The Photo Gallery 230: Animals

Giraffe“Dear God. Did you mean to make giraffes look like this or were they a mistake?”
Possibly the best question asked by a child about animals ever!

I do love a giraffe. Their slow gait, their laissez faire attitude, their love of trees, the utter ridiculousness of them.
They’re not my favourite animal (that title goes to the tiger which I find hypnotic, majestic, magnificent). But I do have a place in my heart for Mr Giraffe.
What would be your favourite animal (this is my daughter’s question of choice when she meets anyone. Be careful how you answer because it reveals a LOT about you apparently.

This post is for week 230 of The Photo Gallery: The theme is: Animals.

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23 Responses to The Photo Gallery 230: Animals

  1. I LOVE giraffes and that is an awesome photo. For me, giraffes come in at number 5 – below pandas, elephants, rabbits and guinea pigs. What does your daughter think about that?
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…The Gallery: Animal (big, fluffy cat)My Profile

  2. An says:

    Stunning picture! Giraffes are such beautiful animals!

  3. Suzanne says:

    We went to the zoo in the easter holidays, having not been for years! We all found the giraffes fascinating and hilarious. Gorgeous creatures and a stunning photo!
    Suzanne recently posted…Taming The BeastMy Profile

  4. Clare Taylor says:

    Beautiful photo Tara! I do like giraffes – but I think that, for me, the cheetah wins out. I’m partial to the odd bear cub, too.
    Clare Taylor recently posted…The Photo Gallery 230: AnimalsMy Profile

  5. Mrs TeePot says:

    Oh wow, what a stunning photo. I love giraffes too but my favourite animal…that’s a tough one…I really don’t know!
    Mrs TeePot recently posted…The Gallery: AnimalMy Profile

  6. I love the expression you have captured on him, it reminds me of a moment in France at a safari park when the kids were young and one leaned into our car and nuzzled Felix as a baby, I was terrified he was going to eat him and frantically unstrapped him from his seat to pull him close. I had quite forgotten that till I saw this photo.
    Coombe Mill – Fiona recently posted…Take the stress out of family travelMy Profile

  7. Molly says:

    This is a fabulous image… I love Giraffes, I think they are beautiful majestic creatures

    Molly recently posted…Day 133 – PiggyMy Profile

  8. Lindsey says:

    I love giraffes, in fact they used to be my favourite animal, so I have lots of giraffe paraphernalia. However they have dropped to number two on the list as I have gotten older, even though they have special place in my heart of course! My favourite animal is an Orca. I love them, probably more than a 27 year old adult should. I do now wonder what that says about me!
    Lindsey recently posted…Dexter’s Second WeekMy Profile

  9. Amazing shot! Truly beautiful picture of a fascinating animal.
    Apparently Awkward recently posted…The Gallery 230: AnimalsMy Profile

  10. MummyWrites says:

    What a gorgeous giraffe! I’m pretty tall so often find myself compared to one of these, but it’s not a bad thing being tall! I love the child’s view too, this world certainly is amazing! #thegallery
    MummyWrites recently posted…The Gallery: AnimalsMy Profile

  11. Susan Mann says:

    What an amazing close-up. Love that picture x
    Susan Mann recently posted…Animal – The Gallery 230My Profile

  12. Heather says:

    Oh I do love the giraffes. Oddly, the last time we went to the zoo, we spent the longest time looking at the ant colony than any other creature. Very odd considering we have a garden full of the blummin things,
    Heather recently posted…What are the main credit agencies in the UKMy Profile

  13. LauraCYMFT says:

    Awww he is a lovely looking creature. My favourite would have to be the big cats. I can’t pick between them all; they are all pretty amazing and special in their own way. Did you watch that documentary Tigers About the House? Made me love tigers even more.
    LauraCYMFT recently posted…Animal #TheGalleryMy Profile

  14. Emma T says:

    Love the close up. Giraffes are pretty special animals. Just so different to anything else.
    Emma T recently posted…Chicken run – joining in the garden funMy Profile

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  16. Moni says:

    Hahaha – yes, Giraffes are not what you call a beauty at first sight. But, having a closer look, the beauty reveals. Stunning photo! And thanks for the party, there are some lovely pets and animals to see.
    Moni recently posted…Mitbewohner * HousemateMy Profile

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