Things I have said to my daughter this week #2

Barbara Hulanicki icon bag

You know when you feel like you’re repeating yourself.
Over and over and over and over again.

I wrote one of these posts back when Mia was just four. Not a lot has changed to be honest in the past five years! The one common factor is I feel like I’m on constant repeat.

❤ The dog is NOT allowed upstairs Mia.

❤ If I find another crushed Cheerio on the floor in the living room I will ban you from eating them ever again.

❤ Why is there a pair of your dirty school socks behind the cushion?

❤ I can hear the dog in your room Mia. Open the door.

❤ I know you didn’t brush your teeth Mia because you toothbrush is BONE dry.

❤ If you’re going to sneak a chocolate bar without me looking, it’s probably best you don’t stash the wrapper on  your window sill.

❤ Leave that poor dog alone.

❤ Why is there make up on your rug?

❤ Stop feeding the dog your cereal.

❤ Where is my very expensive lipstick?

❤ You have at least 15 notebooks, what on EARTH do you need another one for?

❤ No the dog doesn’t want you in his bed.

❤ No you can’t have a bag of crisps for dinner.

❤ Really, you need THAT MUCH STUFF to take in the car? We’re only popping to the supermarket.

❤ Yes of course you can have flowers in your bedroom.

❤ Thank you for the note under my pillow, Mia. It made my day.

Many thanks to Sian for sending Mia the fabulous (and giant) Iconclub giant tote bag by fashion giant Barbara Hulanicki pictured above. Now she can take EVEN MORE things and notebooks in the car . . . 

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12 Responses to Things I have said to my daughter this week #2

  1. Sian says:

    Rest assured Tara, I say the exact same things to my girls every single day. How is it that there are always Cheerios under the cushions on the sofa and why don’t they get that they won’t get caught eating crisps / chocolate / biscuits if they just put the evidence in the bin?
    We also have super fast drying toothbrushes in our house. Magic ones I’m informed.
    Sian recently posted…Purrfectbox Review : The Cornie Take OverMy Profile

  2. dogbombs says:

    Socks! What is it with socks! It seems that my kids come home from school, dump bags and coats, remove shoes (and place them in a sort of UN-style buffer zone that’s almost but not quite in the shoe box) and then spend the next few minutes discarding their socks in unusual places around the house. Very strange indeed.
    dogbombs recently posted…The EndMy Profile

  3. Oh wow, she sounds just like my daughter – the chocolate wrappers, the feeding of the dog, the notes under the pillow, everything!
    suzanne3childrenandit recently posted…This Season…My Profile

  4. Apart from the dog – and expensive lipstick 😉 – it is all pretty much the same. Add in regular comments about the state of her room as well! And stationery??!! Seriously, what do they do with all those notebooks?? 🙂
    76 sunflowers recently posted…Embrace Happy {FOCUS}My Profile

  5. Mummylimited says:

    All understandable EXCEPT the notebook thing. Surely you know you buy the notebook and then find a use for it, no?
    Mummylimited recently posted…Five early nights.My Profile

  6. Mwa says:

    Luckily I don’t have a dog. But the socks thing and the random note thing are very familiar.
    Mwa recently posted…Seeing peopleMy Profile

  7. Are you sure your daughter isn’t actually my sons? Because, with the exception of the dog stuff (and the lipstick stuff!), this is pretty much what I say to my boys, all day, every day. Since they were tiny. Will they ever learn?!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Silent Sunday 22.3.15My Profile

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