Someone tell her the disco isn’t for another 4 years

Something has happened to my little tomboy.
The girl who only ever wanted to dress like her brother and grimaced like a Bulldog if I ever suggested she show her legs in a dress or a skirt, has morphed into a girl.
A girl who wants to wear her hair in a bun and her favourite earrings on a dog walk into the woods.
You can’t see it, but she’s also wearing her favourite ‘lacey’ top and the new ‘motorcycle jacket’ her grandma bought her.
I had to do her hair twice because “you’ve not flattened it down properly at the top” and if I’m not mistaken she has a whiff of Impulse about her.

Eight years I’ve been the mother of a tomboy.
I was lucky if I could get her to brush her hair, let alone style it.
Eight years. I’m not entirely sure what to do now but look on and wait. And spend hours on Pinterest looking up hairdos!

In the woods

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18 Responses to Someone tell her the disco isn’t for another 4 years

  1. glenda says:

    I hear you Tara my 10 year last Christmas had make up, leather jacket, crop top and little heeled boots and became a teenager GIRL literally within minutes of getting dressed. Appearance is everything to her now – she is gorgeous and I have to constantly convince her that she doesn't need make up to pop to the shops. I personally have never been one for lots of make up – natural is best as far as I am concerned – but what do mums know so she still pops on a bit of lippy! There is no rule book for being a mum – and i think what makes it more difficult for me is that my 7 year old WANTS TO BE LIKE BIG SIS NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! However, think her Dad is finding it harder to get his head around it all as he is now dealing with daughters WHO LOVE TO SHOP!

  2. Sian says:

    Love her bun! I have a cool hairstyles board on Pinterest that both of my girls pin too too. We will have you doing reverse keltic drop plaits before you know it!
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  3. witwitwoo says:

    Oh bless her! She is such a lovely lovely girl Tara … Impulse or not 🙂 x

  4. sarahmo3w says:

    Eeek! Get her on YouTube learning her own styles – that's what my daughter did. She is obsessive about hair and blimmin' brilliant at hairstyles, even though it pains me to say it. I've always been a tomboy myself, but have produced a girly girl. Mine has gone slightly the other way though and has started wearing trousers and rejects all sorts of glitz and sparkle. I take great personal pride in that!
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  5. English Grandma says:

    It happens, Tara…sadly, but it does x

  6. nickietypecast says:

    Ah yes, I remember this well with Rachel. it's such a shock at the time but lovely as well. I adore her bun.

  7. Mel Brammer says:

    Oh help. My three year old at the moment seems to effortlessly combine a love of tights and pretty hairclips and a top with a little sparkle to it, with climbing trees and running through the woods and digging for worms. I'm carefully steering her clear of the pink and princess, the "hair salon" lego and so on, and encouraging the more gender non-specific toys, occupations etc. while also catering with a few bright coloured hair clips and alice bands. Its a fine balancing act between acknowledging and celebrating her feminine side, but not letting it define or restrict her. I know I've got the make-up and earrings thing to come, but I'm hoping not for a good few years yet!
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  8. EEK! A whiff of impulse really made me giggle lots. I teach. And they come in Year7 all little and sweet and then within the year? The odd illicit nail varnish comes out or a naughty jazzy earring. Sigh. Then come prom? They look 20! It is nice watching them grow though. Good luck! xxx
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