Reasons why working from home is really TOUGH. Number #32

VizslaSeriously, how am I supposed to concentrate with this face at the door of my office?
Ronin, our Hungarian Vizsla just stands there looking at me. Staring at me.
Every now and again he lets out a very small noise to let me know he’s there. But he stands in the doorway as still as stone staring at me. Big, soulful golden eyes.

Every now and again I turn to look at him and he averts his eyes; just a slight shift. Like ‘I wasn’t looking at you. I’m just stood here. Just standing. Nothing happening here . . . ‘

handsomest dog in the world Hungarian vizsla

He started out stood out there in the hallway, but the next time I look up he’s inside the door. I didn’t even sense him move.
All the time he’s got his eyes on me.

And as silent and as still as he has been this whole time, his body language YELLS ‘for the love of god woman, FUSS. ME’.

Working at home with a dog in the house with you. Tough.

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12 Responses to Reasons why working from home is really TOUGH. Number #32

  1. Sian says:

    I have the same thing going down in cat form, only mine isn't quite so subtle. She just lays right across my keyboard.
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  2. witwitwoo says:

    This really is the most beautiful dog I've every seen. I just have the washing up to look at … which is why I alway swork from the cafe 🙂

  3. Mum on the Brink says:

    You should really have a soft bed for him just by your feet at your desk. It's lovely working with your feet tucked in just under their chest. 😉

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  4. Mirka Moore says:

    It must be very hard with such a beauty… I have a similar problem with my 2 year old Olicvia who is kindly been looked after my mum so I manage to do some work. Very tough!
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  5. kimmer2111 says:

    That is such a beautiful dog….No wonder you find it hard to work with him around…
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  6. Justin says:

    How about having another dog to have companion? Maybe all he wants is just another playmate.
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  7. Expat Mum says:

    Love that dog. Mine does a similar thing but from the top of the basement kitchen stairs. I have no idea what she wants as it's raining outside, she's already been for a long walk (i.e. pee'd and pooped), she has food and water. What? A recent visitor commented that it looked like she was trying to hypnotize me!

  8. lauracymft says:

    I think I'd find it really hard to work from home with such a handsome chap staring at me too!
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