The Vileda Christmas message

“This Christmas, give time” 
Vileda’s Christmas message this year.

If you ask either of my children to share memories of Christmases from the past, it’s never about a particular toy they received. The gadgets come and go, the must-have game forgotten.
But the people we had over to visit, the days out, the time we spent inventing new silly games to play together, they all remain.
Truly, the greatest gift you can give a child at Christmas is time.

Many of the Christmas traditions can easily become a chore; putting up the tree between the school run, making dinner, the ironing, cleaning rugby boots, dropping off at after school clubs, food shopping. They can quite easily become a ‘let’s just get it done and over with’ job.
Writing cards – oh my goodness, all those cards – can make you roll your eyes when you just want to sit down and not have to think about anything other than yourself for a second.

But if you see each of them as a special time to be remembered and get everyone to join in, it will become a fond memory rather than a chore.

Giving the gift of time applies to the adults you buy for too.
Every year you have that typical dilemma – what to buy the friend who has everything. What to buy the in-law who’s really fussy. What to buy the nerd who only wants gadgets, but has them all already.

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In this Christmas video from Vileda the answer is to give them time; time to indulge in their hobbies and passions, as you’ll see as the story unfolds.
Or, obviously, give them a Virobi and Relax Cleaning Robot to do their dirty work for them meaning more time to sit on the sofa and watch James Bond movies  🙂
As well as the Cleaning Robot Vileda have a whole host of gift suggestions for the difficult person in your life. Although I’m thinking any fashion victim I know wouldn’t be happy opening a Hot Spray Mop on Christmas morning, but you never know!

This is a sponsored post with Vileda.

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