The sleep diaries: On becoming a Slumberdown ambassador


I feel I am blessed as a parent as we have never struggled with sleep in this house.
Sure we had broken nights sleep and nights when they were poorly and I’ve had to sit at their bedside, stroking a hand or talking softly until they drifted off.
But both of my children slept through from quite an early age and have loved sleeping in their own rooms.
I know! How the heck did I manage that? I didn’t sell my soul to the devil in exchange for night-time bliss, I promise. Both of my children are just Good Sleepers. Always have been.

Sleep issues for us when they were little were more about the comedy moments.
We had a phase where Mia would only let me put her to bed and she would beg me to “hold my hand for a minute”.
Half an hour later I’m still there with a sore bum, heavy eyes and Mia’s sweaty little paw still clutching on to my little finger.
The minute I thought she had drifted off and tried to do that comedy tiptoe to the door, her one eye would open and she would murmmer in a rather accusatory tone beyond her years: “mummy, where are you going?” Not a good phase.

But she always slept through the night.
Even the times when she was poorly and wanted to crawl in with us, she would often crawl back out and go to her own room. Obviously, waking me up to tell me she was going back to her own room . . . but still.
Our issues with Mia were more about getting her into bed in the first place because she was always so very busy to go to sleep. And always so smart when it come to excuses for not going to sleep. I’d discover her in bizarre sleeping positions, or hiding something under her duvet or just trying to spend more time with us (at least I think that’s what she was doing; who knows what was going on in her young mind as she made that all so familiar ‘bump bump bump’ down the stairs and we rolled our eyes wondering what on earth it could be this time!)
I blogged about our early sleep issues a LOT!

I fretted for the longest time that she was in bed at 7.30 but wouldn’t actually go to sleep until 10. She would chat to her cuddly toys, organise her books, line said teddies up at the end of her bed so there was barely enough room for her to lie there.
And then I realised it wasn’t worth fretting about. She just wasn’t ready to drop off and as long as she was in bed and relaxed I should just let her be. It was like a revelation. Not rocket science, granted, but as a parent you tend to sweat the small stuff.

Of course, the drawback of having good sleepers is sleepovers. Both of mine have been to friends’ and relatives for sleepovers for years. We seem to have someone else’s child sleeping over here every other weekend too.
I’m constantly hunting out spare duvets, spare pillows, is there a duvet cover clean, Dan do you actually NEED three pillows? (the answer is apparently yes, because he likes to build himself a nest.
I can’t say I honestly mind. They wrap themselves up in a duvet each and chat and giggle and snore together once they’ve eventually dropped off and I think it’s a wonderful thing I can give my kids – to spend that time with the people they really like being around.

slumberdown duvet slumberdown duvets slumberdown bedding slumberdown ambassador

So when Slumberdown approached me and asked me to be one of their brand ambassadors I was delighted. We use a lot of bedding!
I will be writing about sleep with two fabulous parenting bloggers – Katie from Mummy, Daddy Me and Lucy at Capture By Lucy – and I will be reviewing products, talking about  bedtime and offering competitions throughout the year.

slumberdown duvet

To kick things off, if you want to kit your family out with a whole new range of bedding from Slumberdown they have a fab competition running to ensure everyone has the chance to ‘sleep happy’. Good luck.
And make sure you check back here from time to time as I’ll also be hosting giveaways too.
You can also follow Slumberdown on Twitter and Facebook where you’ll find more  competitions running.

So what are your sleep problems? Do you snore in your sleep and keep your other half awake (cough)? Do your kids do the whole starfish thing in your bed? Do you struggle to drop off or struggle to wake up? Do you go to bed and check your Twitter feed while under the duvet – don’t you go shaking your heads, I KNOW some of you do it, tsk tsk 🙂

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4 Responses to The sleep diaries: On becoming a Slumberdown ambassador

  1. Hooray! So excited to be part of the team. Here’s to happy night’s sleep!
    Lucy at Capture by Lucy recently posted…I need more sleep – Slumberdown Ambassador AnnouncementMy Profile

  2. Stunning photos Tara and it’s really interesting what you say about her going to bed but not going to sleep. I have been blessed with incredible sleepers, but since the girls went into their own room they go to bed at 7pm but don’t usually drop off until at least 8.30. We figure as long as they are quiet and not causing mischief then it’s fine by us. I am so excited to be working with you and Lucy on this project- what a lovely team! 🙂 x
    Katie @mummydaddyme recently posted…My Little Bits Of Life- The Holiday EditionMy Profile

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