Back into the old school routine. Sort of

converse feetWhen my children finished school for the summer break I promised myself things would change when they finally went back.
I would no longer be this ditzy, whirlwind of a mum on a Monday morning, making 2-minute packed lunches, swearing because I’d forgotten to wash one of their PE kits and racing down the hill on the walk to school because we were heinously late.

That way madness lies I told myself. That way sets the tone for the day and it’s not a good tone. It’s a tear your hair out and spend the rest of the day recovering instead of working tone. It’s also a fill your face with chocolate to numb the stress tone.

And so. Along came the start of a new term in September.
I had all the uniform sorted; even the shoes sorted. The big, stressful jobs.
I had managed to spend less than £100 after taking Mia into WH Smiths to buy stationery which is no mean feat let me tell you.
AND I had washed all PE kit.

So why WHY just three weeks into the new term am I dragging a toothbrush across my teeth, while tying up Mia’s hair at the same time AND pouring the milk onto our cereal bowls with my third hand?
In the eight years I’ve been sending children to school, how can I STILL not have this right?
Sometimes I just stand on the landing having completely forgotten what I’d left my bedroom for. Just stand there, gormless.

I don’t think it helps that we had such a fabulous summer together.
Sure I was ready to send them back to school – if only so I can actually get some work done instead of having to wait until the evening when they’re in bed (the curse of the work at home parent).
But once they leave the house is so quiet. So empty. So boring.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Asda School Uniform Shop who are looking for all your back to school gripes.
I said you probably wouldn’t have any . . .  *cough*

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4 Responses to Back into the old school routine. Sort of

  1. sarahmo3w says:

    Oh dear! It's always a challenge, isn't it? I don't know why after all these years it is still such hard work to get everyone out of the house, but we're just the same!
    My recent post Does life begin at 40?

  2. Katy Hill says:

    LOVE this! I'm feeling very "week 3" myself! AND I only got summer uniform and it's now freezing! *heads to shops

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