In the kitchen with the kids

kids in the kitchen

I wrote previously about getting your kids in the kitchen as soon as you can to encourage them to cook and feel comfortable around chopping and baking and measuring out ingredients.
The benefits are HUGE. You get to hang out together, they learn a valuable life skill AND all that measuring and weighing is fabulous for getting their brains used to numbers and maths skills.

And so I thought I’d share a few great buys for encouraging your children to want to get that apron on and get cooking.
These are all items I’ve bought myself or seen friends use and are all sourced from UK sites.

1. ‘Home Baked’ Stamp, John Lewis (£4)

2. Shining Sun Cookie Cutter, Lakeland (£1.09)

3. Fairy Cake Cases, DotCom Gift Shop (£5.95)

4. Star Wars Chocolate Moulds, Lakeland (£6.99)

5. Digital scales, John Lewis (£15)

6. Cheese Grater, Ikea (£2.20)

7. Baking mat, Ikea (£9)

8. Hand Mixer, Sainsburys (£8.99)

9. Rubber Spatula, Ikea (60p each)

10. Printed Greaseproof Paper, Ebay (£6.79 for 50 sheets)


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