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man's best friend
So what is The Promise and who is Almo Nature? Well, let me start by telling you a story about our family.
One of the best decisions we ever took as a family was to bring a dog into our home.
He arrived just at the right time for us and at the perfect time for him as he was 8 months old and in need of a loving new home.

Since moving in nearly 3 years ago he has enhanced our lives immeasurably. He is my daughter’s best friend, my son’s confidant, our walking companion, our calming influence, everyone’s best friend.
Who would have thought that a four-legged, hairy, soft-eared mutt could bring so much to the table?
We often talk about Life Before Ronin. It wasn’t anywhere near as complete as Life With Ronin!

What is this power that dogs have over us? For years people have questioned the relationship between man and dog. When did it start? How did it happen? Why are dogs ‘man’s best friend’? Why not cats or horses or rabbits for that matter?
Well this is where natural pet food specialist Almo Nature come in.
They asked Oscar-winning Italian film director Gabriele Salvatores to try to answer the question through a short film they called The Promise.

It questions whether man actually domesticated the wolf over time as humans offered up food and wolves became more confident around human settlements and felt comfortable within these new ‘packs’.

Basically the film retraces man and dog’s thousand year history in what Almo Nature describe as a ‘contemporary fairytale’. It’s the brainchild of company founder Pier Giovanni Capellino and mixes beautiful images, old video and modern footage to create an evocative film

Watch it here and see what you think and oooo at the gorgeous wolf and ahhh at all those interactions between humans and dogs. The old footage in particular is just priceless.

Almo Nature was founded in 2000 and was the first company to produce natural pet food made from pure ingredients. They are made with no artificial flavours or preservatives and are designed with the physical and mental wellbeing of pets first and foremost.
And it is very keen to promote animal welfare – which you will see shine through in this video clip.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Almo Nature

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