What are your Milestone Moments?

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When you have kids life is tough.
It gets tougher.
Sorry to tell you this, but the baby and toddler years are a walk in the park by comparison. I’m burying my head in the sand about the teenage years because I know that’s going to be even worse.

Why am I telling you these awful things? Well, because if you don’t get your admin in place during those early years chances are you never will.
Because life will take over. School will take up half your life, working and managing the home the other half. And somewhere in there you’ve got to fit in everything else. Like being a wife, a sister, a daughter. Having a bit of ‘you’ time.
Being a parent is basically a time vortex and any spare time you ever had pre-kids will magically disappear.

Every week I promise myself I will sit down and ‘do the admin’ (ugh).
The family banking, the letters I need to sign for school, the cheques I need to write, pay the bills, pay the credit card.
This is all before I even think about renewing insurances, anything to do with the car, did I reorder the dog food, are we on the right fuel tariff, am I overpaying on my mobile phone? It’s an endless list of drudgery!
AND as I work from home, I have my taxes to fit in. I’m not painting a pretty picture here am I?!

For the past five years I’ve intended to look at the children’s savings accounts my mum set up for them when they were babies. Never happened.
I also intended to go through our ‘admin’ draw which is so full of paperwork (clearly before paperless systems came into being) that I fight a ridiculous losing battle every time I try to take a statement out. Never happened.

So I was asked to talk about life insurance by Aviva who are looking to help people during critical moments in their life (hence the ‘milestone moments’ of the title).
If you visit the Aviva Facebook page they’re running a competition to win £250 worth of high street vouchers if you share your moments with them – PERFECT for the run up to Christmas!

Aviva milestone moments

But life insurance, right? A bit of a dry subject.
However when your first child comes along it changes things. I felt like a grown up overnight. I thought about things like life insurance. Because suddenly it wasn’t all about me and my husband who could just muddle through. Suddenly it was about someone else we were bringing into the world.
And so I researched and investigated, while I sat there with a baby in my belly and I had all the time in the world. Because to me, knowledge was always power.

Anyway, if you’re looking for that knowledge it’s always best to educate yourself – whether your milestone moment was the birth of your first child or the purchase of your first home.
I actually felt a sense of calm and relief once I had ours all set up. Like I was an actual grown up now.
You’ve done that too right?! As the video below shows, it’s all about planning for the unexpected.

If you want to share your #milestonemoments and be in with a chance of winning Aviva’s Facebook competition Aviva’s Facebook competition visit them now and share – whatever moment in your life has had the most impact. The competition is open until November 14, 2014.

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  1. Perfect indeed. And It reminds me that I really need to sort out life insurance. Gah.
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  2. I had this constant nagging fear when getting a will and life insurance were just on my to do list, now that they're safely ticked off I can breathe a sigh of relief – having kids does mean you've got to put these things in place sadly. And oh how I hate admin too! x
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