in law lives just a walk away and she loves him just as much as we do so he gets plenty of love, exercise and attention.
But I miss this. Walking into a room and him being sprawled out in some ridiculous position. After taking this photo below he looked up at me and his expression said ‘What? Really, what?’ like it’s the most natural thing in the world for a dog to fall asleep on a treadmill.
Big, daft, gorgeous dog.

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4 Responses to Missing my dog

  1. Lindsey says:

    I’ve only had my dog 10 weeks but like you did, I spend every single day with him.

    I recently went on a day out, and it was the first time I’d spent more that 2-3 hours away and it was odd. Being a puppy he is a handful and when I’m at home, he can be pretty ‘annoying’ at times and I have my moments of wondering if this was a good idea. Then on my day out I thought about him the whole train journey home!
    Lindsey recently posted…What Do You Get A Dad Who Wants Nothing For Father’s Day?My Profile

  2. Mrs TeePot says:

    aww bless him! I can totally understand why you are missing him so much!
    Mrs TeePot recently posted…HairMy Profile

  3. Sarah says:

    Awww, I really feel for you. We got a dog before our last daughter started school and he is a constant companion to me in the home. It must be so hard adjusting, for you all x HUGS x
    Sarah recently posted…Magic Moments – spent celebrating our daughter turn 12!My Profile

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