5 reasons to give flowers

With the festive season upon us hands up all those who have a ‘difficult’ person to buy for.
The elderly aunt who just doesn’t need anything?
The friend who has everything?
The in-law who is super fussy?
The person you don’t really know very well?

For these people I always think about giving flowers.
From my own experience of giving and receiving flowers, I’ve found they can touch people in ways that other gifts cannot. They can make you feel special, lift your mood and every time you see them that feeling returns.

white roses

Flowers have carved out a unique place in the hearts and minds of people all over the world. They appeal to our innate desire to be close to nature and can express emotions in ways that other things cannot.

The reaction on peoples’ faces is priceless – they can brightened up even the darkest days and put you back on the front foot.
There are flowers for all occasions and for all people, all you need is to do a little research into which ones would be suitable and you have your perfect gift.

So think about giving flowers: they bring a smile to your face, make a home look cosy and they smell gorgeous too.
And every time that person looks at them, they will think of you! The perfect gift!

Need more convincing? Here’s five more reasons why you should be buying flowers for someone:

roses bouquet

1. Good vibrations
Sure, sending flowers is thoughtful, but how did you feel the last time someone send you a bunch of blooms? You felt pretty great right?
Give some thought to the flowers you choose and imagine the smile you’ll be putting on that special someone’s face when there is a knock on the door and they receive them.

2. You’ll get mega brownie points
You don’t need to send flowers for a special occasion. What about a bouquet ‘just because’? Let someone know you’re thinking about them, that something they did is appreciated – or just stack up those brownie points for when you need them!

pastel bouquet

3. Heaven scent
If you choose your flowers wisely, they will fill the recipient’s home with a gorgeous smell. Perfume is expensive; stick to flowers!

4. It’s an everyman gift
Everyone loves flowers so you can’t really go wrong.
Buy for that person who has everything – at least with flowers they’re going to really enjoy seeing them in their home and it will make them feel special.
But think about the person they are: if they love the outdoors send wild flowers or muted colours. If they’re outgoing and flash, buy brightly coloured, bold blooms.

bright bouquet

5. Convenience
Yes, online shopping is everywhere these days but you still need to know what to buy or you will end up browsing endlessly and pulling your hair out because you can’t decide on what to get.
Flowers are easy to choose and even easier to have delivered – sometimes within hours of you ordering.

It’s easier than ever to give flowers. They are always fresh and you’ll be guaranteed a fine-smelling treat for your loved one.

orange bouquet

This post is written in association with Fresh Flowers of Brisbane. 

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  1. Mirka Moore says:

    Love the white roses! I love getting and gifting flowers. Just wish it was happening more often.
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