Sideline Parent Selfie

sideline selfieWhen you spend as much time as I do on the sideline of a rugby pitch you learn how to keep warm.
You quiz people who look content and toasty about what type of gloves they’re wearing, where their boots are from, why they aren’t wincing in pain as the wind whips across the pitch and up the back of their coat.
Such is the life of a sideline parent whose child chose a winter sport.

You learn to not care a jot about how you look as long as your are able to concentrate on your young player’s moves rather than which toes you can no longer feel.
I can’t turn around to talk to another parent without moving my whole body, but that’s a lack of mobility I’m prepared to take.

Of course some parents have kids who opted for indoor sports and ones where you actually have to shed layers (ooooof at those parents of swimming kids as it gets SO hot in those pools!)
I do sometimes get very very jealous.

So here is my Sideline Parent Selfie. I am as warm as toast under there let me tell you. I’ve finally got it right.
Now I tag Sarah at Mum of Three World to show me hers as she probably spends just as much time on a sideline as me! Pass it on Sarah!

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4 Responses to Sideline Parent Selfie

  1. lauracymft says:

    You look very cosy! I need something like this for horse riding. It's freezing at the moment!
    My recent post Me & You #13

  2. That's the spirit. I wrap up that warm just for school pickups (I am not good with cold weather!).
    The boys do tennis, and the coach is keen for them to carry on outside all through the winter. It's after dark (the courts are floodlit) and last night was absolutely perishing. x

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