The Photo Gallery 200: 8am

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I can’t get Mia out of bed in the mornings.
I can’t get that damn girl to get up no matter how much I threaten cajole her. She’s like a teenager in training. She has perfected the art of totally and utterly ignoring me.
It’s not because she doesn’t like school, it’s because she loves her bed so much. Her body language whispers ‘just one more glorious minute’.
Her brother leaps out of bed the minute he’s awake; literally throws those covers back and springs off his mattress like a booby trap has been set to ping him to his feet.
Mia does not do that. She clutches at the top of the duvet, tucks it under her chin and wraps it just that little bit tighter around her body.
Which is difficult given that she’s already encased herself so securely in the thing, I can’t tell when she begins and the duvet ends.

Oh MAN, I can’t get Mia out of bed in the mornings.
8am is the cut off. She needs to be out of bed by 8am for us to stand any chance of eating breakfast, getting dressed, watching a spot of Deadly 60 and getting to the door to make the 10 minute walk/scoot/cycle to school. And I can feel myself fretting.

“Mia, it’s time”.
“Mia, come ON.”
“Mia, I’m going to send the dog in”.
“Mia, will you COME ON”.
My voice gets steadily whinier. Urgh, I can hear it now. I do more things to speed the process up – put toothpaste on her brush, get her shoes out ready, bring the bike through.
And then, as if by magic, she gets up at 8am, whizzes through her ablutions and announces “I don’t know what all the rush was for”.
Every. Single. Morning.
And now I’ve written this down I realise what a dozy mare I am and that she really does have me wrapped around her cunning little finger doesn’t she?


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21 Responses to The Photo Gallery 200: 8am

  1. sarahmo3w says:

    Wow! I'm impressed that she can get up at 8 and get everything done in time for school! This reminds me of my eldest – I start getting him up at 7.15, but he actually gets up at 7.30. I'd save myself a lot of walking up and down the stairs if I maybe just accepted he was getting up at 7.30 and was perfectly able to get ready on time.
    My recent post The Gallery: 8am

  2. libprice says:

    Annoyed it's taken me 32 minutes to post this!! Must get quicker at blogging………

  3. Nickie says:

    I've always had the same with Jake. Its only now, at 15 years old, that the 'wake up threats' are diminishing. His brother, on the other hand, always only needed a nudge and he would be up and raring to go.
    My recent post The Gallery : 8am

  4. kelloggsville says:

    I do a one call only and if she is late as a result of not getting up on time then she has to face the school consequences. It works well in our house.
    My recent post 3 times 8 equals worried, naked, tired

  5. Mummy Barrow says:

    see I knew you would have a fab pic. I hate to say it but wait until she is a teen. Mine rarely get up until mid afternoon at the weekends!!

  6. lauracymft says:

    I used to struggle to get up in the morning. My mum would sometimes have to dress me whilst I was still asleep!
    My recent post 8am #TheGallery

  7. Beautiful Photos! Want to know what works at mine? "THERE'S PANCAKES FOR BREAKFAST!"…and sometimes there isn't!! haa!
    My recent post 9 Years!

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  9. Peggy says:

    I love the photos, they are perfect! The boys were early risers until we crossed the Atlantic! How weird now every morning I have to extract them out of bed…
    My recent post The Gallery: 8am

  10. Oh I have to say that sounds blissful to me! My two-year-old wakes at 5am every day and cannot be persuaded to go back to sleep at all. As a seriously lazy morning person, I yearn for the days when I have to cajole him to get up and get a little more sleep in myself too!

  11. Monika says:

    The only way I don’t totally loose it in the mornings is by setting a number of very loud, very cheerful alarms: They prompt kids in the midst of chassis that it’s time: To get downstairs, to put on shoes and coats, to get out the door.

    My daughter resembles yours a bit in that she likes her bed, but then she is not prompt but stays half asleep till we get on our bikes.

  12. Linda Green says:

    I have a 9-y-o son who is exactly the same, Tara. Maybe we should introduce them in a few years – or maybe not! Do agree that I prefer the dragging out of bed to being woken at 5am mind. x

  13. SusanKMann says:

    I have zero issues getting my boys up, they are up before the baby. I thought as Lucas got older he'd be a bit better, but no. I almost missed the gallery for the first time. Anyway, how perfect does Mia look? Sleeping beauty x
    My recent post Our 8am – The Gallery 200

  14. leslieanne says:

    Totally hear you. Dylan is only 5 and I'm already terrified that one day I'm going to have to follow through with taking him to school in his pjs 😛
    My recent post The Gallery: 8am

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