The Photo Gallery 211: Babies

Dan as a baby

Today my baby is 12.
I know, I know, I can’t possibly be old enough to have a 12 year old with me being so youthful n all. But there you go, I’m not and I do.

You read all the time how their childhood goes by in the blink of an eye.
And you scoff. I scoffed. Ridiculous said I, getting on with things and watching as in a blur I’m knocking on the door of the teenage years and my baby is no more.

It’s 9.15 in the evening and he’s upstairs right now reading in bed. He absolutely won’t go to sleep without calling me to come and say goodnight. It’s a bit of a ritual. I fluff up his feather duvet, sit on the edge of his bed, ask how the story is going, does he want a drink, has he packed his school bag.

But tonight will be different. Tonight I will kiss goodnight to an 11 year old and await the hug of a 12 year old in the morning.
And I pledge to enjoy every minute of this coming year because who knows what the teens are going to bring!

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18 Responses to The Photo Gallery 211: Babies

  1. sarahmo3w says:

    Happy birthday to your biggest baby! It really is incredible how the time flows back. It's lovely to hear that he still calls you to say a final goodnight. I try to hang on to these things for as long as I possibly can, but they're all slipping away now 🙁
    My recent post The Gallery: Babies

  2. Sarah says:

    Happy Birthday to your nearly 12 year old and what a gorgeous photo! My oldest turns 12 next year. Wow, time does fly and it makes you realise, more and more, how important it is to treasure every moment.

  3. K Ville says:

    Times flies very quickly indeed

  4. libprice says:

    Happy Birthday D – with lots of love from the Prices. xxxxxx

  5. Susan Mann says:

    Happy birthday Dan. Hope he has a wonderful day. Hugs xx

  6. I scoffed too and now I just want time to slow down a little bit. Hope your boy has a lovely Birthday
    My recent post Snow Globe Christmas Cake Tutorial

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  8. louisejedwards says:

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful baby! xxx
    My recent post The Gallery: Babies

  9. lauracymft says:

    He is so cute in that photo! Hope he had a brilliant birthday!
    My recent post Babies #TheGallery

  10. Expat Mum says:

    Aw, I still go up most night and put my massive 11 year old to bed. He's my youngest so I know I'm on borrowed time! Happy birthday to your newly minted 12 year old. x
    My recent post The British Driving Test – getting easier or harder?

  11. Happy Birthday to your baby boy! That photo is gorgeous x
    My recent post Photo Gallery: Week 211 – Babies

  12. 'They grow so quickly', I was told
    Over and over again, I heard many say
    But in those early days, I just couldn't see
    Through the pain of not so natural breastfeeding

    And now so many months down the line
    I truly see that they grow so quickly
    And I find myself telling newer moms
    About how quickly they truly grow!

    Wow, 12 years old; I can't even image it. Happy birthday to your not-so-little-one and thanks for sharing your reflections.

    I've remembered you on and off from BlogFest14 and I've meant to visit your blog many times over. I've just started my blog, it's 9 days today. And then your name came to my mind again and I checked you on twitter and saw your post about the photography linky which I believe you referred to at BlogFest14. I love taking photographs and looking at them, so I thought i'd join your linky and a few others. Sorry about the long story, I didn't mean to write this much. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to write and link; a good source of inspiration.
    My recent post NCT Parental Leave Session

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