What to buy a 9 year old girl for Christmas


what to buy a 9 year old girl for christmas

On Monday I gave you some ideas for what to buy a 12 year old boy for Christmas.
Because to be honest, I’m struggling myself with my soon-to-be 12 year old.
But I had lots of requests for ideas of what to buy a girl.

I have a 9 year old former tomboy, slowly discovering what it’s like to be a pre-teen.
She doesn’t really ‘do’ girlie – although she’s definitely discovering her hair and different looks with her clothes – and has totally outgrown toys and nick nacks.

So, what to buy a 9 year old girl for Christmas?
Here’s my list of ideas.

  1. Wall sticker, from Icon Wall Stickers, £10.99
    I am mother to a total animal nut, so the thought of a tiger watching over her at night is Mia’s dream come true. These wall stickers are so quick and easy to apply and a great way of changing a room for little cost.
  2. Tin candle from John Lewis, £6
    Every year Santa buys Mia a candle, from him to her. These are brilliant as they come in their own tin – and the smell is wonderful too. Last year she had Fairy Dust.
  3. Exercise books from John Lewis, £6.99 and Vintage style journal from eBay, £14.99
    Mia cannot get enough stationery. Like mother, like daughter. I love these books; the vintage journal is a great ‘grown up’ book for non girlie girls.
  4. Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Face Wash from John Lewis, £14.95
    I’m a big believer in looking after your skin from an early age. So just as my mum stopped me using soap at a similar age, I’ll be encouraging Mia to use the natural goodness of Liz Earle on hers.
  5. Insulated mug from Paperchase, £7
    For those weekends on the touchline watching her brother play rugby!
  6. Stationery from Tinc, from £1
    I could fill her Christmas stocking with stationery and Mia would be utterly delighted! I love the things in Tinc; simple, fun and a reasonable price.
  7. Converse from Next, starting at £25
    Cool, comfortable and still robust enough to be able to climb trees in. Almost the perfect kids shoe.
  8. Hair crimpers from Boots, £19.99
    Very retro but great for a quick change of appearance!
  9. Biker jacket from New Look, £27.99
    Grandma bought Mia this very jacket for her birthday and it’s hardly been off since. She looks SO COOL in it and I suspect she feels a million dollars.
  10. Zippy earphones from Tinc, £4.50
    Great stocking filler; Mia listens to music a lot and these are funky and functional.
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6 Responses to What to buy a 9 year old girl for Christmas

  1. sarahmo3w says:

    Love these! So useful your kids are close in age to mine and you are full of good ideas! My girl got crimpers last year and she's also a big fan of Converse. She had already asked for wall stickers for Christmas, so I will be checking out Icon Wall Stickers for inspiration. And you definitely can't go wrong with stationery!
    My recent post Before I go to sleep by S J Watson

  2. Amy says:

    Really good ideas. I especially like the notebooks and candle. I must admit I struggle more when it comes to boys so I’m off to read your other guide now! Can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas!!!

  3. MsXpat says:

    Great ideas! Its such a tricky age and I've been wracking my brain trying to think what to get mates twin daughters. Yikes thanks for the heads up ;0)

  4. mamaelsie says:

    Brilliant ideas – my 9 year old would love items off both lists, so ta very much. That biker jacket though – I wonder if I can get it in my size!!

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