5 things I can’t live without

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Ooh that’s a toughie isn’t it? Only five things; I have a huge list of things I can’t live without. Frivolous, pretty things mainly, but essential all the same.

So taking out things like the people I love and the things I absolutely HAVE to have like food and oxygen, here are my 5 things I can’t live without:

1. My iPhone
Yes I’ve tried others and I hate that I’m a slave to the fruity corporation, but I can’t help it.
I love that it’s my mobile office where ever I go. I love that I can always snap a photo without having to lug a big camera around with me. I love that I can ‘chat’ to a world of people when I’m lonely via various apps and social channels.
For someone who grew up in a time where you once had to sit on the stairs in the hallway to chat on the phone, I love how I can stay connected under the duvet in my own bed.

2. My camera
Despite having the ability to snap quick photos on my phone, I still could never ever give up my grown up camera.
It was a 40th birthday present from my husband who knows how much I love taking photos and it is one of my most prized possessions. These days I take a lot of sporting shots of my son playing rugby and or hockey and we giggle and dissect the photos after the game.
It has also given me some of the most precious memories of my children growing up.

3. Books
I’m all for technology and new fangled ways of making our lives easier, but I still crave the feel of a book in my hands. Turning the pages, seeing where your bookmark is, seeing it sat there on your bedside table, the smell of print.
I’m also that person who has bookshelves full of books from over the years that are very well looked after because I can’t bear to loan them to anyone incase they break the spine or – gasp – turn a page down at the corner. I don’t want them to be pristine but I do want them to be loved and respected. I know, I know.

4. Baby wipes.
I haven’t had babies for years now, but we still bulk buy wipes.
A pack in the kitchen, one upstairs and one in the car. They’re perfect for a quick wipe of the skirting boards, getting footprints off the back of the seats in the car and cleaning the mud off school shoes when you’re literally just about to leave the house and you discover they’re smeared in the stuff.

5. Diet Coke.
It’s my sweet treat of choice. My fix. Has to be icy cold straight from the fridge and in the can and I chug it down.
Sure I know water is better for me and I’m still a tea belly, but that can of Coke hits the spot.

So why am I sharing all this with you. British Gas has created a video called “What five things couldn’t you live without?” to get you thinking about how much the real essentials like energy in the home cost in relation to those everyday essentials.
Last year we had solar panels fitted on our roof and it really brought the issue of energy and how much we use and how much we pay right to the forefront of our thinking.
But do you know how much your energy costs?
I bet you know exactly how much you spend on those luxury essentials though, right?

So what are your 5 things?

For tips on how to conserve energy in the home and how to save money check out the British Gas’ The Source website as it is a great hub for information.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with British Gas and their #NotWithout5Things project.

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6 Responses to 5 things I can’t live without

  1. Susan Mann says:

    I think these are pretty much mine. My iphone, diet irn bru, books, baby wipes and bare minerals. x
    Susan Mann recently posted…Boys – The Gallery 223My Profile

  2. Definitely with you on the iphone and camera – I would also add handcream to the list as I’m a little bit obsessed!
    North East Family Fun recently posted…The Conference and Hospitality Show 2015My Profile

  3. Iota says:

    I love that you have hi-tech things (iPhone, camera) followed by low-tech things (books).
    Iota recently posted…How language changes!My Profile

  4. My phone, coffee, diet coke, chocolate, my bed. God I sound like a total slob!
    Louise Fairweather recently posted…BoysMy Profile

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