Premier Inn’s Sleep, Park, Fly

Premier Inn Heathrow Terminal 5When you’re travelling with children, it is a whole world of stress.
When you’re travelling without children it’s a whole world of stress too, but adding children to the mix just ups the ante!
It’s all the questions and ‘are we nearly there yet’s and they’ve forgotten their tablet, favourite teddy, all their underpants for the next two weeks away.

In July this family embarked on the most amazing two-week holiday. We flew to America to board the world’s largest cruise ship as part of our ‘jobs’ as Royal Caribbean blog ambassadors.
But before all the excitement, came the travelling to the airport bit. The bit that tires you out, makes you mumble under your breath for them to JUST. BE. QUIET. The bit that comes just before you board a plane for another nine hour journey.
As our journey to London Gatwick was a two-hour drive we were really not looking forward to it that much!

But what if you could get an overnight hotel package that costs just a few pounds more than the fortnight’s parking you were already forking out for?
You’d bite their hand right off for the wonderful gift of convenience.
That’s when we discovered the Premier Inn Sleep, Park, Fly package.

And so, the day before our flight, we made a stress-free journey to the Premier Inn, Gatwick at Terminal 5 where an overnight stay for a family of four, overnight parking   AND two week’s car parking cost just £170
Airport parking alone was going to cost us £110.
Not only that, the parking is a ‘meet and greet’ service; which means you drive your own car to the airport terminal, leave your car with the parking staff, climb into the lift to the departure gates and there you are. No looking for parking spaces, no getting on a transfer bus. You’re right there outside your terminal.
So there was no getting up at the crack of dawn to be at the airport in time on the day of your flight. No getting onboard a transfer bus with kids and bags and suitcases in tow.
It ticked every one of our boxes!

The hotel itself is as you’d expect from any Premier Inn. Comfortable and quiet. The staff were really friendly and helpful (and mindful that nearly everyone staying there is travelling somewhere nice so they delighted the kids by asking them what they were going to be doing on their holiday).

And after a lovely leisurely breakfast we jumped in our car, drove to the airport which was about 5 minutes away and started our holiday with smiles on our faces instead of lines furrowed in our brows.

We were given a Sleep, Park, Fly package in return for writing this post however all opinions are my own.
The package is available at other branches of the hotel chain and you can choose from 2-4, 5-8 or 9-15 day parking packages
The package is also available 365 days a year right up until 24 hours before your stay.
Check the website for details as prices and offers can change depending on the hotel.

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