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I was having a tinker around with my blog this week and stumbled on a post I wrote back in 2011 entitled ‘why did you call your blog that?’
It detailed the names of some of the blogs I was reading at the time and the story behind why they were named.
BUT the mainΒ part of the post – the BEST part – had been deleted. When I moved this blog from Blogger over to WordPress, the commenting system Intense Debate ate a whole swathe of comments up.
And so I don’t know what the answer to my question was from all those people.
How bloody annoying.

So I pondered and thought about the HUGE amount of new bloggers there are out there now, four years down the line. And the fact that I feel rather out of touch with many of them because there are just too many to keep up with.

So I’m asking you now; Why did you call your blog that?

Mine is a bit of a boring story. It was aΒ ‘popped into myΒ head’ variety.
I was writing a parenting blog for the newspaper I worked on back in 2008 and hated the name they had given it so when I branched out on my own I knew I wanted something short and memorable.
And, well, me!

So tell all, why did you call your blog that?
And just so we can all find you, I’ve added a linky on to the bottom of this post so you can add your blog there too.

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66 Responses to Why did you call your blog that?

  1. My husband is always saying (tongue in cheek, I hope…) that I’m a rubbish wife, so it seemed like the obvious choice. An awful lot of people out there don’t get the irony though and are genuinely concerned that I’m breaking the trades descriptions act somewhere!

  2. Ahh bless you Alison! I am not a blogger but I think if I did start up a blog, I would name it something like ‘Ditzy Daydreams’ or ‘Speaking from Cuckoo Land’ as they both match my carefree (and often odd) personality! I follow a fair few blogs and have often wondered or guessed why blogger have chosen to call their blogs what they did. One blog I follow is ‘Nobody Said it was Easy’ and I cannot help but sing the song by Cold Play every time I visit it! It is an ineresting topic!

    • Tara Cain says:

      I think it’s SO hard naming your blog. And when you think of a name and then say it out loud a couple of times, write it down to see what it looks like, say it another couple of times . . . hang on, everyone else does that too, right?!

  3. Kara says:

    I took my blog name from my Twitter name and it’s who I am. Probably should have thought of something else as everyone assumes I’m in Chelsea but I actually support the football team

  4. Strictly Jen says:

    Mine was called something else but I stupidly revealed something that I should not have and the only way to deal with it was to shut it down and start again. Situation retrieved but it was dodgy for a while. Now I tend to stick strictly to Guiding, using it as a record of meetings so we can check back and even recreate them a few years later. I rarely add personal stuff, so, strictlyguiding.

  5. Cathy Winston says:

    Mine hopefully does what it says on the tin – MummyTravels, as it’s all about me travelling since becoming a mum. I actually spent ages playing around with more complicated versions and discovering someone had snaffled them already, until another blogger asked if the straightforward ones like Mummy Travels had been taken. It hadn’t and here I am a couple of years later…

    • Tara Cain says:

      It is usually the easiest option that turns out to be the winner. I remember when Liz Jarvis started up her blog after running the Living With Kids one for so long. She really thought all the domain names were taken but then thought ‘I’ll just try The Mum Blog’ and sure enough it was free!

  6. Donna says:

    Mines quite dull really, I named it The London Mum as that was what I was about to become! I wanted something that wasn’t related to pregnancy so had a bit of longevity as a blog name xx

  7. Mascara and Mud. I can’t go anywhere without lashings of the stuff applied and the bois, including the husband, can’t go anyway without getting covered in mud. Easy.

  8. Shell Louise says:

    My name’s Michelle but everyone calls me Shell and my middle name is Louise so I just put them together. I knew I wanted to write about my family but I didn’t know if I’d want to write about other stuff like home improvement, recipes etc so I figured with a name like Shell Louise, I could write about anything. I see some excellent blog names and wish I’d been more creative now though!

  9. Christine says:

    Mine is “A family day out”, which near enough describes the blog as I write about our family days out. I like the name although it does restrict me it a little, that’s probably a good thing though.

  10. 76 sunflowers says:

    Your blog name!

  11. 76 sunflowers says:

    I changed mine as the original name clearly revealed where I lived – rushed into it and realised I wanted a little bit of anonymity, especially when I went back to work! 76sunflowers comes from year of birth and my favourite flower – also makes me think of my late Dad who had sunflowers growing outside the window of his care home when he passed away. I think it works – for me anyway πŸ™‚

  12. I was trying to be clever. When I started my blog (June 2011) it seemed like there were LOADS of mummy blogs and I was jumping on a band wagon. I wanted to nod to that and called it Not Another Mummy Blog. I’m soooo funny πŸ˜‰

  13. I picked mine from the wording on the TFL badge you can get to wear on public transport when you’re pregnant. I wanted something that represented both London and the motherhood journey (and I do have a badge but never wore it!) Really interesting reading everyone else’s blog names.

  14. Chris says:

    Mine is Thinly Spread because I have four children so that is exactly what I am – even more so now one has left for Uni! So, being Thinly Spread, I thought it was a good idea to set up another blog and Life is Delicious was born – mainly about veggie food but also all the little bits and pieces which make life delicious!

  15. Sue says:

    Mine used to be Sue’s Musings but it didn’t feel right as most of my friends knew me as Soosieboo on FB and twitter. I changed it to Soosie Wales with the intention that it was ‘wails’ rather than Wales. Me sounding off soon took second place to my photography and recipes.
    I’m more mellow than I was 4 years ago..

  16. dogbombs says:

    Files and Records… Dates back to the original purpose I had when I bought the domain name. “Files and Records” was a bit-part character in the Angel TV series (the old Joss Whedon / David Boreanz one) who knew everything that was in the archives – the site was originally going to be a collection of gaming resources for the RPGs I was running at the time. Kids pushed gaming to the back seat for a while, so it’s only just creeping back to the blog now. Not sure what I’d call it if I started again…

  17. I was moving in with my boyfriend and instead of going out drinking we spent a Saturday night deciding what furniture to buy – I said “I suppose we need to be grown ups now?” and I decided to start recording our adventures. Now that we are trying for a baby – Time to be an Adult is even more apt!

    • Tara Cain says:

      Wow, you REALLY thought about your blog name. I love that! I actually thing Time to be an Adult will never lose it’s relevance – it would apply to me as the mother of pre-teens!

  18. I called my blog Mummy Cool when I started but changed it after a year when it became increasingly clear I was more Quirky and Kooky than Cool (according to the teens anyway). The name was also heavily influenced by David Bowie’s song Kooks though heaven knows why, I’m not a huge fan :/
    Jodie Hawkins recently posted…Manipulation Monday, 2My Profile

  19. Marianne says:

    when I started blogging 5 years ago, I didn’t have a plan, I didn’t have a clear idea of what I would write about, all I knew was that it would be my little corner if the Internet and so Mari’s World was born. I’m really hAppY I started and have loved my journey so far
    Marianne recently posted…Chicken, bacon and stilton rouladesMy Profile

  20. Nickie says:

    Mine is fairly self explanatory – I was tired of being “typecast” as a young mum, and then a young grandmother and knew that I wanted to write about boundary breaking and seemingly taboo subjects.

    Great idea, Tara – I remember this from the first time round too!
    Nickie recently posted…Being A Sport’s Widow Means I Get ‘Me Time’My Profile

  21. Mrs Mac Hall says:

    I read a ridiculous story about a poor chap who was actually swallowed by a hippo. It just had a certain ring to it and I was looking for a title for my blog!
    (Disclaimer: it was in the Guardian so it must be true).
    Have bought the url but need to shift it onto wordpress.org. ONE DAY!

  22. Great question Tara, and brilliant idea to get it all in one place!

    We were planning our trip and I wanted a place to share our family travels with family and friends. C was just under 2 when I started, so I was playing around with names including ‘little’ or ‘small’ when One Tiny Leap popped into my head. It just felt like it made sense as we were all taking tiny leaps towards a big adventure.
    Maria (One Tiny Leap) recently posted…Living Arrows + 4/52My Profile

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  24. Rachael says:

    I was pregnant with my second baby when I started my blog. At the time of starting the blog I was obviously totally knee-deep in everything pregnancy, baby, and toddler related, so something along the ‘mummy’ line seemed the obvious choice. I picked ‘L-plate Mummy’ as I felt that this was very much what I was – I still don’t know what I’m doing most days!
    However, as much as it suited me back then, four years later, I don’t feel it represents ‘me’ that well anymore. I would like to break away from the mummy tag. What I want to be called and how I go about making the change is something I have NO idea where to begin! x
    Rachael recently posted…#Project365 Week 4My Profile

  25. I called my blog Nappy Valley back in 2008, because that’s the nickname of the area of Southwest London where I was living – the idea was that I’d write satirically about the area, which was full of yummy mummies. It then evolved into an expat blog when I moved to America, so it became Nappy Valley in New York. Then, I moved back to the UK and moved to Crystal Palace, so it’s now From the Valley to the Palais. I’ll probably change it again in a few years, but everyone seems to think I should keep the nappy valley element in there somehow!
    Alexandra Jardine recently posted…This (Mama’s) LifeMy Profile

  26. VP says:

    I came up with the name Veg Plotting in minutes but there’s quite a story to the name which is revealed via your Linky πŸ˜‰ It’s proved a memorable name, but I quickly found I couldn’t stick to the topic of vegetables!
    VP recently posted…Hoary MorningMy Profile

  27. What a great idea – I often wonder how people came up with the names of their blogs, so this is a lovely prompt to do some snooping and find out.

    Linky will reveal the details of why Gwenfar’s Garden; it does have something to do with the impact the Arthurian Legend had on my life. Quite literally including moving from one side of the world to the other πŸ™‚

    Ok, now off to snoop at everyone elses reasons.
    Julieanne Porter (@GwenfarsGarden) recently posted…Plants for boggy shadeMy Profile

  28. Jacq says:

    Ha! I read this wrong and wrote a blog post on it. My excuse is that I’m stressed atm!
    Jacq recently posted…Why Is This Blog Called MyMumdom?My Profile

  29. That is a very good question Tara. I will soon be celebrating my 6th blogging anniversary, and as you know my babies are not babies anymore! Have I known you that long? πŸ˜‰ Back then my life was ” all about babies” so I called it that, but how different is it now? Last few months I have been seriously thinking about renaming my parenting blog… but not sure if it’s a good idea. Focussing more on my fitness me has really helped me, and my new fitness4mamas.com blog is so different, planned ahead. On the other hand, I love looking back. Just going through all my gallery entries! What a colection!
    Mirka Moore @Fitness4Mamas recently posted…Helping Mothers with HIV in Kenya #lastingchangeMy Profile

  30. Becky says:

    I want to change my blog name to something that wont ever date but as everything is in my babybudgeting name and scare to lost it but kids are 7 and 10 you were smart Tara!
    Becky recently posted…Pick of the Week: Coloured BottlesMy Profile

  31. Gina Caro says:

    I just thought what sums up motherhood for me and at the time it was ‘Cold Tea and Smelly Nappies’. Doesn’t fit with life now though but scared to change it after 3 years

  32. Expat Mum says:

    Mine is ever so boring and sometimes I regret doing the Mum thing, but – I quite like being part of the tribe! I suppose it (Expat Mum) does encompass my professional writing (as a Brit in the US) so it’s probably not a bad name for me, but oh- boring!
    Expat Mum recently posted…Working from Home – the reality.My Profile

  33. When I started blogging in Switzerland, I called it LaDouceVieSuisse – the sweet life in Switzerland. Even before I knew we were moving back to UK, I decided to change the name of the blog, as I felt it was limiting.

    I was also very aware that I was making the classic mistake of only blogging about the sunny side of life, and felt that I was misrepresenting myself and my life. I wanted to be more honest and open. Life isn’t only perfectly baked cakes, and fun outings.

    The name of my blog is now Salt&Caramel – not only because it reflects the sweet and the bitter side of life that I share, but also because it’s my favourite ice cream!
    Lynn Schreiber recently posted…Talking to The Kids About Sex – Without Euphemisms or EmbarrassmentMy Profile

  34. Louise says:

    Good excuse to update my about me page and link up later πŸ™‚
    Louise recently posted…Heart Cake PopsMy Profile

  35. MuddyNoSugar says:

    You know this anyway, and it’s not very exciting, but here it is. My name in internetland is MuddyNoSugar (which came out of a game of poker and is my poker name), this is how I like my coffee. There is a MuddyTwoSugars out there too…..

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