The driest subject matter for a blog post ever

muddy rugby kit

When you have a rugby player in the house this is a common sight.
It all stinks, every inch is mud splattered and it needs to be washed and dried ready for the next match or training session. Usually the next day.

And so, if you have a rugby player in the house you also do a LOT of washing.
At the moment it’s every day.
Every. Day.
Matches are rarely cancelled because the pitch isn’t up to it. Training happens in the rain. Mud doesn’t slow them down it positively livens them up!
He has actually been known to ‘swim’ in the mud much to my delight.

Dan plays for his school and his club team and it probably amounts to playing/training five times a week.
That’s five lots of kit so muddy you can barely tell what it’s original colour is. Shirt, shorts, socks, warm underlayer, under armour, splash suit top and joggers.
And on Sundays his dad helps coach his club team, so that’s another load on top right there.

So when I was asked if I’d like to try out the new AEG interactive tool for finding the best washer, dryer or combo dryer – a tool which matches you up with the perfect appliance for your needs – I bit their hand off. Right up to the elbow.

The tool is basically this: You answer seven simple questions to find your perfect AEG washer, dryer or combined washer dryer.

aeg john lewis tool
aeg john lewis tool2
aeg john lewis tool3
aeg john lewis tool4

And here is what the tool chose for me.
It’s now in my house and bringing great joy to my washing experience. And there’s something I never thought I’d write when I was way back in my 20s.

aeg drier aeg tumble drier

It’s an AEG ProTex condenser tumble dryer with a huge 8kg capacity, a lovely big drum AND it gets fab reviews on the John Lewis site (I check them religiously now).
I’ve always been a bit apprehensive about using a dryer with stories of how it can ruin clothes or shrink them ringing in my head. Plus I’m very much a dry my clothes on the line in the sunshine kind of gal.
However, given I can’t do that at the moment I am as happy as Larry with my new addition.
Built-in sensors automatically stop the machine as soon as clothes are dry (LOVE that), there is an anti-crease function that kicks in after the drying cycle has finished (LOVE that also), and, simple thing, but I love that a light in the drum comes on as you open and close the door so you can actually see what you’re doing and not leave a stray sock at the back of the machine.

I always thought I’d be a ‘simple is all I need; one button for cottons, one for synthetics’ but this machine has a whole range of programmes for everything from delicates to ‘sports wear’.
It also has a wool programme is so gentle, it’s been awarded the Woolmark silver certification.

As I said, happy as Larry.

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6 Responses to The driest subject matter for a blog post ever

  1. I never thought I’d see the day that I’d be swooning over a tumble drier but that beast is seriously swoonsome 🙂

  2. Bod for tea says:

    We flippin' love John Lewis here at Bod Towers – I'd move in given half the chance! This new tool looks brilliant. And is it too sad that I LOVE that light inside the dryer? Yeah, ok, it is. (But I still love it…)

  3. suzanne3childrenandit says:

    Ooh looks ace! I was about to write (before I read the whole post)….you'll need an industrial washing machine to wash that lot!
    My recent post Get Creative with Music Room / Giveaway

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