Banana and peanut butter smoothie


I’ve become just a little bit obsessed with my NutriBullet since acquiring one a few weeks ago and love love love the way it makes me eat more fruit and vegetables on a daily basis.
Sure I eat a good portion on a day to day basis, but not like this.
Also, because I work from home I’m terrible for forgetting to eat, realising I’m starving, and then reaching for toast or a handful of biscuits instead of actually making myself something decent to eat.

Here’s a smoothie I’ve been really enjoying for lunch at the moment. It’s sweet and really filling and best of all it packs a healthy punch. Oh no wait, BEST of all is you throw everything into a blender and it’s made in minutes.
Although it looks green you can barely taste the spinach, so you get all the benefits and it tastes great too.

Banana and Peanut Butter Smoothie

1 handful of spinach leaves (I freeze my spinach to add a nice cold shot to my smoothies)
1 large banana
1 large/heaped teaspoon peanut butter (I prefer crunch and buy the best quality peanut butter you can)
I large dessertspoon of chia seeds
300ml coconut water or water or both

Blitz the lot until smooth.
For anyone who hasn’t discovered chia seeds yet, they are a fabulous source of healthy omega-3 fats and high in protein, so ideal for filling you up and keeping you satisfied.
I buy mine from Linwoods online or you can get them from Sainsburys. You can also throw them into cereal, on salads, into your baking – I even add them to my bolognese!

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6 Responses to Banana and peanut butter smoothie

  1. Mwa says:

    Bananas AND peanuts? You make my head spin.
    Mwa recently posted…Marketing adulteryMy Profile

  2. sounds yummy, may need to buy some spinach and try this. you did actually get me to go and make peanut butter cookies when I saw this as I knew we had some to use up.

  3. Grenglish says:

    I keep reading about these nutribullet thingys so really must look into them a bit more. Banana & almond butter is my favourite thing… on toast. But as you say, not the healthiest thing to reach for!
    Grenglish recently posted…Life before social mediaMy Profile

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