The Photo Gallery 198: School

first day of school

“It’s going to be strange going to school tomorrow.”
Dan and I are sat chatting in his room as we prepare his bags for his first day at a new school on Monday.
“It’s tough after six weeks off,” I say “all those late nights and days out with no real routine”.
“No, I mean it will be strange going to that school. A different school. Not knowing anyone.”
It’s hanging in the air again. Dan had to do this two years ago when we couldn’t get into the middle school we wanted; where all his friends were going.
He’s so like me. Shy. Not so you’d look at him and say ‘he’s a shy boy that one’. To meet him you’d think him friendly, chatty, outgoing. But he’s had to work at it. Just like me.

“I won’t know anyone. I’ve got to make new friends all over again. It’s really hard. I’m a bit anxious about it really.”

AK. Got me right there front and centre in my heart.
Last year we decided to take control of his education, and he’s worked really hard to get a place at the school he’s going to and it’s not going to be an easy ride. It’s going to be really hard work. And he’s totally up for that.
But I worry he’ll find the social thing the hardest work of all.

And so, the first day of school was tense. Head clamp tense. Not being able to breathe or eat or concentrate on anything for any length of time. That sort of tense.
And that was me, not him. I was a wreck.
I kept glancing at his timetable watching ‘break’ time roll around, wondering what he was doing, had he met someone, did the rest of the school accept him, was he on his own?
I felt like it was ME at that school for the first time with my slightly too big blazer and grown up school shoes.

I raced to pick him up at the end of the day. Raced.
“I’ve got such a bad head from thinking about you all day Dan!” I announce, almost in relief, almost as a question to see if I had any reason to worry.
“Well that was daft” he chuckles, “I was absolutely fine. I really love it. Now can we go home and watch Doctor Who?”

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31 Responses to The Photo Gallery 198: School

  1. suzanne3childrenandit says:

    I would be EXACTLY the same. Isn't it funny how kids manage to 'get on with things'? I've wasted far too much of my life worrying over their issues and then they come home just as Dan did. Maybe a lesson learnt? Probably not! Glad he is settling in so well.

  2. sarahmo3w says:

    That brought tears to my eyes because I know, all being well, that's where will be this time next year, with my son going to grammar school, knowing nobody or very few people.
    So glad it went well for him and what a beautiful photo.
    My recent post Year 6

  3. Sian says:

    Good luck to Dan. xx
    My recent post Yan To London Fashion Week

  4. libprice says:

    Dan looks so smart!
    2 new schools down, 1 to go in this household!

  5. such resilience in youth! Such migraines in the old !!

  6. lauracymft says:

    So glad to hear he got on fine! They always do don't they? But it's hard for us Mums sitting at home wondering!
    My recent post School #TheGallery

  7. Nickie says:

    This time next week it will be like he's been there forEVER! But it's always hard on those first couple of days – he's a great kid – he'll make some fantastic new friends – and he'll always appreciate that you took the decision to move his school.

  8. I hear you, oh my God, I hear you. this time last year I was a wreck when my eldest started high school. I dreamt last night that he was wearing leopard print skinny jeans on his first day back and was adamant that he wasn't going to change! What the friggs that all about?! X Glad to hear Dan got on ok too xx
    My recent post Being ‘Mam’…{and week 35 in photos}

  9. kate holmes says:

    Such a very sweet post full of mother love and empathy too on the shyness front.
    I reckon Doctor Who ends up solving a lot of things.
    Beautiful photo. Wishing him all the best in this new adventure
    Need to get back to doing the Gallery – I miss it
    My recent post I’m a Striking Mum!

  10. I haven't done the gallery for a while but this one was ready to go. I may add another one tomorrow as that's also a school post with photos. Thanks.
    My recent post The Autodidactic Bike Rider

  11. SusanKMann says:

    Hope it goes well for Dan, what a star he is xx
    My recent post The Gallery 198 – School

  12. Mummy Barrow says:

    Oh look at that tie. And blazer.
    and that hair

    Your boy looks so handsome!!

  13. pennyalexander says:

    Love how you have used this shot before with a younger him, what a beautiful thing to look back on. So pleased all is going well!

  14. louisejedwards says:

    Hope it is all going well x
    My recent post The Gallery: School

  15. Bless them – we are at home, worrying our socks off and they are just fine! I shall remember this when T heads off in a fortnight! xxx
    My recent post Back to School – Starting University!

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  17. marisworld says:

    I remember my first day of senior school too and had those exact emotions, I bet he's going to have the time of his life.
    Gorgeous photo
    My recent post Back to school 2014 – The Gallery 198

  18. jennypaulin says:

    blimey such turmoil for you and for him. I feel all emotional anway today with sending B off for this new school year, so I am now feeling a little teary after reading this. I am so glad he had a good day afterall and for you too xx
    My recent post Burton’s 1st Day Of School, Year 1 ( Flashback Friday)

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  20. Mama Owl says:

    Bless him – and you! – I'm so glad he enjoyed it. Long may it last.
    My recent post Back to School

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  22. leslieanne says:

    Aww, he looks everso smart and handsome!

    I'm very excited to have joined in with my first Gallery in *ages* …off to hunt you down on Pinterest too 🙂 x
    My recent post The Gallery: Back to school… properly.

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