The loudest burp in the world


One of my fondest childhood memories is of a TV show I used to watch regularly after school.
If I hear the theme tune now it transports me straight back to the days of rushing home from school to see Roy Castle and Norris McWhirter present Record Breakers; tales of Guinness World Records attempts, facts, figures and basically a celebration of all things extraordinary.
Which could have been a dull as dishwater experience, but the mix of a very personable and entertaining Castle and the very knowledgeable co-founder and editor of the book McWhirter (there was a section on the show where the audience could test him on his knowledge of the book – I only ever recall him being stumped once!) made it essential viewing.

Fast forward to today and the Guinness World Records book is still a huge hit in this house.
My kids are now also growing up with it. The records may have changed to reflect the digital world we live in but the enthusiasm and the ‘URGH, have you seen this page’ haven’t changed.

GWR 2014

I was very privileged to be able to share in the 60th birthday celebrations of Guinness World Records last month when my kids and I headed to London to visit their headquarters as they played host to a bunch of bloggers and their kids.
A real money can’t buy experience. And an experience where the kids are most definitely the VIPs.

largest shoe in the world wrapping a book the fastest bloggers at GWR

That’s Geek Mummy right there cackling because she’d just got to attempt an official world record; bursting balloons with her bum. I don’t think she took it seriously enough.

We got to attempt world records (moving jelly from one bowl to another, bursting balloons with our bums. Class stuff), we got to meet record holders (the man with the loudest burp in the world HAS to have been right up there as one of the highlights – many people have tried to claim his record but many have failed as he’s held it for something like 14 years). And possibly one of the kids’ favourite things was being asked their opinions on all things Guinness World Records.
Which cover did they prefer for next year’s book (can’t wait to see if it’s the one we chose), what did they like/dislike about the new Guinness World Records Kids website and I think best of all, editor Craig Glenday mingled and chatted with the kids and took a genuine interest in their thoughts and ideas. And it was lovely to see all the GWR staff really enjoying having us all there.

guinness world records staff

Then it was outside to see the World’s Smallest Caravan and the Fastest Supermarket Trolley. Seriously I’m not making this stuff up.
London traffic was halted as the jet-powered trolley whipped through the night

fastest supermarket trolley fastest supermarket trolley2

You can also catch up with Guinness World Records on Facebook.

I tell you what, being the kids of parent bloggers is SUCH a thrill these days!

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  1. mrsmachall says:

    Best theme tune ever! I may have to youTube it. What a fab day out. They'll never forget it. Good balloon/bum effort too. X
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  2. Sian says:

    It really was a fab day.
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