The Photo Gallery 209: Being a parent

young rugby player youth rugby

When you move into the pre-teen years, being a parent changes. Really quite radically.
You can’t get away with ‘because I said so’ ever because they want to know exactly why you say so and if it’s unreasonable they will have a well reasoned and probably very accurate argument to counter it.
Because that’s what you’ve taught them to do in life.

They don’t want you around them all the time. They want their own space, and they will often choose to be with their friends over you.
But that’s fine, because friends are important and learning how to socialise is important because you want them to get on in that big bad world.

However, here’s the biggy; they won’t tell you everything any more. There will be secrets. And it will be agony because you used to be in on everything.
But that’s totally OK, because that’s what growing up is all about and you need to step away from your parents to blossom and grow.

I have spent years and years priming my kids for this moment. Hoping that the standards we set in this household stick. That they want to be decent human beings. Caring, compassionate, cuddly 🙂
Hoping that they make the right decisions, but if they don’t, they learn from their mistakes.

So in light of all that, this is how I stay connected to my nearly 12 year old now. His rugby.
I stand on the sidelines at every club match he plays. I listen as he dissects the game afterwards, I praise him on his crunching tackles, I offer advice where it’s asked for.
Since starting his new school in September he now also plays a lot of school rugby. And I’m there too, hovering on the sidelines, watching as he emerges from underneath a pile of muddy bodies with the ball in his hands and a smile on his face.

Being a parent gets much harder as they grow. You think the toddler years are a challenge, but you’re just going to swap them for new challenges; challenges where your child is almost as tall as you and can unpick your reasoning before your very eyes.

I’ve seen/read/heard so many differing stories about the teenage years, I’m going to enjoy every single bit of this phase as much as I can!

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11 Responses to The Photo Gallery 209: Being a parent

  1. Kizzy says:

    One of my images looks very similar just with a different shaped ball!

  2. sarahmo3w says:

    So true! So many people say 'I don't know how you can stand there for hours on a Sunday morning', but if I didn't do that, I wouldn't be spending time with my kids. Yes, it's cold and wet and sometimes even, dare I say, a bit boring, but the kids appreciate me being there and that's so important.
    My recent post Being a parent

  3. Louise Perry says:

    Gosh parenting is hard isn't it! I keep saying to my husband we have to do things with them now before they don't want to do stuff with us any more. Big man turns 7 this week and I fear I will blink and he will be at secondary school. Love the rugby pictures. xx
    My recent post Expecting a boy? 10 Things you need to know.

  4. libprice says:

    Loving your rugby photos (could now have 3 of mine – well 4 if you include the husband) in their matching kits to D!
    Combining the toddler years and pre-teens is 'interesting' in this house – but it's the best job in the world (most days!!) x

  5. Mummy Barrow says:

    As I wrote the line in my post "Or standing on a rugby touchline on Sunday morning" I thought of you!

    WHat a great pic

  6. coombemill says:

    I hope he keeps the rugby going, I think having a sporting interest is so good for teenage boys.

  7. Debbie says:

    I love your approach! I hope I can be an understanding parent when mine reach teenagedom- I fear this, knowing what a horrible child I was to my parents. I love the photos and your son's enjoyment of rugby- I hope mine grow to be as passionate about the sport!
    My recent post The perfect Chocolate Cupcake

  8. SusanKMann says:

    I wish I could keep mine the ages they are. I know I can't but reading posts like this, where their children are a little older than mine and they have a great approach to parenting, gives me hope. Love this post x
    My recent post Being A Parent – The Gallery 209

  9. lauracymft says:

    Oh man, I'm not looking forward to the teenage years. I think I'd rather have the toddler years over those!
    My recent post Playmobil Advent Calenders

  10. Mrs Darling says:

    Oh it is very scary this parenting lark! What do you mean 'because I said so' won't always work?! So right about the secrets it is so hard to imagine how it could be and I need to remember that when I am zoning out from my 5 year old telling me every detail about her day as her 2 yr old sister repeats it all when I am trying to make dinner! Such a great post, and theme, thank you 🙂
    My recent post Being a Parent

  11. With my eldest being {I think} around about the same age as yours, I hear you. This year was the first year where he had his own plans for the local fair that was on and for the fireworks display…his own plans?! How did that happen? And in view, the muddier the child {and photo}, the better their day was for it.
    My recent post The good old days

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