Samsung Showcase fridge freezer review

samsung showcase front door

Twelve years ago when the husband and I moved into this house, we bought an American side by side fridge freezer.
We paid for it with the husband’s annual bonus and felt really outrageous at spending so much money on a kitchen appliance.
BUT I would now find it very hard to go back to a ‘conventional’ fridge freezer.
I treat it like a larder. I fill it. It means I can have Tupperware tubs of left overs and pots of extra meals for emergencies and store cakes – all without having to fight to shoehorn it in.

Then Samsung emailed and asked if I’d like to try out their new American fridge freezer; the Samsung Showcase.
I wasn’t so sure. I mean I’ve got a big fridge freezer. I love it. Why would I need a different one? How would a different fridge freezer set my pulse racing?
So I looked it up and WOOOH, I so wanted it. It was beautiful. It was like the Ranger Rover of fridge freezers. It looked and sounded wonderful.
This is the photo which sold it to me.

Samsung Showcase gallery picture

So now I have it installed in my home what do I think?
I’ve been using it for just over a month now. I’ve stocked it up multiple times, I’ve hosted a party with it, the kids have used it, the husband has got his beer in there. We’ve even got it plumbed in giving us cold water and crushed or cubed ice on tap.

First up let’s address the elephant in the room: The Samsung Showcase fridge freezer costs  just over £2,500. Wow. Slow down right there. That’s a LOT of money for a fridge freezer.
My last one cost just over £1,000. That’s a biiiiiig difference.
So I did a bit of research and actually it’s not on it’s own in that price bracket. Basically you get what you pay for, so a more basic model will have more basic features.
This one has oodles of features.

samsung showcase shelves

Samsung showcase Collage samsung showcase front samsung showcase fridge freezer interior

The Pros

  • The fridge has acres of space. Dimension wise, it’s no bigger than my last model, but clever storage and well-thought out design mean I can fit a LOT more in.
  • Large drawers. There is a vegetable, a salad and a meat draw and all three of them are really deep and fit tons of goods in, without taking up valuable space in the rest of the fridge.
  • The door space is huge and super easy to access. I used to keep all my bottles of sauces, preserves, chutney’s jams, spreads etc in the door of my previous fridge but I could never see which one was which as they were so rammed in and any small jars just got lost. The door space is so vast they have their own ‘room’. There are six compartments to choose from
  • Not only that, you can open the fridge door and the contents of the door remain inside the fridge. So, those items you use all the time – milk, juice, sauces, snacks, butter etc – you can get to without having to open the whole fridge (hence the ‘showcase’ name). On top of this, some of the compartments slide out so you can get to them even easier. This is brilliant when you have kids and they’re in and out of the fridge all the time.
  • The storage is flexible; one of the shelves can be halved to allow for tall bottles and the door shelves have dividers you can use if you wish to stop bottles falling over.
  • The temperate in the fridge is constant; every corner maintains the same temperature so there are no ‘warm’s spots.
  • There is acres of space. It easily fits our family of four shopping with space to spare.
  • You can control the temperature of the fridge and the freezer seperately.
  • The LED light is amazing; it shines in every single corner of the fridge.
  • An alarm sounds if one of the kids leaves the fridge or freezer door open.
  • The water and ice dispenser is fabulous and so easy to use – it’s even made my kids drink more because they love using it.
  • Every inch of space in the freezer has been thought about. The drawers are deep and easy to use and despite there being a whopping great ice maker inside the door, there is still more space in this freezer than there was in my old model which didn’t have an ice dispenser.
  • It looks very elegant and is beautifully designed.
  • One thing I always check for, the energy rating is A+ and its annual average energy cost is £42.

The Cons

  • The price. You have to really use your fridge freezer a lot to warrant spending that much on one
  • The size. Not all kitchens can fit one in. Ours couldn’t, we have ours in our utility.
  • You have to have it plumbed in. The delivery man offered to do mine upon installing it, but my water was on the other side of the room to the fridge so we had to have it done seperately.
  • When you open up the fridge door to access the interior (as opposed to just the showcase), the door is really heavy. Not a problem for adults but worth bearing in mind for younger members of the family. As long as you put all ‘their’ stuff in the showcase they will be fine.
  • The freezer is much narrower than an conventional freezer. You have to completely rethink your freezing!
  • The water filter needs changing every six months or so – another cost to factor in.
  • Fingerprints on the door. You will have them! It’s easy enough to clean, and as mine is in the utility room it doesn’t bother me. But be warned.

The attention to detail is what ultimately sells it for me.
If you’re a foodie or a sucker for high-end kitchen appliances it’s going to tick all your boxes.

Oh and one other thing. If you’re working late and night and everyone else is in bed and you hear a noise like someone is breaking into the back door of the house, you may find it’s just the ice maker, making more ice! It’s really rather loud and unsettling!

And finally I’ve made a little video of a tour around the fridge freezer. Try not to judge my shopping habits.

You can buy this freezer from John Lewis, Curry’s and Appliances Direct.

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3 Responses to Samsung Showcase fridge freezer review

  1. Expat Mum says:

    Gosh it's so much cheeper in the USA – $2400. 1490 pounds. I'd forgotten how expensive large appliances are in the UK. Looks nice. I particularly like the alarm idea 'cause I am having a running battle with my 18 year old at the moment……
    From experience, the only drawback to having the ice and water dispenser on the outside of the door is when you have little toddlers who just can't resist pressing the buttons and it goes all over the floor.
    My recent post Inspirational Quotes – Boost or BS?

  2. Niff says:

    Hi there I am considering buying this but would just like to know if the water dispenced is chilled or tap warm .thanks

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