Life hack: 9 ways to declutter and make the most of your space at home

9 ways to declutter your home

At the age of nine my daughter has asked if she can attend her very first car boot sale.
She’s clearly tired of me asking her to tidy her room, root out the stuff she has ignored for years and make some space.
And so, this weekend we are loading up the boot of the car, along with her best friend and her mum, and we’re heading off to sell the lot!
The girls are supremely excited. Us mums are supremely delighted to get a bit of space back in the house.

And then it got me to thinking about how to maximise that space; how to make my house not seem like one giant storage room that everyone opens the door on, throws their junk in, and then slams that door shut again!

So I’ve teamed up with LoveSpace, a new ‘storage by the box’ business, to offer some really easy tips on how to make the most of your space at home.

9 Ways to Declutter:

  1. Get Under the Stairs
    Don’t just throw everything haphazardly into this space and hope it will disappear into some black hole! Add a desk and a shelf and some funky boxes and turn it into a space-saving office area.
  2. Divide and Conquer
    Decorate old perfume boxes or cereal boxes cut in half to create perfect dividers for your draws. Use Washi tape, old scraps of wallpaper or even Duck tape which you can now buy in really cool colours. Use them to store your smaller items like makeup, jewellery, creams or hair accessories.
  3. Show Off Your Wares
    Don’t bury all your handbags at the back of your wardrobe where you’ll forget about them and never use them again. Add curtain hooks on a wardrobe rail to display your handbags, making each one clearly visible.
    You can also use shower curtain rings to hang your scarfs through and then attach to a hanger.
  4. Bang Tidy
    Thread your ear phone, mobile charger (in fact any type of electrical wire) through each end of a clothes peg to keep them nice and tidy and untangled.
  5. Recycle
    Save used tissue boxes and then stuff them with all your old plastic bags and keep under the sink or close to hand, to save space and keep everything neat and tidy.
  6. The Power of the List
    Use chalkboard paint on a kitchen wall to write to-do lists, messages and reminders and do away with the need for scraps of paper everywhere.
  7. Jar Jar
    Recycle jam jars and pasta sauce jars to make easy candle holders. Or use them to store paperclips, staples or any other little knick-knacks.
    Glue the lid to the underside of a table or shelf and simply twist the jar off to access what’s inside.
  8. Space Saver
    Mount a tension rod inside cabinets beneath your sink to hang your cleaning bottles on using their trigger, providing more space in the cupboard below.
  9. You Can Do It
    Take the lid off tin cans, paint the outsides to make them pretty – glue to them to a bathroom wall, then roll up hand towels and insert to create a funky storage solution?

And if you STILL don’t have room, check out LoveSpace which delivers boxes and packing materials to your door, collect the boxes once they’re packed up and store them safely in their warehouses from as little as £1.95 per box per month.
Then when you need your belongings back, just arrange delivery via the LoveSpace website and your things will be delivered the next day.
Cloud storage for your physical things!

This is a sponsored post. 

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3 Responses to Life hack: 9 ways to declutter and make the most of your space at home

  1. seychellesmama says:

    Oh my these are genius!!!!!

  2. SusanKMann says:

    Great tips x
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  3. Louise Perry says:

    I think I need to start with a huge cull on toys
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