What to buy a 12 year old boy for Christmas

Christmas gifts for older boys

Stop with the eye rolling, you’ve got to start thinking about these things now.
Because, far be it from me to panic you, Christmas is a mere 10 weeks away.

And at nearly 12 Dan is getting harder and harder to buy Christmas presents for. He does love a stocking from Santa under the tree. You know, those little exciting things that will deliver a big surprise. I’m finding it quite difficult to surprise a pre teen!

So, here is my little list to help out incase you’re having the same problem as me. They’re not all stocking fillers obviously, but things I hope will bring a smile to their faces come Christmas morning.
Let me know if there is anything you would add.

  1. Wolverine movie poster from MoviePoster.com, £5.11.
    Perfect for the superhero nerd. They stock a whole range of other posters too so it’s easy to find a good fit.
  2. Red Metal Top Secret Box from Dotcomgiftshop, £19.95.
    I love this, it’s like the boys version of a lockable diary!
  3. Bananagrams from John Lewis, £15.99
    A brilliant/infuriating game for learning words and spellings. Learning while thrashing them *ahem*
  4. Fat Face set from Boots, £10.
    They are definitely getting to ‘that’ age! And with all the sport Dan does, it’s an essential.
  5. Trapper hat from Gap, £7.95
    My dad moved to Canada recently and pretty much lives in a hat like this which Dan covets all the time.
  6. Army Camouflage Face Paint from Dotcomgiftshop, £3.95
    This is definitely the age for running around a forest armed with a Nerf gun and a leaf in your hat for camouflage.
  7. Selection of books from Waterstones, starting at £5.99
    I can’t recommend books highly enough for kids of this age. It has really helped Dan with his school work, vocabulary and sentence structure. It doesn’t matter what they read as long as there is variety.
  8. Lava Lamp from the Discovery Store, £14.99
    It was cool in the seventies and it’s cool again now! A night light with pizzazz.
  9. Wallet from SuperDry, £14.99
    It’s all about the labels these days. Thankfully Dan isn’t the slightest bit bothered but this wallet is grown up and essential for all that pocket money he earns by doing his chores *ahem*.
  10. Desk Globe from Amazon, £16.99
    A great way to help them learn about the world we live in. Dan has a world map on his wall and whenever we hear a story about a country in the news, we look it up.
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11 Responses to What to buy a 12 year old boy for Christmas

  1. Great choices!!
    That Wolverine poster is fantastic! Never mind a 12 year old my fella would love that.

  2. Oooh some goodies there! I may have just written one or two down.
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  3. joannemallon says:

    Couple of things I would add since I have a son of the same age: Guinness World Records have a gamer's edition which is really good, and Disney Infinity have a new Marvel edition out which is top of my son's list.
    My recent post Memebox Global #15 review

  4. mamaelsie says:

    Great post Tara, brilliant ideas that my 9 year old girl would absolutely love! Being cheeky now – got any ideas for girls?!!

  5. Alison says:

    Some great ideas there, I am struggling now mines a teenager!
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  6. sarahmo3w says:

    Great recommendations! As a mum of a 13yo boy and an 11yo boy I can confirm that they're really difficult to buy for! We have a lot of these things already, but there's a few new ideas too. Nice that they're not in any way related to Minecraft or gaming!
    My recent post The making of my boy

  7. coombemill says:

    This is so spot on, my 12 year old is my hardest to buy for right now but this list is right up his street. Thank you for the inspiration

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