The Photo Gallery 202: Creative

Drawing in the snowI’m always banging on about getting more creative with your photography; trying to think of different perspectives, different angles, different subject matters.
I took a million and one photos when out in the snow with the kids on this occasion.
Photos of them playing, chasing the dog, climbing tree stumps, knee deep in the snow.
But this one was always my favourite. This one sums up the day we had perfectly – that jacket, the wellies, that damn stick she would not put down and even brought home in the car with us and left on the doorstep for “the next time I need to do snow art”.

This post is for week 202 of The Photo Gallery: The theme is: Creative.
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10 Responses to The Photo Gallery 202: Creative

  1. Mirka Moore says:

    Isn't it great how much creative you can with a stick? Both my girls love doing art in snow, and we do so much when we go skiing back home in the Czech Republic. Lovely shot!
    My recent post The Gallery: Creative

  2. libprice says:

    Gorgeous shot – I remember M in the coat (as my D had similar!)
    Haven't felt confident enough or creative enough to enter this week (I get scared at the word creative, what with being an accountant and everything!!) x

  3. Mummy Barrow says:

    As you say, it is all in that picture. It sum up the day perfectly even to those of us not there!!!

  4. marisworld says:

    I hope we get snow this year – I have snow boots for the girls not worn from last year 🙁

    Love the angle of this photo and the colours too. I've enjoyed this week's prompt, it made me look hard for the images I wanted to put up.
    My recent post Are we nearly there yet? – Tips for long car journeys and young kids

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  6. SusanKMann says:

    What a gorgeous picture. x
    My recent post Creative – The Gallery 202

  7. sarahdawnay says:

    These posts do so much to inspire me! I start a photography course in the spring and have just started playing with a new camera to remind myself of the difference between an F-stop and bus stop. First step, difference angles 🙂

  8. lauracymft says:

    Great photo with a fun story behind it. Miss C is always collecting things and bringing them home!
    My recent post Creative #TheGallery

  9. louisejedwards says:

    Love the contrast of the colours against the snow. Sounds like a day full of lots of happy memories. Awesome! x
    My recent post Creative photography with @Jessops #thegallery

  10. munchiesandmunchkins says:

    Just joined in for the first time, have been an avid Gallery lurker for a while but time to be a part of it!

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