The brightest trainers on the pitch

nike trainersI’m not sure when it happened but there seems to have been a memo send around to all pre-teen boys that if they are going to wear trainers, they absolutely positively have to be the brightest fluorescent colour known to mankind.
Headache-inducing bright flourescent.
Make your parents wince when they realise what they’re forking out for flourescent.

nike trainers at brantano

These are Dan’s latest monstrosities. You’d think they would bring you a distinct advantage in that you could at least easily spot him across the pitch in a sea of other 12 year old legs with the same kit on.
But no, all the other boys are wearing similarly garish footwear and all it serves to do is make your head swim and make you feel all kinds of woozy.
I guess it’s slightly better than the yellow ones he wanted. Or the green ones he had last year.

I sound really old don’t I?

I took the kids to get their feet measured at Brantano after being invited back to try out their foot measuring service. We did the school shoes thing last year and now it’s time for the trainer session.
For next to school shoes, a good pair of trainers is next down the list on my kids’ Most Important Clothing list.

brantano trainers

I think my kids both chose the brightest trainers in the whole shop. Still they’re very happy.

The staff were super helpful, and even gave me a sympathetic smile when I realised my 12 year old’s trainers would be a size 7. That’s actually bigger than my shoes now. *Weeps*.
He really does need to stop growing.

Mia’s feet are currently different sizes (one is 4.5 and the other is a 5) and so some trainer styles didn’t suit, but we were pointed in the direction of ones that would be suitable now and luckily for her they too were the brightest pair available 🙂
I’m so glad we were at the hands of a trained fitter as the pair she wanted just wouldn’t have been right given her size difference and she spotted the fact that she was walking ‘funny’ in them straight away. I just thought she was putting it on.

brantano trainers display feet measuring service at brantanoSo a big thank you Brantano again for being helpful, knowledgeable and patient and for sending both of my kids home with big smiley faces.


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  1. Mummy Barrow says:

    Such a great selection by the looks of it too. Much better than our local “Pile it high sell it cheap sports shop” where ALL the women’s trainers were pink or purple. It would never have occurred to me to get feet measured in Brantano and we have one just up the road.

    Great post, thanks for the info!
    Mummy Barrow recently posted…Silent Sunday — April 12thMy Profile

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