Win a Bissell cleaner worth £199.99 [closed]

Bissell Powerclean Prime

I don’t know about you, but I do love a nice household gadget. Anything which makes living easier!
This Bissell OxyPower Clean Prime promises to revolutionise your life! Woo hoo.
The lightweight cleaner is a deep cleaning system which removes tough stains and powers through your carpets and upholstery with ease.
A rotating power brush at the front of the machine gets deep into the carpet fibres and the hose tool makes light work of difficult to reach places, stairs and furniture.

And when you’ve got kids and pets or both, this gadget is going to be your best friend!
Ideal World TV are launching the Bissell Prime Deep Cleaner on Monday, September 15 for a special price of £199.99 so if you want to see it in action, make sure you tune in.
And to mark the occasion they have given you the opportunity to win one with me.

So, want to get your hands on one?
Well, all you need to do is fill in the widget below and cross your fingers and that’s it.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The competition is open to residents of the UK only (sorry rest of the world).
No cash alternative offered.
The prize is 1 Bissell OxyPower Clean Prime worth £199.99.
Entry is via Rafflecopter.
Make sure your contact details are easily available.
The competition closes on Friday, September 19, 2014.
One winner will be chosen at random from all the entries after the closing date.
The winner will be asked to provide their full name and address for the prize to be sent to.
If a prizewinner does not respond within a week of being contacted, the prize will be re-drawn and a new winner will be contacted.

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470 Responses to Win a Bissell cleaner worth £199.99 [closed]


    Hmmm probably the washing machine – imagine going back to them metal boards and washing dollys! No thanks!

  2. The modern cooker or maybe a boiler as both replaced the old style range, no getting up at dawn's crack to light a fire early and just imagine cleaning and maintaining it!
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  3. Leanne Lunn says:

    Definitely the washing machine, dishwasher is closely behind though. Love them both.

  4. My bread maker. We’d never have fresh (or decent) bread otherwise!

  5. Tracy Nixon says:

    A fridge! We would struggle to keep food cool or fresh without one!

  6. Elisa Trueman says:

    A steam mop! They are so versatile and simple to use – fab! 🙂

  7. Fridge freezer. Means we shop only every 3 weeks.
    My recent post Amy = Scam

  8. james wood says:

    Washing Machine

  9. Tamasine says:

    Has to be the fridge freezer.

  10. nordiclinguist says:

    The dishwasher!

  11. KATHY D says:

    Actifry – chips without the guilt

  12. Andy Caldwell says:

    Washing Machine

  13. mary heald says:


  14. Kevin Honey says:

    The dish washer

  15. Claudia Dance says:

    Washing machine

  16. Rebecca Evans says:

    I would say the washing machine. Its the most time saving piece of household equipment

  17. Julie Tift says:

    My Mixer – I couldn't make all those cakes half as easily without them, or mash potatoes, or pastries…etc (at least not without all that physical effort)

  18. Stevie says:

    My mum says it's hot running water because you can do everything with it. Must be the boiler/immersion heater.

  19. joanna butler-savage says:

    I think the hoover is fantastic as I cannot do with mess on the floor

  20. s edwards says:

    Freezer a must have

  21. Catherine says:

    The washing machine definitely. I didn’t have one for years and it was very hard work.

  22. amy skinner says:

    Hoovervalways makes the house tidy and couldn't imagine not having one

  23. rosalind says:

    a kettle

  24. tony machin says:

    the washing machine

  25. Donna Craggs` says:

    Bread Maker, lovely smell of fresh bread and delicious

  26. Tracey Peach says:

    The washing machine

  27. Chloe says:

    Has to be fridge freezer makes life so much easier

  28. Amanda says:

    without a doubt – the washing machine! My is certainly overworked with having a mud loving boy! 🙂

  29. iain says:

    washing machine

  30. Lucy says:

    Washing Machine!

  31. Neil Dobson says:

    Coffee machine

  32. mike says:

    Seen these on ideal world , love to see if they are as good as they look

  33. Keith Hunt says:

    the microwave for savfe cooking when i get home from work at 4am

  34. Sam Williams says:

    The fridge

  35. MichelleD says:

    After a month without one, it HAS to be the washing machine!!

  36. Graham Ross says:

    A combination microwave,very versatile and no bending down

  37. Lilly (@LillyLoveYou4) says:

    Fridge freezer I could not be without

  38. Jane Willis says:

    The dishwasher. I'm sure I woulodn't be the keen cook I am if I had to wash everything by hand

  39. Rachel Craig says:


  40. Georgina Jacobs says:

    The hoover – super efficient if you're old enough to remember the old style ones that had circular brushes underneath – they were very hard work. !

  41. Lynn Heath says:

    I think it has to be the washing machine, I would like to have to do all our washing by hand!!!

  42. mumtaz says:

    My washing machine is a life saver!

  43. Paul Wilson says:

    The dishwasher.

  44. michelle banks says:

    washing machine x

  45. Julie Ward says:

    Automatic washing machine, I go into a panic if mine breaks down

  46. Jan McGregor says:

    Microwave – couldn't live without it

  47. claire H says:

    Washing machine for sure!

  48. lynsey buchanan says:

    The washing machine. I could not imagine having to handwash everything

  49. sam bailey says:

    For me it has to be the Slow cooker, knowing i can just throw everything in in the morning, come home from work and a good healthy cheap meal is ready is heaven and gives me more time with family

  50. jodie crossley says:

    the vacumm

  51. Nicky Benton says:

    The kettle, but I can't function without my tea

  52. Mandy Waller says:

    My hom bot it automatically sweeps the floor i love it gives me time to do other things 🙂

  53. Ashleigh says:

    definately a Slowcooker!

  54. winnie says:

    the steam cleaner 😀

  55. Claire says:

    The best invention, is the TV?? This gives me a little bit of peace to enjoy a cuppa without the shouts of muuuuuuum. Although how do you have a cuppa without a kettle ?? heat it up on the cooker ? so how would we live without a cooker ?? that's it I need my bed ?? after that my mind is boggling with everything I couldn't live without.
    I am gonna be greedy and say everything. 🙂

  56. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    Slow cooker

  57. Claire Scott says:

    Washing machine! Do at least one load a day! Nightmare without one!

  58. Debra E says:

    It has to be the electric washing mashine even in its earliest form with a mangle.

  59. laura jayen bates says:

    the dishwasher

  60. Susan Joyce Rogers says:

    Washing machine

  61. David Vessey says:

    I'd go with the microwave. I'm still convinced it's witchcraft!

  62. Emma Fox says:

    Would have to be a washing machine – wouldn't want to spend hours washing by hand

  63. Heather T says:

    Washing machine

  64. claire willmer says:

    hmm probable the washing machine as cannot imagine doing all of the washing my little ones go through by hand 🙂

  65. richard hill says:

    washing machine has to be

  66. claire blaney says:

    the Vacuum because without that my carpets would be a nightmare to sweep

  67. sarahmo3w says:

    It has to be the washing machine! Boring, but true.
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  68. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    The washing machine ….. or possibly the microwave!

  69. Jackie Osborne says:

    Washing machine

  70. Hazel Rea says:

    Has to be the washing machine!

  71. Chris Northrop says:

    a cooker without it everyone would be stuffed

  72. William Critchlow says:


  73. Jen Schofield says:

    The Kettle!

  74. Alana Walker says:

    The kettle, can't be without my cuppa!x

  75. Gwyn Sharps says:

    My washing machine! I love it x

  76. Ms Suan Watts says:


  77. Lynne Durkin says:

    The washing machine 🙂

  78. sarah evans says:

    the washing machine how did we cope before

  79. Gemma M Williams says:

    Got to be the washing machine the amount we use it can you imagine doing it by hand

  80. christine shelley says:

    The washing machine, thae amount my kids make, its always on !

  81. Tracy Hanley says:

    The washing machine , I have had to wash my clothes by hand a few times and i hated doing it

  82. Jo Young says:

    The dishwasher definitely!

  83. laura stewart says:

    electric tin opener xx

  84. Simon Tinsley says:

    Bread slicer. It helped coin a phrase.

  85. Hayley F says:

    ooh difficult one, I will say the fridge, closely followed by the washing machine x

  86. kim neville says:

    A washing machine as use all the time with young family

  87. Tracey Belcher says:

    Washing Machine

  88. Ellen Sheppard says:

    Has to be the washing machine

  89. Fleur Webb says:

    fleur jj well my kettle and my washing machine just broke down and i was lost without both but don't think a kettle counts as an appliance so a washing machine

  90. Nickie says:

    The best household appliance ever invented is probably the washing machine although my potato ricer comes a close second.
    My recent post My 'Come Dine With Me' Dream Team

  91. Lisa Everaert says:

    The washing Machine – Hands down winner!

  92. jo ogden says:

    washing machine can remember nana using a big bowl to wash her clothes a mangler

  93. Wendy Williamson says:

    A Bissell Cleaner – I have to borrow my daughters at moment

  94. sian hallewell says:

    thats a difficult questions, think I will go with the washing machine

  95. karen hussain says:

    would have to be the cooker. Without that we would be eating raw like the caveman!

  96. jason wills says:


  97. LORI MCKILLOP says:


  98. Lynn parry says:

    The kettle definitely!

  99. Rebecca Duncan says:

    The dishwasher…i hate washing up 🙂

  100. HELEN HUMPHRIES says:

    The washing machine – imagine washing everything by hand!

  101. Ooh that is a tough one; I think a washing machine though, without that life would be horrendous

  102. Richard Sober says:

    always the dishwasher!!!

  103. Natalie Gillham says:

    The washing machine as it is so labour and time saving 🙂 x

  104. Laura Jeffs says:

    Washing machine 😉

  105. Ewan Bell says:

    Bissell make great kit. I have the baby version of this ( little green clean machine) and it is great. This daddy sized version is bound to be awesome.

  106. greig spencer says:


  107. joanne darnell says:


  108. John Taggart says:

    The Washing Machine I can still remember my mother doing washing in an old galvanised tub and wringing the clothes dry through a hand cranked mangle….real hard work

  109. Charlotte Hood says:


  110. Tricia W says:


  111. Edward Guerreiro says:

    I would say the Fridge.

  112. glenn hutton says:

    It's the rice cooker for me, perfect rice every time!

  113. Marie Nicolaou says:

    The washing machine x

  114. Jen Rogers says:

    Love to win

  115. julie h says:

    the iron for all the clothes

  116. Emma Birley says:

    Washing machine!! I can't even begin to imagine how tedious it would be to wash every piece of clothing by hand 😉

  117. samantha price says:

    oh gosh it has to be the hover

  118. Janet Rawstron says:

    We can manage without many modern appliances even a washing machine I am afraid to say. But, how could we manage without a cooker which is used daily more than once.

  119. Victoria says:

    washing machine 😀

  120. Dee Blythe says:

    I could'nt do without my washing machine, I cant imagine using a dolly tub!

  121. lisa tebbutt says:

    my washing machine it's a god send

  122. kate says:

    hoover i have a problem with hoovering up lol i love a clean carpet .

  123. Doreen Mccarthy says:

    Definitely the washing machine x

  124. Caroine Clarke says:

    Washing machine.

  125. Sue Harrison says:

    Has to be the washing machine. I still remember ny great grandmothers old copper and mangle!

  126. Lucy Plant says:

    Washing machine – couldn't live without one with 2 kids in the house- closely followed by a dishwasher!

  127. Olga carpenter says:


  128. Tim Taylor says:


  129. sarah davison says:


  130. Paul Scotland says:

    A fridge and freezer – without this imagine the spoilt food and how expensive food would be

  131. Kathryn Davies says:


  132. pauline hill says:

    fridge freezer would be nice

  133. Sarah Spencer says:

    The Dishwasher

  134. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    The fridge – must have saved lives as well as endless daily shopping trips

  135. karen cowley says:

    Would have to be the Kettle, where would we be without our instant coffee in the morning x

  136. Sheila Hodgson says:

    The washing machine. hours of hard work saved

  137. stef williams says:

    Kettle, a lot easier than boiling water on a hob!

  138. Gemma Snell says:

    washing machine, would hate to have to do it all by hand :S

  139. Andrea Stiffe says:

    Washing Machine…. I remember the mangle 😉

  140. fiona mcbride says:


  141. karen delaney says:

    its got to be the washing machine. Imagine having to wash bedding and towels in a sink. Ugh !

  142. Jadea says:

    Steam cleaner – I've all tile and laminate floors, without my steam cleaner mopping conventionally took forever with both mopping and drying the floor afterwards.

  143. Soo Moon says:

    Has to be the vacuum cleaner x

  144. simon g says:

    vacuum cleaner

  145. kayleigh white says:

    Hoover – by far! <3

  146. Carolin says:

    Dishwasher, I don't even want to think about what I would do without 🙂

  147. Andrea Edge says:

    Microwave as its perfect for when you busy and what a quick bite to eat

  148. Dean Willoughby says:

    Washing Machine

  149. Rita Hutton says:

    It has got to be the dishwasher

  150. hobbisl38 says:

    The kettle – need the incentive of a strong coffee and a biccy after a marathon housework seshi.
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  151. Stephanie Coals says:


  152. K KAUR says:

    A vacuum cleaner – can you imagining cleaning carpets without one!

  153. anne murray says:

    The kettle, I could not live with out it.

  154. jackie chapman says:

    The washing machine. Mine stopped working recently and I was without it for 3 days. The washing almost took over the house!

  155. mel temple says:

    Has to be a vacuum cleaner

  156. katie skeoch says:

    the washing machine, no wonder we're all a bit chubbier these days – those women worked hard!!

  157. Amy PJ says:

    Another vote for the washing machine!

  158. Carrie Ashton says:

    With the amount of washing we do, it has to be the washing machine

  159. Chris Greenall says:

    The dishwasher as in our busy household we cannot find the time to stand at the sink everyday washing plates and cutlery

  160. Iain Whittle says:

    washing machine

  161. lindsay chadburn says:

    washing machine!!!!

  162. emmav6 says:

    my kettle 🙂

  163. Phil Darling says:

    The washing machine – ours is on virtually daily

  164. Lois Eaton says:

    Has to be the dishwasher for me. I could tolerate taking the washing to a launderette but there is nowhere to take the dishes!

  165. dorothy cavender says:

    Fridge Freezer

  166. Corinne Peat says:

    Defiantly washing machine!

  167. allison sullivan says:

    i would say the best appliance is today washing machine as when i was younger we had a twin tub and when i was younger trying to get hot washing out of one side and put in other side hot and heavy dripping to spin and dry them enough to hang on glad my kids have the luxury of such easy things these days.x

  168. kerri Ann davis says:

    Has to be the washing machine…couldnt imagine washing my clothes the way they did in the early days

  169. kellyjo walters says:

    electric can opener

  170. valerie mccarthy says:

    washing machine.

  171. Wakefield says:

    A rice cooker they are brilliant and do rice perfect everytime

  172. Abigail Cullen says:

    Definitely the washing machine.

  173. Victoria Easton says:

    The hoover, we can hand wash, wash up etc, but sweeping carpet!

  174. Farhana says:

    Cordless hoovers

  175. judy kennedy says:

    washing machine

  176. Julie Fisher says:

    Washing machine

  177. sandra b says:


  178. Rob Griffiths says:

    The Slow Cooker

  179. William Gould says:

    Got to be the toaster!

  180. Rob Winkfield says:

    The dishwasher. Can't stand doing the dishes!

  181. rachel bustin says:


  182. kelly says:

    The washing machine – couldnt live without clean clothes!

  183. Hilda Hazel Wright says:

    For me its the fridge, I couldn't do without nice cold milk, salads and yogurt, and cold beer of course!

  184. Holly S says:

    Washing machine 🙂

  185. Alex Brownlee says:

    Vacuum Cleaner

  186. lynn lewer says:

    Washing machine

  187. clair downham says:

    the fridge freezer

  188. Prerna Gupta says:

    I would say a washing machine!

  189. Maggie Ali says:

    washing machine and dishwasher

  190. stevepholman says:

    has to be the tv remote control 🙂

  191. Kelly Hanson says:

    Fridge freezer definitely. When I moved into my first flat (all those years ago) I didn’t have one for about 3 months and it was a total pain :/

  192. Kay Panayi says:

    Has to be the microwave

  193. Anneka Hulse says:

    it has to be the cooker

  194. Paula Barker says:

    the dishwasher!

  195. Sharon jones says:

    The kettle

  196. Hannah Bee Griffin says:

    I couldn't manage without my vacuum cleaner. Having a 2 and a 4 year old it really does make life easier

  197. gy66 says:

    washing machine its my life saver

  198. Rebecca says:

    The Dishwasher because you can make a mess and get away with it! 🙂

  199. Jeremy Rance says:


  200. michelle muirhead says:


  201. Emma Ferguson says:

    The kettle

  202. lucylucciano says:

    The kettle!

  203. Kate ckmanton says:

    Fridge – it chills my wine!

  204. caroline says:

    Washing machine

  205. tracey bowden says:

    washing machine definitely! It's possibly the only thing I can't live without
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  206. abigail edkins says:

    a kettle

  207. Kay Broomfield says:

    The Roomba, robot vacuum cleaner!

  208. Jessica cook says:

    Washing machine x

  209. Ann Skamarauskas says:

    washing machine

  210. Laura Asplin says:

    The dishwasher

  211. Allan Smith says:

    another vote for washing machine 🙂

  212. Tara Smith says:

    washing machine – couldn't live without it

  213. Megan Adams says:

    The kettle! Without it – there would be no hot cuppa tea.

  214. amanda brett says:

    in my experience-the washing machine 🙂 x

  215. Charlotte says:


  216. cecelia Allen says:

    The washing machine. I remember using a gas boiler and wringing out by hand when my 3 children were small, keeping up with the washing wasn't easy.

  217. Kym Robson says:

    With a large family it has to be the washing machine

  218. TONY WESTON says:

    washing machine

  219. Elizabeth Smith says:

    dishwasher – I hate washing up

  220. Claire Smith says:

    Washing machine

  221. Kate Phillips says:

    The slow cooker is making life alot easier.

  222. vickihennie says:

    The Kettle i love a good brew x x

  223. Tammy Tudor says:

    The washing machine I can't even imagine doing it by hand that must have been a nightmare! 🙂

  224. rupert summerton says:

    fridge a great idea

  225. Florence Cross says:

    The washing machine. Imagine having to manually do your family's washing!

  226. Amanda Beamish says:

    Washing machine. With six of us every day is a washday…..imagine not having a machine to do all that!

  227. LynneH says:

    Microwave cookers

  228. julie perry says:

    The Washing Machine…I don't know how poor Mums managed before they were invented

  229. Jo Booth says:

    the washing machine 🙂

  230. gemma clark says:


  231. Allan Wilson says:

    Fridge Freezer

  232. Kevin McGovern says:


  233. gloriaheathcote says:

    washing machine.

  234. Joanne Baldwin says:

    The washing machine for sure, life would be miserable without one!

  235. Serena La Pietra says:

    Washing machine, no question.

  236. tracey jayne says:

    Oh deffo the hoover, lots of pets here = lots of fur everywhere otherwise…eek!

  237. Heather Don says:

    Definitely the microwave

  238. Amy Harding says:

    Washing machine! I can't imagine having to hand wash my children's clothes after football practice!

  239. Mike Gerrie says:

    The dish washer – saves me having to do the dishes

  240. stacysorrell says:

    has to be the dishwasher

  241. spuddy11 says:

    tumble drier

  242. libprice says:

    Washing machine (with 4 kids it's v well used!)

  243. Gareth Morris says:

    The Kettle. An almost instant hot drink and calmness returns – genius!

  244. @cazzaferg says:

    The fridge!

  245. Margaret Dunlop says:

    Washing machine

  246. George says:

    The fridge! Man like cold drink!!

  247. barry robinson says:

    nice 1

  248. barry robinson says:


  249. Ann Gwillim says:

    Having kept dogs for quite a few years it has to be the vacuum cleaner.

  250. Heather Knotts says:

    A freezer is a must have in our house – 10 miles to the nearest shop

  251. rebecca nisbet says:

    the kettle by far!!!!!

  252. Lynette Furber says:

    The slow cooker! I love being able to throw in all the ingredients in the morning and knowing that we'll all be coming home to a tasty hot meal! 🙂

  253. Linda Hill says:

    Has to be the washing machine

  254. Nikki Hayes says:

    Definitely the washing machine – but the microwave comes a very close second 😀

  255. jessiecat33 says:

    the fridge what would we do without it

  256. Diana Socha says:

    dishwasher !

  257. Louise Comb says:

    The kettle 🙂

  258. Diana says:

    Washing machine 🙂

  259. Aimee Wright says:

    Can't decide between fridge freezer & washing machine – both essentials really!

  260. suzhudson88 says:

    Hmm, so many to choose from! Got to be either the oven, washing machine or fridge freezer. Probably the oven

  261. Samantha Sugden says:

    washing machine

  262. Hannah Lawrence says:

    Hoover!! Can't stand a crumby floor 😉

  263. lauracymft says:

    The kettle so I can make my cup of coffee!
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  264. Julie McLaren says:

    Washing machine, without doubt!

  265. Wendy Smith says:

    The Washing machine – boring I know

  266. ustupidwoman says:

    the fridge

  267. Robyn says:

    What is the best household appliance ever invented? – Well it sure isn't the husband!



  269. Juliette says:

    I think the washing machine

  270. finleypop says:

    For me, it is the slow cooker! Makes the chewiest of cuts melt in your mouth & is so easy to use

  271. Kim Newsome says:

    A fridge

  272. Kerry Lethbridge says:

    Electric kettle with out that on the go 24/7 I would not function

  273. Ann Robinson says:

    There's a few i could go for, microwaves are pretty handy but i think it will have to be the washing machine as it would be hard work to go back to doing it by hand

  274. Keshia Esgate says:

    Definitely the vacuum cleaner!

  275. Joanne Pooley says:

    got to be the dishwasher love it couldnt be without it

  276. Paula Phillips says:

    Washing machine.

  277. Deb Hambleton says:

    Got to be the washing machine!

  278. christy beckett says:

    The fridge couldnt live without a place for my yogurts and milk x

  279. Robby price says:

    The microwave

  280. Naz M says:

    Washing Machine!

  281. Katherine Coldicott says:

    The fridge.

  282. lee hardy says:

    washing machine

  283. olivia280177 says:

    Washing machine or kettle I would say!!

  284. Nicola Holland says:

    The Fridge Freezer

  285. Pamela Downey says:

    Washing machine

  286. Mike says:

    Washing Machine

  287. Lee says:

    Fridge Freezer

  288. Sally C says:

    Can`t do without my washing machine

  289. Gwen B says:

    At the moment I would say my washing machine, but I think a Bissell OxyPower Clean Prime would beat that.

  290. cherie shaw says:

    Washing Machine

  291. Adam says:

    Coffee Machine.

  292. Joanna Brady says:

    Washing machine

  293. Suzie Heard says:

    Washer dryer 🙂

  294. Amanda Philp says:

    Washing machine. Cant even begin to imagine washing it all by hand!

  295. tarbs gill says:


  296. tamalyn roberts says:

    the dishwasher lol

  297. Nicola Stephenson says:

    Washing machine

  298. Caroline Howard says:

    washing machine I couldn't imagine doing it all by hand

  299. Karen Barrett says:

    The fridge

  300. Andrea Williams says:

    The dishwasher!

  301. Lucy Chester says:

    Hoover for me as really makes a different when you leave with lots of stairs!

  302. irene gilmour says:

    got to be washing machine

  303. Vicki A Smith says:

    The kettle

  304. Mrs Janet Thornton says:

    The microwave.How did we ever manage without one?

  305. Steven Montgomery says:

    The fridge

  306. samantha schofield says:

    has to be the fridge freezer i couldnt imagine living without it

  307. Jane M says:

    The Dish Washer

  308. Catherine Bell says:

    the hoover

  309. katie walker says:

    Vacuum Cleaner

  310. matthew colburn says:

    phillips air fryer, love it can cook so much in it 🙂

  311. Karen Lloyd says:

    The hoover, imagine trying to sweep carpets.

  312. Karen Louise wright says:

    Washing machine, with 2 young boys my washing machine is always on x

  313. HELEN BARTON says:

    Definitely the washing machine

  314. amy says:

    deffo washing machine! xx

  315. gemma raines says:

    the washing machine 🙂

  316. corina cullen says:

    The hoover

  317. Sam P Toms says:

    Vacuum cleaners

  318. Rayen says:

    The condenser dryer!

  319. Kirsty Woods says:

    FANTASTIC PRIZE 🙂 Has to be the washing machine, couldn't imagine having to wash everything by hand

  320. Chris Fletcher says:

    The dish washer!

  321. becca staples says:

    Has to be the fridge x

  322. Rob says:

    Coffee machine. Can't live without one!!

  323. Dawn says:

    I would say the washing machine great giveaway!
    My recent post BornPrettyStore review/Nailart

  324. Rebecca fletcher says:

    Would be my fabulous fridge freezer, reduce costs and food wastage by freezing meals and homemade ice lolly’s for my little one, would be lost with out it!

  325. Joanna Krakowiak says:

    It has to be the washing machine!

  326. supermummycc says:

    The Washing Machine definately!

  327. Emma says:

    washing machine defo!!!

  328. Glynis Channing says:

    Fridge has to be

  329. steve hearne says:


  330. Louise Kearney says:

    Fridge/freezer two amazing things in one!!!

  331. Hayley Colburn says:

    definitely the fridge, can't stand a warm lager lol

  332. paul smith says:


  333. laura avery says:

    A boiler! We lived in a house without hot running water for 3 years unill we could afford to have central heating and gas pipes laid..that wa a most joyous day when that got turned on

  334. Becky John says:

    Washing machine, with tumble dryer a close second 🙂

  335. Ronald Williams says:

    Washing Machine

  336. Lucy James says:

    A freezer keeps foods fresh for months

  337. John Mcgovern says:

    It has to be the fridge as that is the most essential.

  338. Neil Hutchings says:

    hard to pick but i guess washing machine, awful job by hand

  339. Angela Paull says:

    The fridge 🙂

  340. bridie summersgill says:

    Cooker – don't own a microwave but love cooking

  341. tina l-d says:

    close call between a hoover and washing machine

  342. Allan Fullarton says:

    My bread maker – love it!

  343. bernadette willis says:

    the washing machine, it makes life so easy

  344. lisa2062 says:

    The washing machine without a doubt.

  345. Sarah Mills says:

    kettle because we love a brew!

  346. Laura Vitty says:

    Definitely washing machine 🙂 x

  347. Dave Hides says:

    one touch can opener

  348. Jay Hill says:

    Food processor

  349. Louise Perry says:

    The washing machine – especially with 3 kids – closely followed by the tumble dryer
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  350. Kelly Martin says:

    The refrigerator, without this we would not live as long lives.
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  351. Liza Park says:

    Has to be the tumble drier

  352. denise farminer says:

    the front loading washing machine. i can remember burco boilers and wringers they were hard work.

  353. Julie Savage says:

    The microwave – dinner within minutes 🙂

  354. Ruth Wollerton says:

    Washing machine

  355. Alison says:

    Washing machine, its hard work without one
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  356. Darren Freeman says:

    Have to agree with the washing machine

  357. Eve Burke says:

    The hoover!!

  358. Donna Baxter says:

    It would have to be the kettle….. how would I survive without my morning coffee!

  359. Jamie says:

    Dishwasher making sure things are clean 🙂

  360. kilmowskicat says:

    The best has yet to be invented …it is one that does the ironing for you lol! but I think we are lucky we don't have to wash clothes by hand anymore!

  361. liz ferguson says:

    Washer dryer makes life easier and freer

  362. Jill Donaldson says:

    The washing machine or hover xx

  363. Laura Cooper says:

    The washing macine or microwave
    My recent post Fascinating times

  364. donna clinton says:

    Washing machine I couldn't imagine washing 6 people's dirty washing by hand

  365. Rebecca Powell says:

    The fridge freezer

  366. Kate johnson says:


  367. kelly w says:

    the washing machine 🙂

  368. kristin burdsall says:

    Washing machine! I remember my mum crying when my dad bought a washing machine home with him one day. Before that she had a mangle in the back yards. Only 40 years ago too!

  369. Sarah Lewis says:

    Toss up between washing machine and vacuum cleaner for me.

  370. Vivienne Wilkes says:

    Probably the dishwasher, love it!

  371. Zoe Coen says:

    Washing Machine

  372. Lyndsey Beckford says:

    I think the fridge freezer as food lasts longer that way

  373. Faye Reed says:

    Apart from the obvious ones forme it would be the steam mop x

  374. Susan Hoggett says:

    washing machine

  375. Stev Rigby says:

    Washing machine

  376. Karen R says:

    Washing machine 🙂

  377. Debbie Preston says:

    Washing machine

  378. Angela Williams says:

    the dish washer

  379. Lauren Old says:


  380. kristynco32 says:

    The Dishwasher!

  381. Vikki D says:

    Washing machine!

  382. David Price says:

    The hoover

  383. melanie stirling says:

    The washing machine,I'd be lossed without it.

  384. joanna sawka says:

    a dishwasher!

  385. Lee Jones says:

    Kettle … or toaster …hmmm, tricky … Kettle Id say

  386. janegorton1 says:

    The washing machine, I remember my Mum and her twin tub what a kafuffle!!

  387. sandra says:

    The toaster! Quick and easy

  388. Vacuum cleaner. I feel like I could not live without it.

  389. alison says:

    dish washer

  390. Jennifer Heard says:

    A spice grinder

  391. Kim Lam says:

    It has to be front loading automatic washing machine

  392. Susan Carruthers says:

    The fridge/freezer

  393. Sam Furniss says:

    The microwave oven.

  394. Amy Beckett says:

    My condenser dryer

  395. Linda Allen says:

    washing machine

  396. Sam says:

    Cheese toastie maker!

  397. claire wilkinson says:

    got to be the good old washing machine!!

  398. angela sandhu says:

    Washing machine

  399. becci cleary says:

    Potato Peeler – Its the most mundane job ever and if I peel with a knife I end up losing half the potato 🙂

  400. Abigail Daniel says:

    Vack! it is the most useful thing ever invented! 🙂

  401. Bethany White says:

    Has to be the washing machine!

  402. Gemma Chantler says:

    Washing machine and the oven.

  403. IR Ayse(rezaayse) says:

    The washing machine definitely

  404. jessica newman says:

    it has to be the dishwasher

  405. EmilyKnight247 says:

    The kettle – it's the appliance that's used the most in our flat!

  406. Becky Shorting says:

    the kettle!

  407. sarah pearce says:

    the washing machine,i hate handwashing imagine having to do the whole load by hand!!!!

  408. lyn truman says:

    A husband

  409. tracey baker says:

    Washing machine

  410. lisa owen says:

    the tumble drier I have 7 kids so in the winter its a life saver

  411. leanne says:

    has to be the Washer

  412. robert Venus says:

    the fridge

  413. Laura Whittle says:

    Washing machine – with my two little ones I couldn't live without it 🙂

  414. Joanne Higgins says:

    has to be the washing machine, would hate to have to keep up with my lots washing by hand urgh xx

  415. Stephanie Burchatt says:

    The Freezer!

  416. Michelle Wild says:

    Washing machine.

  417. Sam Bolter says:

    The Washing Machine 🙂

  418. kimke7 says:

    fridge/freezer though considered washing machine and stove/oven as options also 🙂

  419. Lydia Pepper says:

    The washing machine! Could you imagine hand washing constantly with a baby? NO!

  420. Jacqueline Roberts says:

    The washing machine I remember twin tubs and they were hard work never mind before that.

  421. Louise Whittaker says:

    Washing machine

  422. heidi brown says:

    a dishwasher!! lifesaver!!

  423. Maria Barton says:

    washine machine. i remember my mum having to do it all by hand using the old scrub board and wringer. god they worked hard in those days.

  424. barbara clarke says:

    fridge freezer

  425. Toni says:

    the indoor toilet – imagine having to go outside into the cold to go to the loo!!

  426. Iram Mahmood says:

    hmm.. just one is tough.

    It's a toss up between washing machine and fridge/freezer, complete essentials we couldn't do without.
    I'll go for the fridge, otherwise food would constantly go off.

  427. laura pyper says:

    washing machine

  428. chirag patel says:

    easy the washing machine

  429. Naomi Buchan says:

    The kettle, i'd be lost without it x

  430. Gul Choudhury says:

    I would have to say the microwave

  431. sue lempkowski says:


  432. Vicky Robinson says:

    It has to be the washing machine because with all the kids I would never get through the laundry! It's hard enough to get through it all even with a machine! The dishwasher is a pretty close second!

  433. Anne Dalzell says:

    Got to agree that a washing machine is probably the machine that buys us the most time. I remember my nana hand washing everything and it took her most of the day.

  434. heather tinkler says:

    The microwave… life saver!

  435. Hellie's Corner says:

    The washing machine, I don't think I could live without it 🙂
    My recent post Homemade Bramble Jam

  436. natalie fairhrust says:

    i could deal with losing the washing machine but the dishwasher is another matter! after cooking for the week i end up with 2 or 3 dish washer full of items to clean them by hand would be unthinkable.

  437. Deborah J says:

    my washing machine

  438. Penelope Hannibal says:

    Definitely the washing machine, it is the biggest time saver by far! 🙂

  439. Sarah N says:

    Definitely the washing machine!

  440. Margaret Davis says:

    Actifry. Best ever.

  441. George Wright says:

    Washing Machine

  442. antonia richardson says:


  443. Phillip Davies says:

    Fridge / Freezer

  444. sarah burton says:

    the toaster

  445. Emma Ellams says:

    Definitely the washing machine, can't imagine hand washing everything like they used to!

  446. Jill f says:

    The washing machine for certain

  447. Michaela Turner says:

    The microwave, its a god send with kids!

  448. felicity williams says:

    the washing machine, but I would also say a vacuum cleaner 😀

  449. Mark T says:

    The washing machine…I don't know how people ever did without it

  450. Kim W says:

    Definitely the washing machine. Such a time-saver.

  451. champaklal lad says:

    Frideg / freezer

  452. Lynsie Lynn says:

    Fridge Freezer for me, it means I can keep my milk nice and cold and the ice lollies frozen 🙂

  453. Victoria B says:

    Self cleaning oven – I want one!

  454. jo glasspool says:

    The washing machine xx

  455. Cheryl Gauden says:

    hard choice here prob the cooker

  456. Natalie Crossan says:

    Dishwasher x

  457. 2013dogs says:

    The fridge/freezer
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  458. Herbert Appleby says:

    washing machine

  459. SUSAN L HALL says:

    The dishwasher .. i get the shakes if mines not working

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