Does the Peugeot 5008 fit into family life?

peugeot 2008

Over the half term school holidays I was offered a car to borrow.
I get a lot of exciting things to review through this blog, but I’m sorry a car never really floats my boat.
My husband has worked for a car company for years so I’m kind of immune to the new car excitement thing. If it gets me and the kids from A to B then I’m happy. While he’s cooing over alloy wheels and engine torque and high-end extras, I’m rolling my eyes and hoping and praying this time we get a white car instead of the Mars red one we had last time (it was orange. Bright orange. Nothing remotely Mars red about it).

However the PR company sweetened the deal. Would we like to go for a day out and test to see how the car would fit in with our lifestyle?
Also they would arrange a treasure hunt – around the car. So we could find out just how much space and storage it had to offer.
I thought it was a great pitch so I said yes.

And here she is: the Peugeot 5008 Allure. A “high-end family MPV which is ideal for families because of the space but also fantastic for outdoorsy holidays or sports”. That’s right up our street!
We put her to the test; the ultimate test as you will discover later  . . .

hamper of goodies

First off we did the treasure hunt. Or at least I got to watch as the kids flew like hawks around the various compartments of the car looking for goodies.
A disposable camera for our day out in the cavernous centre console, model cars in the pull-out storage tray under the driver’s seat and in the rear door pockets, sweets in the pocket at the rear of the passenger seat and, ooh, even goodies in storage compartments on the floor of the back seats (had to lift up the carpet mat. Nearly fooled them that one).

peugeot 2008 rear seats peugeot 2008 rear seat

Here’s what we discovered from our treasure hunt; there is bags and bags of room. Even for my two big kids and the bags of ‘stuff’ Mia has to take with her everywhere (stationery, jotter pads, pens, crayons, notepaper, rulers – the back of the car is like a mobile office and given the 5008 has trays on the back of the seat, she was in artiste heaven).

lioness hawk peugeot 2008 dash tree climbing

So we had our day out at Woburn Safari Park and the kids had a blast inviting the giraffe’s into the car and the monkeys all over the car.
And they climbed like monkeys themselves and spent a whole day laughing and giggling and having a whale of a time.
Then it was time to go home. It’s starting to get dark and we make our way to the M1 and oh hell it’s bumper to bumper and grim.
So we hit the sat nav (for yes there is one included, although we couldn’t work out how to put a postcode in and we’ve used a LOT of sat navs between us). Anyway, the journey is taking us foreverrrrrr but all is well.
I hear Dan say to his sister ‘are you are OK Mia?’ and then my ears explode for Mia is instantly sick all over the back of the car.
All. Over. The. Back. Of. The. Car.
The car we’ve borrowed to review.

There is me stripping my girl down to her underwear on the hard shoulder of the M40 in the pitch dark while the husband removes said sick from the back of the car with, well, with just his hands because we have nothing else. Because it is a borrowed car and we don’t have the usual wipes/towels/tissues we usually carry with us.
And no, there are no photos of that.

However, there is a bright side to this and one in which the car shone like a wonderful beacon of loveliness: The extra seats in the back meant we could wrap Mia up in various coats and sit her in one of the extra seats while we cleared up the mess. While husband cleared up the mess.
You couldn’t do that in my boring 5 seater car!
So the answer is yes, we’ve tested it thoroughly *ahem* and the Peugeot 2008 Allure really does fit in with family life!

The technical bit

Or as technical it gets from me reviewing a car.
We had a petrol engine and I found it quite sluggish. Lovely to drive on the motorway but little umph elsewhere.
I love the high driving position and the layout of the dashboard (there’s a little perspex panel which rises on top of the dash, right in front of the driver which shows your current speed). But I also found the suspension to be a bit harsher than I’m used to (we have a lot of speed bumps nearby).

peugeot 2008 shopping peugeot 2008 scooter peugeot 2008 boot
There was acres of room for the kids, their stuff, the dog, their friends, a picnic, the scooter, the shopping.
There are seven seats and the back two have a lot more room than I’ve seen before. Plus all the middle row seats each recline, which is a huge bonus when you’re travelling home from somewhere with tired kids.
So, big hit, interesting day out.

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13 Responses to Does the Peugeot 5008 fit into family life?

  1. libprice says:

    Did wonder if you'd confess to the vomit – made it an even more interesting review!!! Always looking for 7 seater reviews as need to replace my bus soon – so thank you!

  2. We're on the lookout for a new car, and, sad though I know it is, I do get really excited about huge boot space as a mum with seemingly endless things to put in there – bikes, scooters, kites, bags, toys – you know it! That looks great, and yes, also the added bonus of extra seats for sickness ! Hope she was OK after that. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Iota says:

    Well, you certainly did put it to the test!

  4. notsupermum says:

    Car looks great, not sure I'd go for the vomit splattered look though 🙂

  5. sarahmo3w says:

    Poor Mia! So relieved you spared us those particular photos. The car sounds pretty good though! We've recently switched to a seven seater and I must say it's pretty much the best thing since sliced bread.
    My recent post The Levellers go old school

  6. dogbombs says:

    The seven-seater's an interesting beast. We had a Renault Grande Espace for a few years, a smaller Mazda 5 at the moment. I found we were playing convenience of being able to shift all 7 of us around in one vehicle versus running costs. The Renault was *thirsty* – and with an 80L fuel tank a real walletectomy to fuel up. And tyres! It went through 2 sets of tyres a year. When we sat down and did the maths, we worked out that we would save thousands a year by renting a 7-seater as and when we needed one and doing everything else in 2 cars.

    Please thank Mia for giving the car a thorough destruction test – I think a feature like "how easy is it to clean after your kid has redecorated the back in a new shade we're calling 'hint of lunch'?" would go down well on Top Gear.

  7. nixdminx says:

    Oh so next time you borrow a car, make sure that huge blue bowl next to the cornflakes goes on your daughter's lap. I was car sick as a kid and it was vile, even on buses I would heave, poor thing, great car!

  8. Le Coin de Mel says:

    What a day! The treasure hunt and the zoo sound fab.
    Vomiting aside (Poor Mia), it sounds like a great, spacious car that would be perfect for my family of six. Being French, I do like a Peugeot, but last time I drove my mum's Peugeot, I found it too "smooth" if that makes sense.
    My recent post The Truth about Mornings with Four Small Children

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