Spoiling your dog rotten

Hungarian Vizsla

We spoil this dog rotten.
If you could hear the way we speak to him (like he’s a baby), the way we cuddle up to him (like he’s human), the way we all – every single member of this family – feed him in secret like no one else guesses. Well, it’s embarrassing.

He came into our lives three years ago and altered it forever.
I probably spend more time with him than anyone else as I’m chief dog walker. We trap through fields, up hills, through mud, ice and dewy grass together.
The number of times we’ve returned home and there I am bent over double washing his paws, cleaning his belly, wiping his muzzle so he can come in to the house, curl up in his cosy bed and fall asleep all day while I work in the other room.
We’re workplace buddies.

He brings a lot of joy and a lot of love to this family.
Which is why I feel all kinds of guilty for scrimping on his new collar.
Sure it’s bright blue and stands out and looks kinda cool. But it’s not. It’s cheap and it won’t last and I should have splashed out.

Maybe I should have splashed out here, at Shinola, an online store of American-made dog accessories?

Shinola pet accessories Their Dirty Dog shampoo spray is unscented, with plant-based cleansers, apple cider vinegar, lanolin, glycerin and organic herbal extracts and wouldn’t look out of place on my kitchen windowsill, instead of tucked away in the ‘dog’ cupboard!
And the durable, water-resistant beds are filled with goose feathers and down for the ultimate in bedtime comfort! They really know how to pamper their pooches.

Shinola feather filled dog bed

The pet accessories are created in collaboration with famed US fashion photographer Bruce Weber and are designed to celebrate the joy of pet ownership.
“Shinola Pet celebrates the love we share with the pets that become our family members, and the gift of companionship they give us. Our collaboration with Bruce Weber honors this relationship through the thoughtfulness and passion that goes into every photograph and every item crafted for your pet”.

The pet accessories are now available for the UK market.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Shinola.com  

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4 Responses to Spoiling your dog rotten

  1. Expat Mum says:

    I might have to buy that spray. My long haired collie mix is always filthy and hates the bath. And yes, I also spend ages cleaning her up when she comes in!
    Expat Mum recently posted…Cold dogsMy Profile

  2. Mel Brammer says:

    I’m really liking the look of that collar and the comfy dog bed, although my pooch has a very comfy looking folded double duvet for her bed at the moment, and that will take some topping!
    Mel Brammer recently posted…Honey Bees Under Threat – Protect our Honey BeesMy Profile

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