The Photo Gallery 203: Eyes #seethemiracle


Two years ago I had corrective laser eye surgery.
I didn’t need it particularly. I hated the contact lenses I’d been wearing for years and years and glasses got on my nerves. But it was an amazing opportunity (I was offered the surgery for free through this blog) and I took it.
I say I took it, just like that, but I agonised over it for weeks and weeks before saying yes. Because, you know, surgery. On your eyes.

When Mia puts my old glasses on (and pulls that face because “that’s what you look like when you concentrate” – what?) I am so glad I had the opportunity to take them off for good and see without having to reach for those fingerprint strewn lenses. Or struggle like a child when a foreign object lodged itself under a contact lens.

Today a man in Africa is having surgery on his eyes because he desperately needs it. If he can’t see he can’t work and that will mean his family go hungry.
Winesi and his family live in Milaw. He has been blind for two years. In a few months their food stores will dry up and his whole family will suffer.
But today he is having a simple cataract operation which will completely change his life. The operation costs just £30 – a small amount to us maybe, but it’s a price he and many many more like him, could never afford.


Winesi with his wife Namaleta ©RachelPalmer/FieldcraftStudios/Sightsavers

This is a world away from my sight issues.
A world away.

Sightsavers has launched the Million Miracles campaign and the hashtag #seethmiracle with the aim of raising £30 million by 2018 to fund these operations in some of the poorest countries in the world.
And today at 1.30pm UK time, you can join them live via Google hangout as a cataract surgeon in Malawi performs the life-changing surgery on Mr Winesi. Pretty awesome stuff and (I’m reliably informed) not gory!
The hangout will be hosted by YouTube star Doug Armstrong.
And then tomorrow at 1.30 a second Google hangout will reveal how the bandages are removed and Mr Winesi sees for the very first time.

Obviously it would be lovely if everyone could donate, but if not spread the word far and wide. Tell everyone what Sightsavers are doing.
And then thank your lucky stars that you get to see the sun rise tomorrow, see how autumn is making her grip on everything around you and, of course, you get to see your kids smile.

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13 Responses to The Photo Gallery 203: Eyes #seethemiracle

  1. sarahmo3w says:

    Such a fantastic campaign and bloggers are doing a great job of raising awareness.
    Love that funny face 🙂

  2. mamasyder says:

    Such a wonderful campaign! Cute photo, such a pretty girl x

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  4. Thank you so much for adding your weight to this campaign (not that you are heavy – you know what I mean!). Your girl gets lovelier by the photo!
    My recent post Eyes – See The Miracle

  5. Merry says:

    This campaign has so completely brought back to me you and Max having their eyes done, such an incredible change to his life and yours too. I don't think it can be understood until it has been seen somehow.

    Your girl is gorgeous – and she has a point 😉
    My recent post 15 Practical Skills to Learn Before Leaving Home.

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  7. Libby Price says:

    Thank you for highlighting this campaign._M looks gorgeous._Posted mine from hols in NYC without my kids, so a bit emotional looking at their pretty faces. xx

  8. minibreakmummy says:

    I've linked up a photo for two reasons: 1. this is a really good cause! and 2. this is also a good excuse to share a favourite photo of my son!

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  10. lauracymft says:

    Such a great campaign. I do think we take our sight for granted. Amazing that for just £30, a person's sight can be restored or repaired.
    My recent post Eyes #TheGallery

  11. pdpbylili says:

    So maybe my eyes were a stretch…sorry. I feel bad now.

  12. SusanKMann says:

    Such a cute picture. I don't qualify for eye surgery yet, I hope to one day. This is such an amazing campaign. x
    My recent post Eyes – The Gallery 203

  13. leslieanne says:

    Thank you for making me notice this campaign. So humbling that something most of us take for granted (ie. our eyesight) is such a problem for so many elsewhere. Happy to have donated.
    My recent post Illustration Friday: Wish

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