The house of sores

poorly mia

I’m trying to write this post with a child’s head resting on my lap. Actually her whole body was contorted to somehow fit on to my lap; her long nine-year-old limbs all over the place.
Every now and again she shuffles around and tries to bury her head a little further into my neck like some giant baby creature.
It’s not the slightest bit comfortable for either of us but there is a certain comfort to be had from snuggling up to your mum when you’re feeling low.
Mia has been feeling very sorry for herself. She had to take two extra days off school this week after being diagnosed with impetigo.

She woke up one morning with spots all over her beautiful cheeks. Her one nostril is a mass of crusty scab. She looked utterly dreadful.
It started as just a scab on her nose. I kept telling her to leave it alone and when a spot rose up the following day just underneath, I told her it was probably caused by all the Easter chocolate she’d been devouring when she thinks I’m not looking.

Terrible mother. I dismissed it and covered it in antiseptic cream until the morning she woke up with sores all over her little face and I knew it most definitely wasn’t the chocolate.

The doctor diagnosed her pretty much the moment we walked in the door and put her on a course of antibiotics, but as impetigo is highly contagious, she wasn’t allowed back to school until she had two days worth of medicine in her system.
The medicine really isn’t pleasant, she warns us, but it’s the best one for the job.

“Will I miss maths?”
“Yes, honey. Sorry.”
“It’s OK. I don’t want to go out though. I don’t want anyone seeing me like this.”
“We can stay in and snuggle up on the sofa.”
“Can we eat some of my Easter chocolate?”
“Yes, of course we can.”

The doctor tells you it’s ‘just one of those things’ and it’s very common and easy to clear up, but you still feel like the worst mother in the world for not recognising it, dismissing it, laughing at it.

* I wrote this in the week and have only just got around to posting as she’s better now and I feel I’m able to share now she’s over it and back to climbing trees again.
I’m hoping it’s at least taught her a lesson though and she will at least attempt to wash her hands when she gets in 🙂

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  1. I remember my sister having Impetigo around the same age as your daughter. Not nice. I’m so pleased she’s feeling better now and so are you-we’ve all done that dismissive thing and then felt the waves of guilt when it’s turned out to be something we should have paid more attention to. I certainly know I have. Part of being a parent I think.
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  2. Sarah says:

    Oh I had this when I was little, it was awful, the second time at 15 was worse! I ended up needing two weeks off school and it really knocked my confidence. Really glad to hear your girl is all better now 🙂

  3. Expat Mum says:

    Glad she’s better now. I wouldn’t beat yourself up too much – I would recognize it if it presented in this house. One scab on the face looks much the same as any other really! (This from the mother who said “Oh, you’ll be fine” for a month before taking 11 year old to the doc who diagnosed Osgood-Schlatters disease, – a very painful ligament/tendon thing in the knees and quite common in growing boys. Gulp. )
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  4. LauraCYMFT says:

    I remember Miss C had impetigo last year. She needed a few days off nursery and some antibiotics. But it went away quite quickly. Hope Mia is feeling better soon!

  5. Charly Dove says:

    Oh gosh poor Mia, impetigo isn’t pleasant at all. So glad she’s recovered now and is back climbing trees. It’s awful when they’re sick although it must have been lovely to get some cuddles. The ‘just because’ from the doctor isn’t especially satisfying is it! We had that when POD had her second skin infection. Hope all is good your end, I’ve been covering mat leave in London so haven’t been around as much. Just finished now though so I’m sure you’ll see more of me 🙂

    Thank you so very much for your lovely comment about POD’s school place. So sorry you had it with Dan – seems really unfair. I hope he is where you want him to be now? You’re totally right, its been emotional. We’re hopeful POD is high up on the waiting list for the local school. She didn’t get accepted as other children were seen as a higher priority – location is 4th on the priority list! I’m also writing to the council to request we be putting on the waiting lists for the other schools on our list as the school we’ve been offered doesn’t seem a good fit. Success at an appeal seems unlikely and our (location based) case may not be strong enough if the catchment area has shrunk but we’re exploring all routes. Fingers crossed for 7th May when we find out where she is on the waiting list. I will then call the council every week!!! Thanks lovely x
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    • Tara Cain says:

      You’re so welcome Charly. The school place issue an awful awful thing and you feel quite powerless which I absolutely hate. Dan is in a really good place now but it took us years to get there. Mia has been the opposite – walked into every school she wanted! For us it was timings and high birth years and all the available school places being taken up by siblings. Lots of love to you all x
      Tara Cain recently posted…The house of soresMy Profile

  6. Oh poor Mia – I had impetigo as an adult (from scratching a mosquito bite) and it’s horrible, so itchy! But I didn’t know what it was for ages, either. So don’t blame yourself….
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  7. Suzanne says:

    This house has been plagued by impetigo too in the past but not on the face – back of the neck. Nasty disease and very itchy. Glad Mia is all better. Lovely picture of her – one for the memory book. X
    Suzanne recently posted…Are You A Proper Mum?My Profile

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