Win a family of luxury Air Puppy cuddly toys worth £96 [closed]


Just LOOK at these adorable faces.
These beautiful chaps are looking for a new home and have come to my blog to find one.
They are insanely soft and cuddly; I was sent one by Air Puppy a couple of years ago. He now has pride of place on my bed and anytime a childish hand goes anywhere near him I YELL for them to get their hands off my Mr Mo.
Yes, I am 10 years old. What of it.

Let me introduce you to them; These are the Hickory Shack crew. There is Hoppity Bunny,  Cornflakes Giraffe, Popcorn Puppy, Muckaluck Monkey, Goosey Zebra and Mr Wiggles Elephant.
And they all want to come home with YOU!

The luxury cuddly companions make ideal presents for little ones as they are so soft and cuddly. Buy them as a Christening present, a birthday gift or that special something from Santa.
Or, you could just treat yourself!
They will be available in Boots stores from this month, priced £16 each.
You can connect with Air Puppy on their Facebook page and on Twitter where they are hosting giveaways too.

air puppy hickory shack

So how do I give these super soft cuddles a new home I hear you asking?
Well, all you need to do is fill in the widget below. It’s ridiculously easy.
Then keep your fingers crossed.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The competition is open to residents of the UK only (sorry rest of the world).
No cash alternative offered.
The prize is 3 x pair of Hickory Shack cuddly toys worth £16 each. Prizes will be sent at random.
Entry is via Rafflecopter.
Make sure your contact details are easily available.
The competition closes at on Tuesday, September 16, 2014.
One winners will be chosen at random from all the entries after the closing date.
The winners will be asked to provide their full name and address for the prize to be sent to.
If a prizewinner does not respond within a week of being contacted, the prize will be re-drawn and a new winner will be contacted.

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366 Responses to Win a family of luxury Air Puppy cuddly toys worth £96 [closed]

  1. libprice says:

    They look BEAUTIFUL – although suspect all 4 of my kids would want to nick them (even if the 9 year old boy wouldn't say as much in public!!)
    I wasn't a cuddly toy child – I had a piece of ribbon (or 'twiddle' as it was known!)

  2. Tracey Peach says:

    I remember a long legged rag doll girl my Auntie gave me. I loved that rag doll!

  3. Tracy Nixon says:

    I remember having a set of Chicaboos when I was little! They could suck their thumbs and toes!

  4. kim plant says:

    I had a teddy for xmas I was 6 and called it mummy :/ lol x

  5. gaby says:

    my most memorable cuddly toy was a TY beanie babe called spotty – he was my favourite until I lost him at an unknown place!

  6. Janice Papworth says:

    I have been with my teddy for life . He is called Adam and my Mum made him for me out of an old fake fur coat. He is bald now but still lovely

  7. Triona McKee says:

    I would love these for my daughter! Fab prize x

  8. iain says:

    my daughter has a old dog called gromit cuddly toy

  9. John Taggart says:

    An elephant knitted toy made by my grandmother

  10. joanne beale says:

    A doll called Topsy which my granddad gave me

  11. ELIZABETH says:

    A Wuzzle Hippo – Henrietta was her name, loved her to pieces goodness knows what happend to her!

  12. Susan Sargent says:

    A Big Brown Teddy for Xmas

  13. ann clements says:

    I had a cuddly teddy bear

  14. Susan Hunt says:

    I had a cheap copy of bag puss that was pink

  15. Paula Barker says:

    A teddy called tinkerbell, A french student staying with my family gave him to me before he left.

  16. karen cowley says:

    I remember my dad getting me a huge soft colourful teddy bear when i was about 5 , it was as big as me back then xx

  17. joanna butler-savage says:

    a huge purple elephant named jumbo trumpet that I used to ride!

  18. Zoe Coen says:

    A pink doll that was as big as me when i was three and now ive given it to my daughter

  19. laura stewart says:

    a rabbit- i use to give it to my dad when he went away 🙂 Ive still got it!!

  20. Chris Elston says:

    A panda bought for my newborn baby brother that I immediately claimed as my own.

  21. A little black and white bear which I still have.
    My recent post Ammy = Scam

  22. Corinne Peat says:

    A panda I inherited from my brother. I remember moving house when I was three and being very attached to him, I lost him when we moved again!

  23. greig spencer says:

    i had a teddy called alf and i loved him lots

  24. laura banks says:

    my big teddy i got when i was born and still have now 37 years later

  25. Katie M says:

    My bear 'Pinky' – unsurprisingly he was pink. He was falling apart and my mum kept having to re-stuff him, but I loved him all the same 🙂 Pinky is now in teddy bear heaven 😉

  26. Rachel Craig says:

    I remember knitting a teddy bear when in school.

  27. kathy says:

    I can't remember lol i had loads though
    My recent post How to make cookie monster cupcakes

  28. kellyjo walters says:

    I had 2 bunnies apparently called mr and mrs buddy… I dont remember them tho but mum said I did… I remember a big koala bear and lion bear.. I came home from school aged about 13 and my mum had given them to oxfam! I was so annoyed.. I went and bought them back and I still have them to this day

  29. Claire D says:

    I still have my first teddy and he still sleeps under my pillow. He is a bit worst for wear and has been knitted up several times by my mum!

  30. Sandra Lane says:

    My auntie made me a rag doll called Lulabelle which I still have. Her painted on face has disappeared but she's still beautiful to me.

  31. Julia mealing says:

    A bear called washable

  32. kim neville says:

    I had a little soft pink blanky I always wanted with me

  33. Victoria Weston says:

    I had a yellow dog that I got for my first christmas

  34. Lyla says:

    It was a rabbit with a really imaginative name – Rabbit

  35. Emma says:

    I had a popple and a care bear.

  36. Brian Cheney says:

    I remember that my brother & I had teddy bears – Big Ted and Little Ted.

  37. richard hill says:

    my dad bought me a bear when i was born and i had it 7 years later until it finally fell apart

  38. olga carpenter says:

    a blue teddy called bob

  39. joanne says:

    My favourite cuddly toy was a handmade teddy bear which really did not look like a bear more like a rat! He had a pointy Wonky face and Was made of a rough canvass type material rather than fluffy cuddly fur. But he had been made with love and I loved him back. He was unique and I loved that no one else had a bear like mine. He now sleeps with my eldest daughter and has had numerous ‘operations’ to repair his ‘ouches’. But he is loved still and forever will be.

  40. My most memorable toy was a Rupert the Bear who I loved and then mysteriously gave a sex change to, dressed in a doll's dress and renamed Miss Anna


    I had a stuffed troll doll called Pippa who went everywhere with me!

  42. Chloe says:

    My brown teddy that I got when I was first born and still have now

  43. lauracymft says:

    I remember my Gran's old monkey. He was pretty hideous looking but he belonged to my Gran, then to my Mum and then he was passed down to me. I gave him to my Sister years ago. He is still with us after all those years and, as hideous as he may look, he is priceless.
    My recent post From Newborn to Starting School

  44. frances hopkins says:

    I had a massive orange and white bear, bless him he had hardly any hair missing after I had picked all his hair off

  45. Janet Coverdale says:

    A pink teddy called fluff(as with the name very fluffy) I still have it and my children play with it and love it

  46. nicola clarkson says:

    a mint green teddy bear

  47. My teddybear whom i still own at 38 years 😉

  48. samantha price says:

    my panda called suzzy and i still have it

  49. KATHY D says:

    Has to be Ted my teddy bear – 63 years old and a little bare bear these days as lost some of its fur

  50. helen booth says:

    My first cuddley was a little brown monkey!

  51. My fav soft toy is a lion called daisy that I got for my 9th birthday. Still have him sitting on my bed 20 years later
    My recent post Big Green Smile Product Review

  52. hazel says:

    Flopsy my rabbit , loved that teddy 🙂

  53. Leona S Fisher says:

    I had a teddy bear twice the size of me as a toddler and loved it 🙂

  54. Leanne Lunn says:

    A pink care bear, can't remember what it was called now but it had a heart on the front, I loved her and she went everywhere with me.

  55. I always remember being with my Nanna doing our "errands" on a saturday. We would go into every single shop and she seemed to know everyone!! I always came back with something cause she did like to treat me when I was good. I remember buying a cute little brown bear with a cream knitted jumper on. I still have it till this date now (20 years later) and I've passed it down to my 9 month old son. He loves his bears!

  56. Ashleigh says:

    I had a dog that you pressed their paw and they played songs – I loved it!

  57. Amy Beckett says:

    My sunshine carebears given to me when I was born. I still remember putting in my brother cots when he was born to keep him company

  58. kayleigh says:

    My first cuddly toy was a pudsey bear from my uncle. I've still got him 24 years later

  59. Laura Jeffs says:

    My very first one was a white teddy named Billy 😀

  60. claire nutman says:

    My big black bear called Winston, he still lives on my bed today!

  61. Tina Lawton says:

    I had a little cuddly donkey called flossy which my grandma and granddad brought me back from Ireland, still have her now although she is showing her age a little now 🙂

  62. Emma Nixon says:

    My little panda. Still on my bed

  63. mike says:

    A teddy called "Teddy"!

  64. Allan Wilson says:

    I had two huge teddy's (or at least in my mind they were huge) – Pinky & Bluey. But unfortunately being a little sod they both ended up in a cement mixer whilst my parents were having an extension built.

  65. Laura Loo says:

    My soft clown called ziggy brought by my grandad when I was born still sleeps by my bed to this day 🙂

  66. Caroline H says:

    I remember a scruffy, floppy dog toy. It went everywhere with me. I think mum may still have it lurking somewhere in the house!

  67. Natasha M says:

    I had a big pink bear called henderson and over time he had a hole that got bigger and bigger. My idiot cousin pulled all his fluff out & left it outside my door. It was devestating at the time 🙂

  68. Sophie Murch says:

    My favourite cuddly toy was a winnie the pooh bear my elder sister gave me when I was 4 and she was 14. When she moved away to uni it used to remind me of her when I really missed her, and I still have it on my bed to this day 🙂

  69. Zoe G says:

    A panda which literally fell apart I had it that long

  70. MichelleD says:

    My teddy called Poppet, I took her everywhere with me and now my Daughter looks after her and she likes to take her everywhere too!

  71. sarah archibald says:

    A scabby teddy that i'd had since I was a baby. I took it in to show and tell in primary school and lost him. Still sad to this day!

  72. Jane Willis says:

    Mine was a teddy called, remarkably enough, Teddy. My most vivid memory of him is when I was sick all over him and my Mum had to wash him. I stood below where he hung on the washing line all day, weeping bitterly until he was dry enough to come down from the line.

  73. Claire Davies says:

    Mine was teddy was a Vintage Fisher Price Freddy!

  74. Stephanie Tsang says:

    My first teddy bear was a little white bear. I named him Patrick and I used to knit him little tank tops to wear!

  75. Julie Fisher says:

    A panda teddy bear.

  76. Karen Whittaker says:

    I had a bear called Tatty that I was given when I was born – sadly he finally gave up the ghost after about 30 years – threadbare and with his eyes missing!!

  77. fletcher99 says:

    my first teddy was a rabbit knitted by my grandma. it stayed with me all through my childhood but when we moved when i was 20 it didnt make it 🙁

  78. Lisa Everaert says:

    I used to have a Paddington Bear which i loved, lost it when i was about 8 and cried my little heart out.

  79. pm liu says:

    a huge fluffy bunny rabbit with long floppy ears, long whiskers and a bushy tail

  80. lucy dady says:

    my most memorable cuddly was a soft bodied doll called daisy when i was 5.i thought she was beautiful and took her everywhere.still have her now and i'm 32!xx

  81. anne-marie wigley says:

    a buffalo i got from my canadian cousin

  82. jen1984j says:

    A dog called woofer!

  83. Sarahleaf08x says:

    I had a rainbow bright doll! x
    My recent post The sky. #TheGallery

  84. Elizabeth Briggs says:

    My Sunshine Care Bear was the first Cuddly Toy I remember 🙂 wish I still had him now x

  85. winnie says:

    a huge snoopy doll 😀

  86. Amanda Graham says:

    I had the full set of Raggy Doll toys!

  87. harriet says:

    A cuddly but scary Furby!

  88. abigail edkins says:

    A had a huge bunny rabbit that I swore protected me at night and would come alive to watch over me

  89. Elisa Trueman says:

    I had a pull along cuddly dog called Boo – I took him everywhere with me and he got all raggy and messy but I loved him. Alas my mother didn't and one day threw him out. I was heartbroken….

  90. Nicola Daffern says:

    I loved my Cheer Care Bear, that beautiful pink snuggle bear came everywhere with me, and it soon turned into a messy bear lol but still loved it x

  91. colin b says:

    it was an orange teddy. i had it so long i cant remember when it had both eyes.

  92. Amanda Hattie says:

    A teddy bear called mousey which I still have to this day 🙂

  93. allison sullivan says:

    when i was 6 i really wanted this bear very badly as my friend got the time it was 99 p and expensive as it was 1979.i came home after school and there he was a sitting brown bear with long dog ears and white fur tummy i called him 41 now and i still have him hes rough round the edges and has lost his nose but i love him never the less

  94. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    A Snoopy that my mum gave me, it was for some reason dressed as the Easter bunny!

  95. CAROL PATRICK says:

    Ted my big teddy bear, he was my childhood best friend, he went everywhere and became very worn and torn, he ended up with with a floppy ear and only one eye.

  96. Dawn B says:

    His name was Benny and he was a gorgeous big brown fluffy bear. x

  97. Claudia Dance says:

    A Care Bear….Bedtime Bear. Dragged it everywhere! It had its legs sewn back on twice!

  98. anthony harrington says:

    we love air puppy! my 1st soft toy that I remember was a small brown bear.

  99. laura jayne bates says:

    a teddy think it was called heartbeat bear it had a beating heart in

  100. Sarah-Jane Laycock says:

    A pass me down dog eared bear that I loved beyond measure

  101. Louise Asekokhai says:

    A fluffy white lamb called lamby.

  102. Jill Webb says:

    My Ted the teddy still have him ( I am 55)

  103. k dunn says:

    A little clown made of silk with white dots all over him..which i still have!

  104. Sarahann Tonner says:

    I had a care bear which I loved!

  105. Grant says:

    A plastic blue and yellow trike which I apparently rode down the stairs. Ouch.

  106. leigh boyle says:

    i had mr ted just a plain brown teddy now my girls have him 23 years later x

  107. Allan Smith says:

    It was a giant teddy called George.

  108. clair downham says:

    i rememer having a grey seal from my grandparents

  109. Jo welsh says:

    A bear that belonged to my great nan was my most memorable

  110. Katrina says:

    I had a ragdoll called Raggy brought by my grandma (although my brother did rip her arm off!!)

  111. paula stephens says:

    lots of teddy bears but nothing so lovely as these prizes love them

  112. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    A panda called Ted that I got when I was two, he's 47 now & very threadbare

  113. Clara says:

    My first (and much loved) bear was a pale yellow thing with amber coloured eyes and a black plastic nose that I would stroke with my thumb…as per ‘those days’ safety regs – ie, none – he was stuffed with sawdust. I still have him but I can’t cuddle him because he gives me splinters!

  114. Kirsty Fox says:

    I had a Koala Bear that used to jingle, I had him since I was a baby and about a 5 years ago when my mum and dad moved house they gave him to the charity shop 🙁

  115. Caroline Blaza says:

    I had a pink teddy which squeak when you squeeze his tummy. I still have it. He is over 40 now!!!

  116. katie skeoch says:

    I had a stuffed Scottie dog with a tartan coat that I called Hamish

  117. emmav6 says:

    i had a huge unicorn we won at blackpool pleasure beach when i was little

  118. Lea Mavin says:

    A small dungaree wearing teddy called Mark

  119. Lynn parry says:

    It's a wind up monkey that I called Charlie. It played Brahms lullaby and used to soothe me to sleep. I've still got it but the mechanism doesn't work after being through the washing machine a few times!

  120. Angela Webster says:

    I had and still have a Paddington Bear teddy that my dad bought me the day I was born, he is in storage now to protect him.

  121. Alex Kerr says:

    Ted – my sister 'bought' him for me when I was born and he's still sat on my dresser now. Not the most original name, I know!

  122. jamie darrington says:

    It was a Tigger toy from Disney Land, I loved that poor bear to death.

  123. Terri-louise Dudey says:

    My mom and dad brought me a pink bunny when I was born and called it pinky I’m 26 now and still have it xx

  124. Rachel white says:

    A rabbit stuffed with straw… I used to sniff him heehee 🙂

  125. Tracey F says:

    It was a gorgeous koala bear from Australia.

  126. Andrea Fletcher says:

    Humpty Dumpty that my mum made me.

  127. sarah hurrell says:

    I still have my small yellow teddy with a scorched nose which was given to me when I was born 35 years ago. Hes well loved.

  128. lianne says:

    A tiger, which my daughter now as on her bed 🙂 x

  129. Michelle Ferguson says:

    I had a cuddly E.T which I loved but my dog destroyed it

  130. kristy says:

    I rember having a wrinkles dog that my dad bought me and i called her henrietta

  131. lynn savage says:

    My first cuddly toy was a yellow budgie toy. i called it ricky.

  132. Lisa Jones says:

    Sad Sam – a cute little dog. He went everywhere with me ! x

  133. Holly Edmundson says:

    Mine was teddy still have him and he's bit tatty now though 🙂

  134. Rebecca Evans says:

    It was a little Orangutang called Bubba – I miss him still… he left me… or did I leave him somewhere?!

  135. Jennifer Potter says:

    I had a little monkey. Cant remember the name of it but i took it everywhere

  136. Tamasine says:

    I love all of them. Very difficult to choose one so would have to have all.

  137. Tamasine says:

    Patchwork elephant – that was different shades of purple. Loved her and called her Ellie

  138. jayne hall says:

    when i was 3 we went to blackpool there is aphoto of me holding a ginat teddy bear 4 times my size i called it mr grumps

  139. Nathan Wilson says:

    So cuddly , my grand kids would love these

  140. Chris reid says:

    A rag doll that I got from my sister.

  141. Jo Booth says:

    my white fluffy bear, Fluff….I still have her now 🙂

  142. Janet Thornton says:

    I've still got my big teddy my uncle bought me for Christmas when I was eight years old.All my children have played with it too.Have had it for nearly 36 years now and will never part with it.

  143. Rachael Jess says:

    I still have him! He's as old as me, so wont say the years but he's big, blue and very tatty. Has make shift shorts on, no waist and a button where his eye once was. He lives up on my wardrobe watching over me.
    My recent post Shoreham Air show – 2014

  144. Samantha Sugden says:

    my teddy bear was a orange teddy he never had a name sadly but i still have him ,he slept with me every night and played out side with me

  145. Julie Ward says:

    A koala bear sent to me from an aunt who lived in Australia

  146. Lucy Robinson says:

    It was a guinea pig called Mickey. x

  147. Laura Asplin says:

    Spot the dog, Couldn't sleep without him!

  148. satag says:

    My most memorable toy was Snowman from The Snowman, he was so soft and suopposed to be a pj holder but I slept cuddled with him every night

  149. Amanda Mallows says:

    I had twin bears – tea bags and coffee bags. Coffee bags was dark brown and tea bags was pale and flat after being slept on 🙂

  150. Tammy Tudor says:

    i had a cuddly soft toy duck named 'ducky' when i was little 🙂 i took him everywhere

  151. MJack says:

    My one armed one eyed bear which had belonged to my mother.

  152. Lilly (@LillyLoveYou4) says:

    A lovely bunny I called cuddle. Still have it.

  153. Lilly (@LillyLoveYou4) says:

    A bunny called Cuddle.

  154. lynn heath says:

    I had a snoopy teddy that my Granddad brought for me when I was born, he now belongs to my eldest – he is so scruffy now but still a firm favourite!!!!

  155. Ms Suan Watts says:

    A teddy bear

  156. janetroskell says:

    I had a yellow Teddy called Natalie who I bought from Woolworths many years ago, paid for her with bags of pennies and tuppences that I was on my way to the bank with. I still have her now 🙂

  157. lucylucciano says:

    I remember when my twin sister and I went to Boots after Christmas with our Christmas money to look in the sales. We were around seven at the time and I chose to buy a tiger teddy and she chose a panda. We loved them so much, we played with them, fed them marmite on toast and I often remember my mum washing them and they would hand on the line by their ears! We still have them now in our own houses, Tigger and Pandora they were called 🙂

  158. andrea lloydloyd says:

    my winnie the pooh bear i took him everywhere with me

  159. Hannah Bee Griffin says:

    I had a panda called Pandy who still sits on my pillow today 37 years on

  160. Samantha Sharpe says:

    I was given a traditional teddy bear on the day I was born and he was eventually named Ted, short for Edward not Teddy lol… and I had him for over 20 years!

  161. Elizabeth Smith says:

    My first toy was a pink elephant. Always preferred animals to humans – my invisible friends were animals.

  162. Jane Green says:

    A pink teddy apttly named pink ted

  163. Sharon jones says:

    My first teddy was called snowy he was a white bear with a gold chain , I had him upto being 24

  164. Kim Styles says:

    My favourite toy was my panda I had for christmas when I was about 2 – that was in 1964. it is a shame I cant attach a photo !!

  165. julie perry says:

    I had a big orange teddy with one eye and more patches than you can imagine. He went everywhere with me

  166. Sue McCarthy says:

    I was given a cuddly duck when I was born from my mum's friend. His name was Cocky & I had him all through childhood. He got rather tatty so had to be repaired, I remember tying a hanky round his head to cover a hole!

    My mum's probably still got him in the attic.

  167. Laura Corrall says:

    I remember I ha 'Mr Quackers' he was a duck my nanny got me from our holiday in Blackpool.

  168. Keshia Esgate says:

    I have "Banfield Lion" He is a cuddly lion with a massive head 🙂

  169. vicki hennie says:

    I was an 80's child and i had a my pet monster

  170. Nigel Greaves says:

    I've still got my teddy bear – he's now a pensioner bear of 65!

  171. Erica field says:

    My microwave heated teddy. I love it and have loved it forever!

  172. Christopher Millward says:

    My teddy called Tiger which only had one eye!

  173. steven beasley says:

    Mine was a blue bear. Still got it 26 years later.

  174. Kay Panayi says:

    I had a white fluffy cat called ninny – no idea why that name x

  175. tracey huber says:

    a blue and white teddy called Peter

  176. hayley greeb says:

    Joan, a little pink dog, one day she went missing and my heart is still broken at 26!! 🙁

  177. Karen Barrett says:

    A yellow teddy which I still have 🙂

  178. Laura says:

    The giraffe is so cute. All look brill though

  179. Robby price says:

    My mate Teddy

  180. Katherine Coldicott says:

    It's difficult to pick out one because there was big ted, middle ted & little ted. Also there was Suki, I'm not sure what animal she was, but she had a nodding head.

  181. Hekna says:

    A dog I had called Russel.

  182. adrian knox says:

    I had a cuddly dog that i loved, can't remember it's name but then my real dog took it into the garden and ripped it up

  183. Kerry Lethbridge says:

    I had a Labrador puppy cuddly I called Sandy. I loved him so much he went flat and limp in the middle

  184. spuddy11 says:

    raggy the rag dolly

  185. Sarah Ruse says:

    My panda, I kissed her good night on the nose every night and her nose is now decidely threadbare!

  186. Clint Howat says:

    I would love these for my daughter!

  187. caroline says:

    Hugs is the best bear ever, he is bobbly, grumpy and a bit whiffy due to age, but he is a great listener and wonderful at snuggling.

  188. charlotte aldridge says:

    My parents bought me a very large winnie the pooh when I was born, I am now 22 and have not only him but about 20 other winnie the poohs. The one they got me is not as yellow as he should be anymore but I love him all the same 🙂

  189. Marie Lovell says:

    An orange frog I won at the circus when I was four. I went with my grandmother, it was the best frog ever

  190. Amanda Deacon says:

    I had a large panda

  191. Karen Lloyd says:

    I had a giraffe with bendy legs, I used to take it everywhere with me.

  192. angy pangy says:

    my 'little ted' was my first teddy bear, hugged me all through childhood and beyond. I am 36 and still have it, carefully kept away from my own kids who desperately want it but he's too fragile now 🙂

  193. helenRMad says:

    its a little cuddly rabbit which I think was once pink and used to come everywhere with me so Im told

  194. joanna sawka says:

    My old brown teddy bear

  195. becci cleary says:

    A large Soo from Sooty and Sweep that my Grandad got me off the 'back of a lorry'

  196. Gillian Hutchison says:

    Tiny tears is/was my favourite toy for cuddling…not a cuddly toy, a dolly instead. As I child she slept in my arms every night. I still have her though she is relegated to the attic.

  197. Andrea J says:

    I have a penguin called Skipper that I still have at the end of the bed 🙂

  198. Lyndsey Beckford says:

    I had a brown bear – inexplicably called Bouffie! 🙂

  199. Kay says:

    When i was about 4, i had 3 favourite cuddlies, i had a yellow and white rabbit, i had a fox called Ferdinand and i had a panda, i still have Ferdinand, my panda met his fate after being dropped in Chislehurst pond, then tumble dried. He ended up in 1000s of tiny pieces! I never knew what happened to my bunny?

  200. Carol D says:

    I had a pink knitted mouse with a long tail & whiskers! I took him to school & others loved him too so eventually he became our class mascot & practically lived at the school. I remember taking him to Sports Days & on school trips.
    I don't know what became of him 🙁 & would love to find a knitting pattern & make another one ..

  201. Nicola Stephenson says:

    I had Nookie Bear. You pulled the string at the back and his eyes moved

  202. Tanya Camilleri says:

    I had …..actually I still have… my first doll called Bella. I spent all my pocket money as a kid on dolls clothes 🙂 My daughter is now called Bella and plays with her. It's lovely to know she is still loved

  203. Heather Knotts says:

    I used to have a rag doll called Skinny Lizzie

  204. lisa brandling says:

    my most memorable cuddly toy was a glo worm that would light up when you squeezed it.

  205. becca staples says:

    I had a clown my mum knitted, he had one leg longer then the other lol! x

  206. Laura-Jane Baker says:

    A cuddly doggy named Sandy – he was a lovely stand-in until my parents bought me a real one – who I also named Sandy (I watched Grease religiously as a child).

  207. Penny Ford says:

    I had Thumper when I was born which was a 3 foot high rabbit. Much larger than me for many of my first years.

  208. pauline black says:

    I still have it! A very old and kinda bald looking jointed teddy bear that my parents bought me when I was one. My daughter slept with it for years and now he has a special place sitting on top of my wardrobe.

  209. RUTHIE GEE says:

    When I was a baby there wasn't such a selection. I had Edward….an ordinary 12 inch teddy bear…and he was gorgeous and I loved him…he is still around, a little threadbare in places and an ear chewed off from a previous puppy ! …. but Edward will always be with me. My sons and grandsons all still have their first cuddlies…. it's a sort of tradition with us. I have a new granddaughter coming in December, she will have something special too.

  210. katie walker says:

    I had liberty bear which was given to me by one of my dads friends from America but I lost it in France. I then got Mr jiggles the monkey which is still on my shelf today.

  211. lynn neal says:

    I had a chimp with a plastic face from Woolworths named Jacko, nearly as big as me and I took it everywhere!

  212. Ruth Wollerton says:

    Piggy – still have him, but he's very holey and all the stuffing has fallen out. After alls he's an old man now – 42 years old

  213. Gabrielle Powell says:

    a polar bear teddy my dad gave me when I was born

  214. olivia280177 says:

    It was a weird polar bear with quite rough fur!

  215. jo glasspool says:

    It was a muti coloured bear witha long tail and I called it Hegerty. Loved that bear x

  216. Laura Whittle says:

    I had a little pale blue bear that I took everywhere with me. Don’t know what happened to it though, gutted I still don’t have him.

  217. joanne liddement says:

    A panda bear teddy which I cuddled so much it just eventually fell to bits

  218. HAYLEY WYNN says:

    It was a monkey that sucked it's thumb i still have it
    My recent post The Photo Gallery: Week 200

  219. @cazzaferg says:

    I had a koala bear called Cuddly from the day I was born until I was 27. The only reason he went the journey was because he'd been repaired so often his ears were sausage shaped and his head kept falling off. He was beyond repair.

  220. rebecca nisbet says:

    it was a medium sized brown bear with a red bow tie that my collected tokens for with coop. still have it.

  221. theresa cooke says:

    I remember a cuddly cow I once had. given to me by a lovely aunt – brought back nice memories.

  222. Sarah Rees says:

    Mine was a pink teddy bear which I still have, I called him Jack the pinky!

  223. Kathryn Phillips ✩ says:

    I had a bear called ag bear it used to make funnynoises I loved it

  224. Chris Fletcher says:

    My first cuddly toy was a giraffe which used to be good for fighting with my sister as the neck had quite a long reach!

  225. Ana Barker says:

    I had a little stuffed dog, very soft and with floppy ears… she was called Fifi 🙂

  226. kelly says:

    It was a scruffy old teddy that when you wound the key at the back played a sweet little melody! 🙂

  227. Angela Paull says:

    My Winnie the Pooh cuddly bear that my Mum heartlessly threw away 🙁 Never forgiven her lol….

  228. cathyj says:

    a kuola bear

  229. maxine says:

    love the cuddlies , love the legs

  230. lin1959 says:

    My 1st cuddly toy was a giant teddy bear called William, It was given to me by my Grandmother when I was born as I was her first Grandchild, sadly she died when I just turned one, so William was the only reminder I had of her for many years, wish I had known what became of him 🙁 I would have liked to pass him on to my own children and my Grandchildren

  231. rachael JONES says:

    a little yellow bear called honey bear , he goes everywhere ! has done since 1979 the year of my irth and still sits in my room today …. along with the 2nd most memorable half pint the clown who has been with me since i was 3

  232. tonibglenn says:

    They are gorgeous, would so love one of these <3

  233. sarah says:

    a yellow cuddly bear i called blue eyes cause basically he had blue eyes, hes had to have stuffing replaced and felt paws fixed but i still have him.

  234. bernadette willis says:

    I've got 2 – Ted and Guppy (he's a spaniel), I've had the pair of them for 54 years and they're still well loved, though they definitely look the worst for wear these days, but I wouldn't swop them for the world, maybe I exaggerate but then I can't imagine who else would want them

  235. caroline says:

    i had a grey donkey called "grey donkey" !!!! he only had one eye and was pretty floppy!

  236. lee hardy says:

    I giant red & white teddy that had it's nose & eye missing.

  237. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    My big teddy used to sleep with me!

  238. Denise C says:

    My first cuddly toy was a koala bear

  239. gracieg says:

    WOW11WOOF! WOOF!!!

  240. Nicola Holland says:

    I had a soft bellied doll when I was younger that I called 'Floppy Doll'

  241. Barbara madden says:


  242. butterflytails says:

    I had a panda that I called Panda. His eyes fell off and Mom replaced them with shiny black buttons. His stuffing came out at times and he had to be cobbled back together. I took him with me when I got married and he is lying in state in the loft 🙂

  243. Patricia Avery says:

    My Teddy who shares my bedside table and my birthday. We are both 67 years old on Wednesday and are both lucky to be very well loved 🙂

  244. andrea k says:

    litle teddy which i still have

  245. nat eveleigh says:

    I had a toy called Sammy skates – it was brilliant and skated everywhere, I still have it in the loft and it still works 🙂

  246. Michaela Turner says:

    I had a Glo Worm which i loved, i remember my mother used to hate it because it wasn't washable so it stunk!! My son has the newer version now, the seahorse, and he loves it

  247. Becky S says:

    Mine was a care bear called Baby Tugs, he went everywhere with me so I could give him lots of hugs. He wore a nappy and was pale blue, I've kept him all these years, so my baby can love him too. She loves giving cuddles it's very true, and if she's lucky she might win one of the Hickory Shack Crew!

  248. liz ferguson says:

    My favourite toy was my first ever tiny tears – I think I've still got her in loft somewhere!

  249. Liz Yeates says:

    I had a bunny called beddy bunny! lol. Unfortunately i lost him when i was about 11 though…

  250. Tracey Tedford says:

    the one I remember most is a little monkey with velcro on its paws so you could hand it around your neck

  251. Kaye says:

    Very cute I'd share with my nephew and niece although I'd have first pick :-p. x my fave was a little dog I called earl I took him everywhere with me

  252. faye armstrong says:

    massive brown bear

  253. Allan Fullarton says:

    I would love these for my daughter!

  254. sarah wells says:

    A koala bear my Aunt bought me, I called him a kola bear. He was passed on to my sister and became her favourite. He now lives on a little chair in her daughters bedroom. He no longer has a nose, a couple of his plastic claws have broke off, there's a little hole in his belly but he is still very much loved.

  255. Eve Burke says:

    I always loved my Christmas Jingle Bear from Allders. I still have it = minus the hat and scarf. Still love it

  256. Clare S says:

    A white fluffy rabbit, it got lost and I still miss it!

  257. Rebecca Powell says:

    I have a cuddly dog toy which I have had since I was born but I sleep with it in my bed now at 32!!

  258. Jenni Grainger says:

    White bear called snowy that I still have, he is sat on the top of our wardrobe with my partners superted teddy knitted by his grandma and his mums first teddy 🙂

  259. cat culmer says:

    Bunny. He was a pink rabbit when I got him – the day after I was born. He grew grey and threadbare over the years, my Nana even knitted a jacket for him to try and prevent more wear and tear. I still have him – 30 years later, though he doesn't have much life left in him now.

  260. sheridarby says:

    My teddy bear – that I still have

  261. I think it was called a 'popple'… it had a pouch that you could fold round its body, and it smelt funny!

  262. marchez50 says:

    A donkey called Neddy that I took everywhere with me

  263. kristynco32 says:

    Buddy is a bear – and I still have him 33 years later

  264. My first teddy is still with me, his name is Isiah.

  265. gill mitchell says:

    my teddy bear, Bruno. He was my favourite as a child and we were inseparable.

  266. Nicky Warren says:

    My Pound Puppy called Sadie. It came with lots of small puppies that went inside its tummy. I have long since lost them but my children now have Sadie x

  267. sharon oliver says:

    Mine was a monkey,I wouldn't go anywhere without him.Looking at him know he is scary

  268. Claire McDermott says:

    My big grey bear called Big Ted

  269. Glenda Hanks says:

    My teddy bear, Bruce and although I am now 57 , he is still with me. My grandson would love this prize as much as I love my Bruce.

  270. A little bunny called bun bun!

  271. steph lovatt says:

    I had a huge Bruno dog I used to drag him around my nan and grandads back garden sitting on his back.

  272. Rachel B says:

    I had a panda aptly named Panda. He still lives at my mum and dad's in my old room 🙂

  273. Tara Davies says:

    I had a rag doll called Flossy, I slept with her every night until I was about 9. literally wore the stuffing out of her bless!

  274. Lara Davis says:

    My snowy bear. I must of had him from I was about 4 and I still have him now xx

  275. Ed Collis says:

    My Bear Nigel

  276. Helen Schofield says:

    My glow worm

  277. Jamie says:

    My teddy is billy, had him from the day I was born and he sleeps in front of my bed 🙂

  278. Pauline Wilson says:

    I had a doll called Sadie. I also had a rag doll but can't remember what that ones name was. Love these soft toys

  279. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    My teddy rabbit called… Babbit! I still have him and give him a cuddle every now and again

  280. Natalie gibbons says:

    Zippy and George

  281. amy says:

    I still have my first teddy who is 33 years old and wears a newborn size babygrow which used to be mine!!

  282. Diana says:

    A little bunny I've got from my God mother, couldn't go to sleep without him 🙂

  283. tina l-d says:

    A dumbo plush i got when we went to disneyworld over 30 years ago, still have him somewhere =D

  284. tonkatol says:

    My first memories of a cuddly toy that I owned was a "golly" – I loved him to pieces and took him everywhere with me. Unfortunately, these days it is not the "done thing" to have one, so my golly is packed away in the loft 🙁

  285. jackie rushton says:

    My beloved soft toy bunny rabbit which i still have to this day

  286. Susan Hoggett says:

    a teddy withh movable arms

  287. Lisa Pope says:


  288. Amanda Young says:

    A Snoopy with long legs and dungarees, have still got him to this day:)

  289. jennifer jack says:

    i had an elephant, called ellie she was huge, memory is of fighting my older brothers we were pulled it off each other and it burst and at that time it was those beans in it there was hundreds my mum was not happy lol

  290. omgitslani says:

    I had a red teddy bear with a heart on its tummy that I named Loveheart

  291. Robyn Clarke says:

    A white cat with a patch of brown over her eye, she had a green dress on. My mums still got her.

  292. karen Durrant says:

    Mr red rabbit with big blue gingham ears which my mum gave me when I was six months old.Unfortunately he was lost in the last house move

  293. Do not remember having any teddy s as such but i remember having a cabbage patch doll that went every where with me
    My recent post The Photo Gallery: Week 200

  294. Michelle Speight says:

    I had a teddy with a striped top we named burglar bill 35 years later he still lives on albeit with one eye lol

  295. Deborah Bird says:

    I had an andrex puppy which I loved to bits and carried everywhere with me. Then I left it at the ferry port on the isle of wight coming back from our holiday and apparently I was devastated and cried for weeks over it LOL!

  296. catriona nation says:

    My first teddy was a little white rabbit that I still have 33 years later

  297. nicola white says:

    i had sooty when i was a baby and still 30 odd years later i still have it, apart from it look alot more torn and no eyes xx

  298. Laura Vitty says:

    Mine was a grotty pastel coloured bear called Shelley 🙂

  299. victoria thurgood says:

    I have a green rabbit called roger who use to turn into a pillow but he is over 30 now so he is retired now

  300. julie h says:

    i had a dog called nicky – hes now in my roofspace 40 years later

  301. Suzie Heard says:

    A tiny boy and girl rag doll. Had them up till i was an adult and now they have somehow vanished : (

  302. sarah pearce says:

    a bear called fred,which i still have now 37 years on!!

  303. Ellie Bevan says:

    i had a little bear that my grandma gave me, he was called bear and i loved him

  304. Naomi Buchan says:

    I still have my first fluffy, a Koala called Max, hes pretty worn but i wouldn't part with him x

  305. champaklal lad says:

    toys were too expensive and they are even more expensive now, adding to the fact electronic gadgets are on th etoys list now as well expensive – food or toys ? food

  306. Lynne Walker says:

    These are adorable! Fingers crossed! My most memorable bear is a bear I received before going away to university, it is dressed in scrubs and a white coat as I went to study medicine 🙂

  307. Shelley Jessup says:

    Aww my first teddy was a dog which I think was a Bassett hound as it had those big droopy eyes & very long ears. I love him to pieces & called him Sammy unfortunately Sammy was lost forever in a tragic fire at the post office that my mum worked at & I often used to go to work with her. I understood what loss meant at the age of 5 even though he was just a teddy I felt like I'd lost my best friend 🙁

  308. Ian Yates says:

    Red Ted. Means nothing to you – everything to me!

  309. Leanne Hansell says:

    I had a fluffy rabbit called "rabbit" that my dad bought for me when I was born.

  310. Linda Allen says:

    My rag doll Katie she went everywhere with me for years

  311. Sally Henry says:

    I had a very tatty, one-eyed bear that had already been pre-loved – but that made me love him even more!

  312. Hayley Todd says:

    I still have my very first teddy bear, which I was given by a family friend on my 1st birthday. She is a panda-bear who I called Panderer! She now sits on a shelf in my little girls bedroom!

  313. Maria P says:

    a small and soft monkey

  314. Sarah Lewis says:

    I had a ragdoll called Amy who came everywhere with me!!!

  315. Denise Blythe says:

    My first cuddly toy was Mummy Bear and I still own it 50 years later, we are currently looking for a toy hospital to put her head back on, she is a jointed bear and still has no holes in her fur.

  316. Annamarie Riddiford says:

    a little penguin called pingy

  317. Stephanie Burchatt says:

    I had a Pudsey Bear from birth and my grandma repaired it numerous times as it went EVERYWHERE with me x

  318. Kim Lam says:

    A beautiful handmade teddy bear

  319. barry robinson says:

    love them alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  320. Laura Stirk says:

    I had a pink rabbit called rosie made by my aunt that i got when i was a baby. Still have her today… 27 years old and tatty but still much loved by my youngest daughter 🙂

  321. Amie scriven says:

    My Big Mickey Mouse That Flew All The Way From Florida With The Pilot 🙂

  322. EmilyKnight247 says:

    My first was Big Ted, who I got on the day I was born – I still have him today 🙂

  323. Sarah Parker says:

    I had an elephant called Zoe 🙂

  324. carol bofey says:

    a teddy called harry

  325. Lynsie Lynn says:

    Pandee – A panda, I was given when I was born and I took it everywhere! He even stars in my nursery pictures! And I still have him! Although a little worse for wear now a days 🙂

  326. heather tinkler says:

    A bear called snowy- from my grandparents. It is white and has a green scarf. Love it to pieces.

  327. Jacqueline Roberts says:

    Rupert the Bear

  328. Gemma Snell says:

    A brown bear i called teddington, he went everywhere with me 🙂

  329. Rebecca Lis says:

    A little orange elephant who still sits on my shelf now!

  330. natalie says:

    I had a toy dog, in fact I still sleep with now. I’m 23

  331. Helen Craigs says:

    I had a small brown teddy bear who I just named 'Bear', he was my favourite as he only had one arm so had to be looked after more than my other toys! I still have him now!

  332. claire wilkinson says:

    it was a patchwork dog, i won him at a fair on a guess the name stall, i named him patch and i won!!!

  333. Natalie Gillham says:

    My first cuddly toy was a hedgehog on a rope and my first memory is of my nan dangling it over my cot when I was just a year old, sadly that is also my only memory of my nan as she passed away shortly after x

  334. Rochelle Lear says:

    I still have him – his name is snoopy dog, he's brown, has a bean bag type body, hard head – and is 40 years old!

  335. Diane Wood says:

    I had a teddy as a child called Fred, he was brown with a ribbon round his neck, I've probably still got him somewhere

  336. Emma Bradshaw says:

    A monkey called Coco which I still have now!
    My recent post Could it be a completely ‘free’ weekend?

  337. louise lumsden says:

    I had a little brown teddy bear and I named him Teddy BrownI took him almost everywhere with me but my mum gave him away when I was at school one day sadly,I wish I still had him

  338. fern says:

    i had a pink teddy bear. i had it untill i was about 17 when i gave it to my ex's little ones 🙂

    my daughters first toy also happens to have been a pink teddy and she takes it to bed with her every night.

  339. nadia bates says:

    I had a huge pink panther teddy that I had for 16 years before it got destroyed

  340. Caroline Howard says:

    I had a puffalump and kept it until I was about 30, I finally got rid of it as it couldn't survive any more washes in the washing machine!

  341. becky says:

    benji the bear

  342. jessiecat33 says:

    An orange teddy with moveable arms and legs that i still have it sits on my bed

  343. a monkey given to me on my 7th Birthday " Charlie Tompkins Fred Ross" was his name, sadly lost 35 years later in a house move 🙁

  344. Catherine Gregory says:

    I was born 4 weeks premature and my first teddy was bought for me while I was still in hospital. It was a brown bear almost as big as me and had a pink belly. I had it until and adult then we were burgled so I don't have it anymore but it was very precious to me

  345. Becky John says:

    I have a teddy bear my dad bought the day I was born 45 years ago, it growls when moved about. His name is Mr Growly.

  346. Alisa Moore says:

    A monkey called Benji

  347. a soft toy dog/teddy. i got him when i was 6 my one and only teddy ever.i took him everywhere and was upset when he finally fell apart and had to go in the bin.

  348. julieledwards says:

    My memorable teddy was a gold bear who had a gold chain around his neck. He was quite big but solid. He was my comforter and much loved.

  349. sarah gray says:

    My first cuddly toy was a knitted toy, who was called ugly, on account of not being the most aesthetically pleasing bear in the world. I loved him. Still do (I'm 38 now). Over the years, he's undertaken considerable cosmetic surgery (otherwise known as repair) and looks quite distinguished as his grand old age these days. x
    My recent post Draft Contract for the house has arrived!!

  350. tina edwards says:

    when i was about 7 i had a black and white dog called toby that my nan bought from a jumble sale, i loved him to bits but told everyone he was lonely so my mum knitted me a red and white dog so toby wouldnt be lonely i called him ybot lol

  351. Helen Garner says:

    I still have a white teddy called Snowy that I got for my first Christmas many many years ago.

  352. Jill f says:

    I remember having pooh bear I think I cuddled him silly

  353. caroline kelly says:

    My brother bought me a sad sam when I was little (30 years ago) and now my daughter plays with it 🙂

  354. Adelle Dornan says:

    I actually still have my first ever teddy. Nearly 24 years later and he's only missing 1 eye.

  355. vicky salter says:

    My rag doll called Raggy Maggy, still got her now

  356. Victoria B says:

    Bobby Bear – he was a blue teddy bear with a little t-shirt.

  357. Angela Williams says:

    I had a panda bear, which I loved for too many years and is now in bits in a plastic bag

  358. laura d says:

    It was probably my ware bear!

  359. claire little says:

    I had a koala that I adored my uncle had brought it back from holiday and I can always remember it just being there.

  360. Angela Morgan says:

    my penguin from German with an eye missing

  361. Felicity Kelly says:

    I had a brown bear called benji who had a ribbon tied round his neck I used to wrap round by thumb and suck- I loved him for years!!!

  362. SUSAN L HALL says:

    I remember my "humpty " toy he was identical to the one on Play school ~( well it was the 60's!) and i thought he was the telly star himself

  363. Natalie Crossan says:

    my teddy that got given to me at christmas aged 2 x

  364. lisa says:

    I have a bean doll, she is called beanie, loved her to bits, still have her now 39 years (I got her for my 4th birthday) later

  365. tarbs gill says:

    Spinning top!

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